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Piercing Shell


  • Load and fire a bullet that pierces targets.
  • Deals one strong Ranged hit. Can hit from very long range.

Grenade Shell


  • Load and fire an explosive grenade.
  • Low single-target damage. Explosion has an area of effect that can hit multiple targets.
  • Launches small enemies on hit.

One Point


  • Fire a concentrated stream of bullets at a target.
  • Solid power Gran Art with good range. High versatility.

Impact Slider


  • Slide towards the target while firing your Rifle. Finish with a sweeping kick.

Sneak Shooter


  • Take a prone stance and fire a single shot. Generates less Hate than normal.

Glorious Rain


  • Fire a rain of bullets at a target.
  • Automatically hits target overhead regardless of obstacles between the player and the target. Hits multiple times. Can hit multiple parts on Gigantes simultaneously as long as all parts are within the area of effect.
  • Tracks target if it moves.
  • Extremely powerful and versatile Gran Art, but Power increases drop off at Lv. 21+.

Reflect Aegis


  • Fire a bullet that generates a barrier made of pure Gran. The barrier blocks frontal attacks.
  • Barrier negates all damage until it breaks. Barrier breaks if the barrier absorbs too much damage, the weapon is switched, or if it is allowed to wear off naturally.
  • Covers practically your entire hitbox besides a small area directly behind you.
  • Susceptible to Striking-type damage.
  • Deals damage at point blank range on execution, but the damage is relatively weak.
  • Becomes significantly more fragile at Super Hard difficulty or higher.