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Name Drop Info
Darker Node Insectoid Darkers (N)
Insectoid Darkers (H)
Darker Antennae Insectoid Darkers (H)
Darker Meat Aquatic Darkers
Reptile Egg Rozad (H)
Dragonkin Egg Baridran'na-type enemies (VH)
Monster Flesh Ra Oodan (H)
Rove Rappy Meat Rove Rappy (H)
Giant Monster Flesh
Bird Meat Gun Jurrakia (H)
Dragonkin Meat
Reptile Meat
Jurrakia Cartilage Jurrakia-type enemies
Torrimp Meat Torrimp-type enemies (VH)
Shellfish Granv (H)
Reptile Tail Rozad (H)
Maphrezer-type enemies (VH)
Reptile Crest Rozad (H)
Large Mushroom
Ice Flame Highlands
Reptile Extract Rozad (H)
Maphrezer-type enemies
Monster Milk
Alcyone Jelly Alcyone (H)
Magavulum Goo
Coral Dragon Blood Coral Dragon (N)
Small Tree Nuts
Banther Bone
G-Shalurayda Liver
Gigantes Meat Any Gigantes
Agrios Egg Agrios (H)
Gigantes Rib
Fish Gigantes Meat Alcyone
Rock Salt Steel Wastelands (H)
Wheat Large Spire
Glowing Leaves
Juicy Fruit Steel Wastelands (H)
Rice Large Spire