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Rarity Name Quest Reward Area Drop Drop Info
3 White Rock Steel Wastelands (H)
5 Dendritic Material Steel Wastelands
6 Laconia Metal Searching for Comrades (H)
Seeking Gran Crystal (H)
Steel Wastelands
5 Red Branch Yomi's Request (H) Gran Water Rig (H)
3 Green Stone Crystal Gran Water Rig (H)
4 Wood Opal Gran Water Rig (H)
6 Red Growing Flower Crystal Flame Highlands
3 Blue Ore Flame Highlands
6 Frozen Leaves Flame Highlands Toner Ban'qu (H)
Ase Rabbisaw (H)
4 Wild Tree Ancient City
5 Obelisk Fragment
6 Steel Layered Sheet Ancient City
5 Growing Metallic Shell Nova Interior
4 Rapiliston Steel Wastelands (H)
6 Silicified Wood Steel Wastelands Extermination (H)
4 Perovuskite Stone Flame Highlands (H)
Flame Highlands (VH)
6 Frigid Burning Metal Crystal Awaken the Magnetic Obelisk (H) Flame Highlands
7 Black Shell-less Shellfish Underground Land (VH)
4 Large Spire's Wire Large Spire
7 Crystalline Pyroe
7 Dull Silica Corundum
7 Heated Rhodium Pyroxene Danger: Flame Highlands Extermination (VH) Flame Highlands (VH)
7 Dyed Ceramics
7 Twinkling Cymophane Stone Nova Interior
6 Pulsating Migmatite Nova Interior
11 Verisite Steel Wastelands (SH)
11 Red Verisite Steel Wastelands (SH)
12 Mimete Ore Steel Wastelands (SH)
12 Crimson Mimete Ore Steel Wastelands (SH)
11 Atelestite Gran Water Rig (SH)
11 Yellow Atelestite Gran Water Rig (SH)
12 Haiwite Gran Water Rig (SH)
12 Sparkling Haiwite Gran Water Rig (SH)
11 Euclace Flame Highlands (SH)
11 Blue Euclace Flame Highlands (SH)
12 Blue Chalcedony Flame Highlands (SH)
12 Deep Blue Chalcedony Flame Highlands (SH)
11 Elachelite Ancient City (SH)
11 Green Elachelite Ancient City (SH)
12 Eclogite Ancient City (SH)
12 Jade Eclogite Ancient City (SH)
11 Ellestadite Large Spire (SH)
11 White Ellestadite Large Spire (SH)
12 Penkvilksite Large Spire (SH)
12 Glistening Penkvilksite Large Spire (SH)
11 Arseniopryte Nova Interior (SH)
11 Black Arseniopryte Nova Interior (SH)
12 Walsite Nova Interior (SH)
12 Ebony Walsite Nova Interior (SH)
15 マキアファクター (SH) Lv126~?
Anywhere (XH)
13 Amethyst Steel Wastelands (XH)
13 Shimmering Amethyst Steel Wastelands (XH)
14 Ruby Steel Wastelands (XH) Lv180~?
14 Crimson Ruby Steel Wastelands (XH) Lv180~?
13 Topaz Gran Water Rig (XH)
13 Thundering Topaz Gran Water Rig (XH)
14 Zircon Gran Water Rig (XH) Lv180~?
14 Twilight Zircon Gran Water Rig (XH) Lv180~?
13 Aquamarine Flame Highlands (XH)
13 Blue Aquamarine Flame Highlands (XH)
14 Sapphire Flame Highlands (XH) Lv180~?
14 Ultramarine Sapphire Flame Highlands (XH) Lv180~?
13 Malachite Ancient City (XH)
13 Remote Malachite Ancient City (XH)
14 Diamond Large Spire (XH) Lv180~?
14 Gleaming Diamond Ancient City (XH) Lv180~?
13 Moonstone Large Spire (XH)
13 Pure White Moonstone Large Spire (XH)
14 Emerald Ancient City (XH) Lv180~?
14 Green Emerald Large Spire (XH) Lv180~?
13 Onyx Nova Interior (XH)
13 Void Onyx Nova Interior (XH)
14 Obsidian Nova Interior (XH) Lv180~?
14 Ebony Obsidian Nova Interior (XH) Lv180~?
15 Nova Factor Any large enemy with a level of 200 or more?