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Luster is a Successor Class (PSO2) that fights at high speed with a Gunslash, capable of switching between three styles depending on the equipped Gunslash's elemental attribute.

Like the other Successors, it is unlocked by reaching Lv.75 in any two Classes (PSO2) and talking to Administrator Koffie after receiving the Class Titles (PSO2) from the Title Counter.

Properties of Luster

Luster is able to activate the following techniques passively which must be learnt:

  • Shifta - On reaching 100 Voltage
  • Deband - On reaching 100 Voltage
  • Zanverse - Held action
  • Megiverse - Held action
  • Anti アンティ - On reaching 500 Voltage

Class Weapon Overview

Lusters use the Gunslash Gunslash weapon class.


A hybrid handgun/blade weapon that is usable by all Classes. Unlike other Classes, the Luster is capable of pushing the Gunslash to the absolute limits of its power, transforming it into a weapon that combines speed, finesse, and raw strength into one. Luster's Gunslash is capable of balancing two types of Photon Arts, the Move Arts and Stay Arts, to control the battlefield, and based on the Element of their weapon, is capable of accessing Styles that augment their playstyle and attributes to fit any situation. Beginner Lusters can also access the unique Smart PA feature to streamline combat, promoting ease of access and versatility.


  • Fomel Style: An offense-oriented style that appears with the powers of Fire or Dark Gunslashes. Fomel Style features an aggressive approach to combat by boosting the damage and Voltage gain of both Move Arts and Stay Arts Enhance Combos, giving its users an enormous berth of options. Consuming Luster Gunslash Gear summons units to its user's side that fly toward enemies during PAs and inflict Jellen on impact. Its Evade Shoot special ability consumes Gear to assault foes with a flurry of stabs before rushing forward, dealing massive damage to enemies in their path. Its special ability of rotating fiery blades which grants resistance to knockback and contribute to Voltage gain when they hit enemies is activated by doing "perfect" JAs, that is, doing multiple Just Attacks in a row at the earliest possible timing with no input delay between Just Attacks.
  • Zandi Style: A speed-oriented style that appears with the powers of Wind or Lightning Gunslashes. Zandi Style prioritizes speed and flexibility by enhancing the action speed of Move Arts, allowing its users to stay in motion no matter the situation and give their foes the run-around without compromising power. By using Luster Gunslash Gear by holding down Normal Attack, the user can also summon a vacuum that pulls enemies to its center and stuns them. Its Evade Shoot special ability consumes Gear to strike foes around the user with a bolt of lightning to inflict heavy damage. Its special ability of a summoning a chasing arrow that deals damage with photon art hits is activated by countering an attack.
  • Baran Style: A defense-oriented style that appears with the powers of Ice or Light Gunslashes. Baran Style maximizes longevity in combat by boosting the range and increasing the number of Guard Points (animation frames where Just Guard will activate on its own) of Stay Arts without compromising offensive pressure. Using Luster Gunslash Gear by holding down Normal Attack, summon a drone field that deals damage to enemies in its path and inflicts Bind. Its Evade Shoot special ability consumes Gear to charge up and fire an immensely powerful gunshot. Its special ability of a rotating shield that grants damage resistance is activated by avoiding an attack with a Just Guard, activated such as by using a Luster Photon Art that has Guard Points against an attack.
  • Purged Style: A special style that appears when the user has a Gunslash with no attribute or uses the Style Purge skill. While the Purged Style boasts no special passive properties, holding down Weapon Action allows its user to assail a foe with a barrage of gunfire, rapidly consuming Gear followed by PP in the process.


  • To be added (e.g. Enhance Arts).

On Recommended Skill Tree

If set, the bottom rows are not added automatically and must be manually added. One should be cautious on setting recommended skill tree as the user has no control on what skills are set and free skill tree reset passes are not readily given.

Photon Arts

For Photon Art descriptions, see Luster Photon Arts.

Skill Tree

Luster GS Gear Step Jump First Blood Air Reversal J Reversal JA Combo Next Jump
Luster Will High Level Bonus Lu Step JA Combo
Luster Time Sub Luster GS Boost Rule Out Weapon Resist Gunslash Ability Plus Luster Mag Step
Luster Voltage Tech Arts JA Multi Bonus Killing Restorate Deband Disorder Step Roll Advance
Voltage Bonus Voltage Reset Heal Tech Arts PP High Save Amplified Assist Shifta Gauge Boost Step Attack
High Voltage Voltage Heat Up All Attack Bonus Lu Lu Weapon Bonus 1 Lu Weapon Bonus 2 Just Reversal
Non-element Complete Rest
Zandi Style Fomel Style Baran Style
Zandi Shoot Enhance Zandi Attack Enhance Fomel Shoot Enhance Fomel Attack Enhance Baran Shoot Enhance Baran Attack Advance
Move Arts V. Boost Zandi Dodge Advance Enhance Arts V. Boost Fomel JA Advance Stay Arts V. Boost Baran JG Advance
Stay Arts Slash Rise Luster Step Slide Luster Counter Extra Attack Quick Slash
Enhance Combo Slash Fall Step Slide Advance Luster Step Guard Style Purge Quick Shoot
HP Up PP Up All ATK Up All DEF Up


Luster Will

Survive fatal damage once and become invincible. Resets on reaching High Voltage. Main Class only.

This passive skill enables Lusters to survive a hit that would normally incapacitate and provides a brief invincibility time of 5 seconds. It is refreshed for activation every time High Voltage is reached (i.e. on reaching multiples of 500 Voltage). Thus, if one uses up the skill, they can regenerate it by reaching a multiplier of 500 voltage again.

Luster Time

Gain various bonus effects for a limited time upon activation & launch a powerful attack when pressed again. Main Class only.

When used, this active skill causes a shockwave around the character that regenerates 3 gear gauge and 40 PP provided the shockwave hits an enemy. For 30 seconds, a bonus of 30% Damage Reduction and 200% Attack PP Recovery is given. When used again within the 30 seconds duration, this skill activates a powerful Luster Time Finish attack that is unique in that it has absolute invincibility frames (iframes) throughout, which means it can be used safety against The Goddess of Demise's counter attack.

Luster Time activates the unique Style Effect of the style (e.g. Baran Style shields) once on activation and once at the start of Luster Time Finish and once at the end of Luster Time Finish when it is completed. The Style Effect activated depends on the Gunslash equipped at the time of each of the reactivations. These activations will also cleanse the Style Purged state, returning the Gunslashes back to Elemental Styles.

Luster Time's cooldown is normally 240 seconds. However, when used during a High Voltage state, the cooldown is reduced by half to 120 seconds. It is thus recommended to activate Luster Time only after achieving 500 and above Voltage to avoid a long cooldown.

Sub Luster GS Boost

While a Gunslash is equipped, boosts damage based on the Main Class. Subclass only.

When Main Classes equip Luster as a Subclass, their melee and ranged damage with Gunslashes is increased by a multiplier related to the Main Class used.

This passive skill's goal is to ensure that the final Gunslash Photon Art output of all Main Classes when equipped with Luster as a Subclass is equivalent by taking note of innate Class multipliers and boosting accordingly.

Main Class Striking Multi Ranged Multi Total Striking* Total Ranged*
Hunter 140% 145% 251% 226%
Fighter 110% 115% 197% 179%
Ranger 250% 110% 448% 172%
Gunner 160% 130% 286% 203%
Force 250% 240% 448% 374%
Techer 190% 185% 340% 288%
Braver 190% 185% 340% 288%
Bouncer 180% 170% 322% 265%
Summoner 155% 150% 277% 234%
  • "Total" values include All Attack Bonus, High Voltage, and High Level Bonus.

Rule Out Weapon Resist

Voltage Bonus

High Voltage


Stay Arts

Enhance Combo

Slash Rise

Slash Fall

Luster Step Slide

Step Slide Advance

Extra Attack

Style Purge

Quick Slash

Quick Shoot

Gunslash: Weapon Action changes when used at specific times. Timing is based on the style chosen. Main Class only.

Use as a Subclass

Comparison to other Subclasses such as multipliers goes here.

Change History

October 14, 2020
  • All Attack Bonus Lu
    • Striking: 155% -> 170%
    • Ranged: 135% -> 150%
    • Tech: 140% -> 155%
    • Pet: 130% -> 145%
  • Lu Weapon Bonus 2
    • Power: 170% -> 155%
  • Luster Gunslash
    • The effect of First Blood now applies to Luster Step Guard
    • Increased the amount of Gear Accumulated from Quick Shoot
  • Zandi Style
    • Increased the power of Zandi Style's 1st Charge of Enhance Shoot
    • Reduced the charge time for Zandi Style's Enhance Shoot
    • Increased the Duration and amount of Gear Accumulated from the follow-up attack of Zandi Dodge Advance
Episode 6
  • Luster was released.