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Equipment Grinding

Main article: Equipment Grinding


Ability Transferring

Weapon Forming

(Basically the Glamour System)

  • Transforms the appearance of your weapon into other weapons.
  • Requires the [Base Item] and the [Design Item] to be at max grind. (OT: +10 or NT:+35)
  • The [Design Item] can be a Weapon Camo if you want.
  • Requires [1 Million Meseta] and a [Weapon Form Pass] at the Item Lab.
  • Trade in 150 [Weapon Form Tickets] for a [Weapon Form Pass].
  • These Tickets can be obtained from certain quests, Title rewards & the Treasure Shop.
  • Both the Base Item and Design Item are permanantly account-bound after Form Change, preventing you to trade or sell them on your Shop.
  • Weapon Form Pass will not be refunded when canceling the appearance.
  • If the appearance changed weapon is compatible with your equipped Weapon Camo, the appearance of the Camo will take priority.
  • If the Design Item supports Photon Color Change, the Photon Color can be changed regardless of whether the Base Item is supported or not.
Rarity Icon Image Name Drop Info Description
10 Tool Pass.png Weapon Form Ticket
Treasure Shop
Title Reward
Requiem of the Specter's Grudge
Specter of Tragedy
Used in Weapon Customizing.
When gathering in bulk you can recycle them for a "Weapon Form Pass".
10 Tool UIItemRainbowPass.png Weapon Form Pass
Recycle Shop
SG Shop
Used in Weapon Customizing.
Allows for the ability to change your weapon's form at the Item Lab.
Pass is consumed upon form change.