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Rarity Classes Played Name Description Notes

BraverKatana GunnerTwin Machineguns ForceRod HunterSword
FighterDouble Saber BouncerDual Blades BouncerJet Boots BraverBullet Bow
TecherWand SummonerTakt HeroSword PhantomAssault Rifle
Jared Dejicai
Kenji Sayuda
A person who weaves the world of Lu Shou,
tells the lives of those there & documents their pasts,
forever unraveling its future through the mind.

One who decided to work on the Visiphone due to its lack
of information despite the lack of time they already had.
Played PSU 360 2yrs, PSO2 10yrs.
Edited weapon pages on PSUPedia as well.
Current PSO2 title count: 1,728.

Zieg's Exchanges
Work Space 3

Camo Listing
NGS Camo Listing