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Developed by Tri-Ace, Phantasy Star Nova is an offline Vita game based on the world of Phantasy Star Online 2.
This portal aims to fulfill the gap left behind by the now defunct Japanese PSNova wiki.

Equipment List

Weapons in Phantasy Star Nova do not use Photons, rather, they use a resource found on Mahkia, called Gran. Each Weapon-type (except for Rod, Talis and Wands) have a selection of Gran Arts (GA) to use.


All Techniques on Mahkia use Gran instead of Photons. Rods, Talises and Wands use Techniques.


Armor & Abilities

Base Related
Character Stuff

Unlike PSO2, Phantasy Star Nova has you scavange for materials to unlock new weapons, armor, costumes and accessories. Below is a list of each type of material categories you can expect to encounter.

Food Materials
These are materials that are required to create Meals.
Ores & Normal Materials
These are your everyday material drops that are commonly dropped by enemies.
Native Materials
Materials that are dropped by specific enemies.
Darker Materials
Materials that are dropped by Darkers.
Gigantes Materials
Materials dropped by the Gigantes.
Miscellaneous materials.
Cores are dropped by some enemies and bosses

Items in Phantasy Star Nova work the same as they do in PSO2. However, there's a smaller selection of items to choose from.

Recovery Items
These are your standard HP and Status Effect recovery items.
Boost Items
These items are your boost items. They can increase your stats or give you an EXP boost for a limited time.