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Ring Field


  • Summon a field of light made of Gran. Only usable against large Gigantes.
  • Stand under a Ring Field to teleport up to it. Enables striking hard-to-reach parts on large Gigantes.
  • Availability and placement of Ring Fields vary between large Gigantes.

Protection Wall


  • Generate a field that negates damage from enemy attacks.
  • Susceptible to Striking-type damage.
  • Will break early if the field sustains too much damage.

Aggressive Cage


Snare Gate


  • Generate a field that inflicts Bind on enemies.

Upper Beat


Satellite Bit


  • Summon five rings made of Gran that float above you. Rings will automatically attack enemies as you approach them.
  • Rings persist even if you switch weapons.
  • Using certain Halo GAs will automatically consume rings created by Satellite Bit to boost the GA's performance.

Resonance Cannon


  • Fire a beam of pure Gran in your direction.
  • Consumes Satellite Bit rings to increase damage and hitbox.