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Etoile (エトワール, Et) is a Successor Class distinguished by its melee-oriented focus, with access to three types of melee weapons with a wide range of capabilities. Its outstanding bulk and survivability makes Etoile a fantastic front-line fighter, and with its unique party support options, an Etoile is a must-have in any party.

Unlike other classes, Etoile does not provide base stat bonuses upon reaching Lv75.

Properties of Etoile

As a Successor Class, the Etoile Class has several properties not shared by normal Classes.

Unlocking Etoile

To unlock the Etoile Class, the player must complete a Client Order from Koffie. To complete this Client Order, the player must earn a Title (まだ見ぬ境地へ ) which requires reaching Level 75 in any two non-Successor Classes.

Other Properties

  • Etoile Photon Arts do not require a Photon Art Disc to learn, and do not need to be leveled.
  • The Etoile cannot use Innate Photon Arts or Techniques that are pre-installed into certain Double Sabers, Dual Blades, and Wands. However, Innate Photon Arts and Techniques installed onto other types of weapons may still be used.
  • The Etoile has alternate Client Orders for releasing the Level Cap that are separate from the normal Level Cap Client Orders. In addition, these Client Orders unlock Titles that are used to unlock the Level Cap, meaning the player only has to complete the Client Orders once per account to open the Hero Level Caps on all characters.
  • The Etoile cannot select a Subclass. However, the Etoile Class may be selected as a Subclass.
  • Certain Potentials, Skill Rings, and buffs have altered or nullified effects on Etoile.

Class Weapon Overview

The Etoile uses the Double Saber Double Saber, Dual Blades Dual Blades, and Wand Wand.

Double Saber

Etoile's Double Saber is a master of mobile arts, with a variety of short ranged and long ranged attacks at its disposal. With this, it can keep up with even the most flighty targets and unleash large amounts of damage with ease.

Double Saber's Weapon Action is Deflect. Press the Weapon Action button to put up your guard. If an enemy strikes you while Deflect is active, you can follow up with a Deflect Combo by pressing the Weapon Action button again.

Dual Blades

Etoile's Dual Blades are a slower, primarily short-ranged weapon ideal for taking on targets in close range. What it lacks in range and speed, it makes up for in sheer power and burst, able to inflict massive amounts of damage with its unique set of abilities.

Dual Blades' Weapon Action is Parry. Press the Weapon Action button to shield yourself with blades, nullifying any attack. Parry can be used in the middle of attacks as well without interrupting them. Pressing the Weapon Action button during a Step instead activates Step Edge, where the user hurls a blade at the target. If Etoile Dual Blades Gear is at least half full, pressing the Weapon Action button again during Step Edge initiates Connect, where the user assaults the enemy with a powerful combo. If the Gear Gauge is completely full, Connect can be followed up by the almighty Full Connect by pressing Weapon Action during Connect, combining the Dual Blades into a massive sword to render foes apart.


Etoile's Wand is a jack-of-all-trades, boasting an extremely versatile kit unlike any other weapon. Its Photon Arts can adapt to a wide range of combat situations, and no damage output is sacrificed in the process. With access to Focus PAs, Wand has the ability to output immense damage on targets at the cost of range.

Wand's Weapon Action is Protect. Press the Weapon Action button to summon a barrier that blocks attacks. If the Etoile Wand Gear Gauge has Gear, the Weapon Action can be held to maintain the barrier, draining Gear in the process. Holding Protect will eventually power up Protect; releasing the Weapon Action button will initiate a Protect Release. Protect Release's effect varies based on the amount of Gear consumed by holding Protect, starting from a weak projectile, then a powerful blast, then unleashing a massive burst of energy that repeatedly damages nearby foes before finishing them off with a final blast.

During Photon Arts, pressing the Weapon Action button when a white circle appears will activate Focus PA, performing an alternative version of that PA with shorter range and enhanced damage output

Skill Tree Overview