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Rarity Name Quest Reward Area Drop Drop Info
1 Memory Fragment A Anywhere Lv1-30
2 Memory Fragment B グランエナジー・ラッシュ (H or VH) Anywhere Lv15-35
2 Memory Fragment C グランエナジー・ラッシュ (H) Steel Wastelands Lv30-60
Flame Highlands Lv30-60
Gran Water Rig Lv30-50
グランエナジー・ラッシュ (H)
2 Memory Fragment D Ray of Fury (H)
Threat of Fire (H)
Dietoas Subjugation (H)
Flame Highlands Lv35-60
3 Memory Fragment E Legs Creeping the Water Rig (H)
Base Defense (H)
Unexplored Regions (H)
Arlay Banther Subjugation (H)
Gran Water Rig Lv40-80
4 Memory Fragment F Silent City (H)
Securing Food Materials (H)
Ancient City Lv60-90
Large Spire Lv60-90
4 Memory Fragment G グランエナジー・ラッシュ (VH)
Alcyone Subjugation (VH)
Anywhere Lv60-85
5 Memory Fragment H Anywhere Lv80
5 Memory Fragment I Anywhere Lv85
11 Memory Fragment J Anywhere (SH) Lv110
12 Memory Fragment K Anywhere (SH) Lv126
4 Hot Spring Memory
10 Alma Rappy Feathers Alma Rappy
Au Rappy Onar
8 Rappy Ticket Rappy
Alma Rappy
10 White Ticket Rare variant of any enemy
1 Gran Piece
2 Gran Piece (Fire)
2 Gran Piece (Ice)
2 Gran Piece (Lightning)
2 Gran Piece (Wind)
2 Gran Piece (Light)
2 Gran Piece (Dark)