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ARKS Missions (PSO2)

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ARKS Missions (アークスミッション) are daily and weekly missions that reset at 0:00 JST daily and 13:00 JST on Wednesdays respectively.

ARKS Missions have different tiers that are tracked per character and start to be significant at level 40 where Tokyo Bonus Keys start to be given and they tier cap at level 50.

ARKS Missions daily and weekly tiers are updated weekly at 13:00 JST.

Main Missions

Daily Missions

Daily Missions reset at daily reset, which is at midnight JST.

Missions Details Rewards Stars
SH: Free/ARKS/Limited Quest Clear Clear any Free Field/ARKS Quest/Limited Quest once!

※Super Hard or higher

80,000 EXP 2
Complete a Daily Order Accept a Daily Order from Faina (or Agnes) and complete it!

※Daily Order may be one you already accepted

80,000 EXP 2
Have a Drink Go to the Medical Center or the Medical Terminal in the Campship and drink any drink once! 40,000 EXP 2
Use a Boost Item or Food Item Use any one boost item or food item! 40,000 EXP 2
Complete all Daily Missions Complete all of today's Daily Missions! 160,000 EXP 2
Total 400,000 EXP 10

Weekly Missions

Limited Time Missions