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Potentials (PSO2)

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Potentials with names in red are Hidden Potentials, and with names in green are Weaponoid Potentials.

Player Enhancement
Immediate Strike Immediate Destruction Immediate Attack Immediate Justice Immediate Decree New-Type's Law Immediate Extstrike Glimmering Rhythm
Unbending Spirit Twinkling Chain Visage of Shadow Meteor Dance Serpent's Bite Living Conduit Isolated Presence Physical Defense Stance
Technique Defense Stance Obstinate Spirit Dynamic Reflection Immediate Counter Rear Assault Sure-Strike Stance Sure-Strike Flash Inevitable Strike
Dragon's Infuriation White Tactics Sure-Strike Assault Absolute Strike Sure Strike Field Wings of Darkness Consecutive Flash Glittering Blade
Crest of Carnage Last Stand Exhausted Ambition Black Heart Shredding Shields Primordial Flame Magic Pledge Adverse Field
Adverse Vanity Pursuing Strike Ultimate Calamity Crushing Blow Exact Median Absolute Void Murderous Assault Steadfast Reaper
Spirited Anchored Barrel Swift Hunter Hurricane Shooter Precision Sniping Zero Assault Zero Effort Zero Logic Absolute Range
Apt Grafter Apt Hammer Apt Striker Apt Sniper Stormy Grafter Stormy Striker Stormy Sniper Offensive Inspiration
Offensive Reverence Offensive Approach Heroic Advance Heroic Strength Sentiments of Light Aerial Attack Intelligent Usage Spirit Collector
Spirit Radiance Heavenly Light Myriad Blessings Divine Purity Urgent Maneuver 1 Urgent Maneuver 2 Machine's Mark Immediate Dismissal
Crimson Crystal Flame Crystal Burning Seal Pursuit of Flame Frozen Crystal Glacial Crystal Arctic Crystal Frozen Seal
Shackles of Ice Frozen Prison Thunder Crystal Strategic Stance Thunder Seal Chains of Lightning Wind Protection Boreas' Tyranny
Hurricane Crystal Whispering Wind Guiding Mirage Moonlit Nobility Moonlit Ritual Inciting Panic Violet Turmoil Demonic Smile
Diabolic Laughter Devil's Game Festering Poison Skilled Elementary Arts Elegant Songstress Innocent Appearance Form's Pledge Prayer's Form
Healing Wind Discerning Eye New-Type's Oath Ancient Oath Splendid Recovery Fatal Activity Darkness Release Standard Meditation
Sealing Dragon's Roar Revival Reversal Roar's Smasher Astral Spirit's Blessing Benevolent Wind Craft Mastery Red Recalescence Indomitable Soul
Heavenly Blessing Warrior's Song Emancipating Wind Phantom Resonance Spring Breeze Breath of Life Breath of Bladed Essence Testament to Courage
Visage of Light Supreme Blessing Photon's Vessel Glimmering Fluorescence Eternal Blessings Dancing Night Blossom Pale Night Blossom Converging Light
Limit Release Limit Drive Mental Alignment Wings of Fortune Medicinal Knowledge Determination Tuning Conversion Harmonic Conversion
Readying Balance Earthly Treasure Land's Wrath Aerial Burst Soaring Burst Aerial Break Phantasmal Blessing Veteran's Merit
Limited Spirit Limited Toughness Dissipating Wave Crescent Eclipse Celestial Bullet Heavenly Death Vampiric Blade Harmonized Heart
Immediate End Immediate Weakness Spirit Reversal
Skill Enhancement
Enraged Stance
Valorous Stance
Perfect Calamity
Heavens Divide
Wisdom's Certainty
Photon Art Enhancement
Soaring Edge Spiral Edge Star Breaker Blade Surfing Celestial Cleave Stunning Edge Crescent Blade Guilty Edge
Devouring Edge Lashing Descent Intertwining Grip Lunatic Spinner Shocking Grasp Dancing Savage Wild Round Imperial Rising
Sliding Circle Flickering Wave Pleiades Flag Cut Thrusting Spear Discoidal Spear Battle Cry Spear Battle Cry Spear 2 Life Snag Spear
Sacred Spear Beheading Lance Aerial Gamboling Aerial Gamboling 2 Kick-Slash Duet Robust Collision Rolling Cutter Dance Gliding Blades
Jumping Waltz Gyrating Edges Bloody Flash Lunatic Slasher Sudden Whirlwind Rising Claw Whirling Ring Dancing Phantom
Mythical Flicker Slamming Blast Detaining Toss Dancing Killer Countless Slugging Heavenly Impact Leading Punch Altering Jab
Endless Pounding Reverse Strike Venus Maximum Full-Body Strike Dancing Ensemble Explosive Ensemble Guillotine Ensemble Kicking Ensemble
Brandish Splendor Blossoming End Dragon Wave Blossoming Full Moon Strike Blossom Flare Destruction Rook Ray Dispersion Rising Phoenix
Divine Justice Rampaging Falcon Grenade Shot Precise Discharge Traditional Spark Homing Shot Sliding Shot Concealed Shooting
Lightray Shower Evading Jump Shot Divine Wrath Holy Cannon Barrage Cannon
Altering Cannon
Celestial Aim
Kickdance Arrow
Enemy Slayer
Negative Hunter Negative Destroyer Negative Emblem Native Hunter Dragon Hunter Dragon's Authority Dragon Emblem Machine Hunter
Oceanid Hunter Demon Hunter Shining Destruction Ebony's Providence Colossal Spirit Phantom Devourer
Great Sun Deity Meteor Blessing Aurora Blessing Paradise Blessing
Skilled Trainer Fortunate Omen
Pure Hard Work Golden Rule Burning Hearts

Player Enhancement

Immediate Strike
刹那の撃鉄 Boosts the effect of Just Attack by 3/4/5%.

Sword9Ardillo, Ardillo-NT, Lambda Ardillo, 10Chelate Edia, Grid Edia, Flamme Brand, Falast Edia, Dio Ardillo, Dio Ardillo-NT
Wired Lance9Jagriath, Jagriath-NT, Lambda Jagriath, 10Weisse Butte, Dio Jagriath, 10Dio Jagriath-NT, 10Heretic End, 10Heretic End-NT, 10Immediate Feather, 11Crater Nails
Partizan9Raizenolk, Raizenolk-NT, Lambda Raizenolk, 10Dio Raizenolk, Dio Raizenolk-NT, Sly Roses
=llink=9Legzaga, 9Legzaga-NT, Lambda Legzaga, 10Iblis Blood, Dio Legzaga, Dio Legzaga-NT
Double Saber9Failnaught, Failnaught-NT, Lambda Failnaught, 10Flamme Icarus, Dio Failnaught, Dio Failnaught-NT, Langritter, 11Nazuritter
Knuckles9Bietiger, Bietiger-NT, Lambda Bietiger, 10Dio Bietiger, Dio Bietiger-NT
Katana9Salizania, Salizania-NT, 10Lambda Salizania, Dio Salizania, Dio Salizania-NT
Dual Blades9Adelaide, Adelaide-NT, Lambda Adelaide, 10Dio Adelaide, Dio Adelaide-NT, 11Fahren Kreutz
Gunslash9Jareid, Jareid-NT, Lambda Jareid, 10Dio Jareid, Dio Jareid-NT, Caliburnus
Assault Rifle8Edge Blazer, Schwann, Lambda Schwann, 9Tigredor, Tigredor-NT, Lambda Tigredor, 10Calci Weapon, Weisse Fenix, Beryl Weapon, Dio Schwann, Steb Weapon, Dio Tigredor, Dio Tigredor-NT
Launcher9Ridultiv, Ridultiv-NT, Lambda Ridultiv, 10Dio Ridultiv, Dio Ridultiv-NT, Till Traitor
Twin Machineguns9Radiegle, Radiegle-NT, Lambda Radiegle, 10Calux Gun, Berilos Gun, Bran Mirrors, Flamme Revolver, Graphie Gun, Dio Radiegle, Dio Radiegle-NT, Heretically
Bullet Bow9Fauve, Lambda Fauve, Tigrebow, Tigrebow-NT, Lambda Tigrebow, 10Dio Tigrebow, Dio Tigrebow-NT, Susano Hiki
Wand9Cless Digger, Cless Digger-NT, Lambda Cless Digger, 10Dio Cless Digger, Dio Cless Digger-NT, 11Fahren Cuse
Jet Boots9Lezaswift, Lezaswift-NT, Lambda Lezaswift, 10Dio Lezaswift, Dio Lezaswift-NT

Immediate Destruction
刹那の崩撃 Boosts the effect of Just Attack by 6/7/8%.
Sword11Bio Glion
Wired Lance11Bio Radle
Partizan11Bio Staid
Twin Daggers11Bio Sloque
Double Saber11Bio Zect
Knuckles11Bio Dogault
Katana11Bio Janen
Dual Blades11Bio Ribzeal
Gunslash11Bio Slidawn
Assault Rifle11Bio Triner
Launcher11Bio Spat
Twin Machineguns11Bio Fanger
Bullet Bow11Bio Beld
Jet Boots11Bio React
Immediate Attack
刹那の決撃 Boosts the effect of Just Attack by 6/7/8%.
Sword13Sword Revolucio
Wired Lance13Lance Revolucio
Partizan13Spear Revolucio
Twin Daggers13Thrust Revolucio
Double Saber13Storm Revolucio
Knuckles13Spike Revolucio
Katana13Saika Revolucio
Dual Blades13Blade Revolucio
Gunslash13Slash Revolucio
Wand13Edge Revolucio
Jet Boots13Shoes Revolucio
Immediate Justice
瞬刻の理 Boosts the effect of technique just attacks by 3/4/5%.

Rod8 Pumpkin Rod, 9 Garland, Garland-NT, Lambda Garland, 10 Silica Roses, Dio Garland, Dio Garland-NT, Higanshaku, Rulyra, Stark Katze, 12 Pumpkin Rod-NT
Talis9 Visburn, Visburn-NT, Lambda Visburn, 10 Dio Visburn, Dio Visburn-NT, Koushousen, Nosvee, Heretic Saw, 11 Dream Master
Wand10 Cane, Ouster Cane, Zephyr Cane, Traitor Peak
Jet Boots11 Fahrenglyph

Immediate Decree
瞬刻の天理 Boosts the effect of technique just attacks by 6/7/8%.

Rod11 Bio Rias
Talis11 Bio Biloria
Wand11 Bio Pyrus

New-Type's Law
新生の理 Boosts the effect of all Just Attacks by 2/3/4%.

1~6 All Weapons
1 Gunslash EXP Weapon-NT

Immediate Extstrike
刹那の極撃 Boosts the effects of Just Attacks by 7/10/13% and increase Active PP Recovery by 7/11/15%.
Talis13 Raete Krieg
Glimmering Rhythm
瞬拍の烈閃 Boosts the effect of just attacks by 18/20/22% and PP recovery of non-just attacks by 30/35/40%.
Twin Daggers10Blade Dance
Double Saber12 Tenimusou
Knuckles11 Judgment Hearts
Katana10 Dies Ryu
Unbending Spirit
剛勇不撓の闘志 Increase Just Attack power by 20/22/25% and reduces damage taken by 10/12/15%.
Knuckles12 God Hand
Twinkling Chain
瞬撃の連鎖 Boosts damage for each consecutive just attack by 3/4/5%(10% max).
Sword12 Live Glion
Wired Lance12 Live Radle
Partizan12 Live Staid
Twin Daggers12 Live Sloque
Double Saber12 Live Zect
Knuckles12 Live Dogault
Katana12 Live Janen
Dual Blades12 Live Ribzeal
Gunslash12 Live Slidawn
Assault Rifle12 Live Triner
Launcher12 Live Spat
Twin Machineguns12 Live Fanger
Bullet Bow12 Live Beld
Rod12 Live Rias
Talis12 Live Biloria
Wand12 Live Pyrus
Jet Boots12 Live React
Visage of Shadow
影闘形態 Boosts damage for each consecutive just attack by 1/2/3%(15% max).
Sword11 Keen Cycler
Wired Lance11 Mark Curio
Partizan11 Kaiser Falx
Twin Daggers11 Sever Schild
Double Saber11 Gliserc
Knuckles11 Break Brute
Katana11 Kurotsuchi Kongou
Dual Blades11 Sol Rishell
Gunslash11 Licasnesia
Assault Rifle11 Zonepheed
Launcher11 Volt Howitzer
Twin Machineguns11 Eagle Flint
Bullet Bow11 Solid Ricurve
Rod11 Vasetail
Talis11 Serenescheros
Wand11 Valzounam
Jet Boots11 Felkrus
Serpent's Bite
連刃蛇咬 Boosts damage for each consecutive just attack by 2/3/4%(40% max)
Wired Lance12Serpent Grigoros
Living Conduit
人導体 Boost defense and hate accumulation by 5/7/10%.

Partizan7Knight Lancer, 10Regal Lancer
Launcher11Love Passion
Rod8Mic Stand, 10Umblla Stick
Wand11Cool Candy

Isolated Presence
気配遮断 Reduces hate accumulation by 12/16/20%

Assault Rifle7M25SE Missouri / Licht, 11 Pine Killer
Launcher11Zamlegdia, Zamlegda
Talis7Hitogata, 10 Hitogata Koshiki

Physical Defense Stance
護攻陣 10/14/20% chance of reducing striking and ranged damage received
Sword11 Stradio
Wired Lance11 Crater Blows
Twin Daggers11 Twin Filphuga, Twin Filphleo
Double Saber11 Stemirael
Knuckles11 Raffi Punisher
Dual Blades11 Fradskunoth
Assault Rifle11 Marley Belga
Launcher11 Garde Guranz
Rod8 Stella Twinkle, Milky Twinkle, 10 Vega Twinkle
Talis8 Wonder Collet, Bloomy Collet, 10 Mahu, Silky Collet, 11 Fahren Lapis
Wand8 Carino Light, Carino Dessert, 10 Carino Colau
Jet Boots10 Hakobenhayase-NT
Technique Defense Stance
護法陣 15%/21%/30% chance of reducing technique damage received
Knuckles8 Star Hand, Polar Hand, 10 Fix Hand
Talis8 Hard Quartz, Lambda Hard Quartz, 9, Dio Hard Quartz
Wand7 Regalia, Lambda Regalia, 9 Dio Regalia
Obstinate Spirit
不屈の心 13/16/19% chance of surviving a lethal attack with 1 HP (cannot proc if you are already with 1 HP).
Sword7 Last Survivor, 12 Ely Sion
Dynamic Reflection
動の反射 Boosts attack power during Just Guard by 200/500/700.
Sword10 Raytrus, 11 Weddle Rabiate
Wired Lance11 Rimliese
Partizan10 Rosahind
Immediate Counter
瞬楯転攻 Boosts the power of Just Attacks by 15/17/20% after a Just Guard.
Sword12 Ikusa Kousha
Rear Assault
背襲の牙 Boosts damage by 8/11/14% and PP recovery by 40% when attacking an enemy from behind.
Wired Lance12 Rezar Coleto
Twin Daggers12 Nox Nesis, Nox Nesis-NT
Dual Blades11 Glass Traitor, 12 Rektora
Launcher11 Sharklli Cannon
Twin Machineguns11 Lamia Shreid
Sure-Strike Stance
必撃の構 Boosts critical hit rate by 15/20/25%.

Sword13 Invade Calibur
Wired Lance13 Invade Wing
Partizan13 Invade Spear
Twin Daggers13 Invade Fencer
Double Saber13 Invade Edge
Knuckles13 Invade Fist
Katana13 Invade Galland
Dual Blades13 Invade Savior
Twin Machineguns13 Invade Rain
Bullet Bow13 Invade Bogen
Wand13 Invade Axe
Jet Boots13 Invade Slider

Sure-Strike Flash
必撃の閃 Boosts critical hit rate by 20/30/40%.

Gunslash13 Invade Buster
Assault Rifle13 Invade Shooter
Launcher13 Invade Cannon
Rod13 Invade Sorcerer
Talis13 Invade Arm

Inevitable Strike
必撃衝打 Boosts damage of critical hits by 9/11/13%.

Wired Lance11 Hurio Lanshiv
Partizan11 Fuuga Naginata
Twin Daggers12 Saika Hyouri
Double Saber12 Nox Cadina, Nox Cadina-NT
Knuckles11 Lugz Guranz
Katana11 Koukomaru
Dual Blades11 Granfol
Gunslash11 Rubel Cypher
Twin Machineguns11 Fuuga Dan
Bullet Bow11 Susano Shinari
Rod11 Crema Cake
Talis11 Shikihajin
Wand12 Nox Qucross, Nox Qucross-NT
Jet Boots11 Tortarta

Dragon's Infuriation
龍の心火 Boosts damage of critical hits by 12/14/16%, boosts critical hit rate by 15/20/25% when above 50% HP.

Sword12 Sigma Zeredder
Wired Lance12 Sigma Gaira
Partizan12 Sigma Xialo
Twin Daggers12 Sigma Janga
Double Saber12 Sigma Izanto
Knuckles12 Sigma Gowanga
Katana12 Sigma Seigan
Dual Blades12 Sigma Touren
Gunslash12 Sigma Dienzer
Assault Rifle12 Sigma Fagan
Launcher12 Sigma Bustad
Twin Machineguns12 Sigma Phase
Bullet Bow12 Sigma Branch
Rod12 Sigma Farse
Talis12 Sigma Thiale
Wand12 Sigma Jane
Jet Boots12 Sigma Thulen

Absolute Strike
必撃烈打 Boost damage by 17/19/22%, boosts critical hit rate by 25%.
Dual Blades12 Twin Orochi
Twin Machineguns12 Blitz Fender
Wings of Darkness
瞬闇の翼 Boosts JA damage by 7/8/10% when using different PAs or Techniques.
Twin Daggers12 Apprentice Grudge
Double Saber11 Swell Sardine, 12 Coat Doublis D
Katana12 Yamigarasu
Talis12 Aigle Colete
Jet Boots11 Richter Ferris
Glittering Blade
閃く瞬刃 Boosts JA damage by 28/30/32% when using different PAs or Techniques.
Gunslash12 Celesta Laser
Crest of Carnage
修羅紋 Boost damage by 5/7/9% when HP is 50% or lower.
Twin Daggers11 Fubuki Senga
Knuckles10 Elder Fist
Katana11 Fubuki Kizan
Assault Rifle10 Elder Rifle
Rod10 Elder Rod
Rod11 Fubuki Enishi
Jet Boots10 Fubuki Toushuu
Last Stand
背水陣 Boost damage by 8/11/14% when HP is 25% or lower.
Sword11 Gigur Domina
Twin Daggers11 Optrelieto
Knuckles11 Gigur Jihro
Gunslash10 Sonic Laser
Bullet Bow11 Gigur Kashi
Rod11 Gigur Tesso
Exhausted Ambition
枯渇望景 Boosts S-ATK and R-ATK by 150/200/250 when PP is at 50% or less.
Partizan11 Fleublossom
Twin Daggers11 Rugged Flan
Double Saber11 Fubuki Enbu
Dual Blades11 Fubuki Reisen
Gunslash11 Gurbesta
Assault Rifle11 Fubuki Raitei
Twin Machineguns11 Fubuki Rinka
Bullet Bow11 Fubuki Juuki
Black Heart
暗心舞踏 Boosts S-ATK and R-ATK by 300/340/400 when PP is 50% or lower.
Sword12Lightning Espada
Wired Lance12Nox Jiraku
Partizan12Nox Rozan
Twin Daggers11Twin Kamui
Double Saber12Tenimusou
Katana12Orochi Agito
Dual Blades12Hyakka Ryouran
Assault Rifle12Nox Shooteyr
Launcher11Red Scorpio
Magic Pledge
魔の誓約 Boosts S-ATK and R-ATK by 300/340/400 when PP is at 50% or less.

Sword13 Slave Calibur
Wired Lance13 Slave Chain
Partizan13 Slave Lance
Twin Daggers13 Slave Dagger
Double Saber13 Slave Saber
Knuckles13 Slave Fist
Katana13 Slave Kuuga
Dual Blades13 Slave Dual
Gunslash13 Slave Slash
Assault Rifle13 Slave Shooter
Launcher13 Slave Cannon
Twin Machineguns13 Slave Bullet
Bullet Bow13 Slave Feather
Rod13 Slave Sage
Talis13 Slave Symbol
Wand13 Slave Cross
Jet Boots13 Slave Shoes

Adverse Field
逆境力場 Boosts S-ATK by 80/90/100 when afflicted with a status effect.
Wired Lance10 Diabolic Gauntlet
Twin Daggers10 Bloody Art / Nacht
Adverse Vanity
逆境栄心 Boosts PP recovery rate by 10/15/20% when afflicted with a status effect.
Sword10 Fortuna
Double Saber10 Stag Cutlery
Rod9 Liberacion
Pursuing Strike
追の衝撃 Boosts damage against enemies suffering from a status effect by 17/19/21%.
Wired Lance12 Serpent Grigoros
Double Saber12 Lillipiece
Knuckles12 Adel Baphor
Katana12 Harai Houshun
Twin Machineguns11 Machina Philfond
Wand12 Meisen
Jet Boots10 Gain Scrapper-NT
Ultimate Calamity
究極の災い Increase the chance of inducing a status effect on an enemy by ?/?/50%, boost damage against enemies suffering a status effect by 18/20/24%
Rod12 Psycho Wand
Crushing Blow
痛打必倒 Boosts ranged damage when attacking weak points by 6/7/9%
Gunslash11 Biskedrop
Assault Rifle8 Bouquet Rifle, Funny Bouquet Rifle, Blue Bouquet Rifle, 10 Transvein, 11 Hurio Sniff
Launcher7 Shot Legacy, Egg Paska, 8 Spread Legacy, 10 Cannon Legacy, Grenfernal, Launcher Legacy, 11 Final Impact
Twin Machineguns10 Code Shaft, Pao Houou
Bullet Bow11 Nasuyoteri, Southern Cross
Exact Median
正中必壊 Damage to weak points done by shooting increased by 6/7/9%.
Assault Rifle13 Shot Revolucio
Launcher13 Cannon Revolucio
Twin Machineguns13 Bullet Revolucio
Bullet Bow13 Arch Revolucio
Absolute Void
虚眼必穿 Boost damage to weak points by 7/9/11%.
Gunslash13 Skull Schecter
Assault Rifle13 Skull Sorcerer
Twin Machineguns13 Skull Feschieser
Murderous Assault
殺心必撃 Boost damage by 6% on weak points, boost damage of criticals by 5/7/10%.
Twin Daggers13 S.CN Stag
Katana13 HFB Kamaitachi
Dual Blades13 S.CN Mantis
Gunslash13 Mercenary Schwarz
Assault Rifle13 Valkyrie A30
Twin Machineguns13 Valkyrie R25
Steadfast Reaper
不動の死神 Boosts damage while standing still by 7/9/11%.
Gunslash8 Ein Mazurka, 10 Nersir, Deo Mazurka, 11 Exa Graph, Shut Rounder
Assault Rifle7 Skull Sorcerer / Licht, 8 Firearms, 11 Arao Jadol, 12 Yasminkov 7000V
Launcher10 Agni Bazooka, 11 Nemethybren
Twin Machineguns11 Noire Mirrors
Bullet Bow10 Bowgency-NT, 11Navtors
Spirited Anchored Barrel
巌たる闘志 Increase shooting damage by 18/20/22% while standing still.
Gunslash11 Shut Rounder
Assault Rifle11 Bio Triner
Launcher11 Red Scorpio
Bullet Bow11 Nasuyoteri
Swift Hunter
疾風の狩人 Boost ranged damage while moving by 9/12/15%
Gunslash11 Riggavuel
Assault Rifle11 Churroster
Twin Machineguns11 Rohtovint
Bullet Bow11 Revisulfter
Hurricane Shooter
疾風の撃手 Boosts damage while moving by 25/27/30%.
Assault Rifle12 Yasminkov 7000V
Precision Sniping
遼遠の手 Boosts damage at long range by 6/7/8%.
Sword11 Rosadolieses
Dual Blades11 Ys Alice
Gunslash11 Mech Katar
Assault Rifle11 Suzugashima, Mena Alice 12 Dill Colete
Launcher11 Clanthor
Twin Machineguns11 Missouri M13
Bullet Bow10 Hirokteri
Rod11 Vio Hermes
Talis11 Zafrige
Moonlit Nobility
月夜の尊 Boosts light technique damage by 12/14/16%.
Partizan11 Rutel Tetomea
Rod8 Twilight Rune, 10 Divine Amaterasu, Divine Amaterasu-NT, Rulyra-NT, 11 Caduceus, Fleuve Lyra
Talis10 Gadianna, Gadianna-NT
Wand10 Magical Wand, Divine Tsukuyomi, Divine Tsukuyomi-NT, 11 Precious Balmung
Jet Boots11 Soutenkou

Skill Enhancement

Enraged Stance
憤怒の型 Boosts the effect of Fury Stance by 4/5/6%.
Sword7Zaxe, Blizaxe, 9Avici, Blazaxe, 10Gearfreid, Crusade Lore, 11Weddle Aid
Wired Lance10Rocket Punch, Wheel Rolen, 11Hurio Lancer, Phyteuma
Partizan9Dio Rhongomyniad, 10Valvette, Flowdia, 11Lutyrus, Helen Palata
Twin Daggers9Messer Agate, 10Lava Seeker, Amber Seeker
Knuckles11Bert Schbunker
Katana11Susano Shouha
Dual Blades8Lambda Seravahn
Gunslash8Neigling Zero, 10Gunbraver, Naglering Zero
Assault Rifle9Divulcan, 10Divulnigel, Divularbus, Flowpetal
Launcher9Frey Viper, 11Fran Traitor
Twin Machineguns8Sarcueid, Lambda Sarcueid, 9Dio Sarcueid, 11Bert Gabel
Wand9Schmidtore, 10Komlotore, Luviatore, Stina, 11Gulda Lumina
Jet Boots8Lambda Grevahn
Valorous Stance
勇猛正対の型 Frontal damage during Brave Stance increased by 18/20/23%.
Twin Daggers12Lavis Dagger
Perfect Calamity
完全なる災い Boosts the effect of Perfect Keeper by 5/7/9%.
Assault Rifle11Mena Alice
Heavens Divide
天断 Boosts Just Attack damage by 10/12/15% during Katana Combat.
Wisdom's Certainty
賢闘の必撃 Increase Critical Hit Rate by 21/23/25% while Elemental Stance is active.
Jet Boots10Dio Grevahn

Photon Art Enhancement

Soaring Edge
昇破刃 Boosts damage of PA Rising Edge by 9/13/17%.
Sword8Coat Edge, 11Jugroque
Spiral Edge
螺旋断刃 Boosts damage of PA Twister Fall by 9/13/17%.
Sword7Zanba, 11Gelate
Star Breaker
星砕刃 Boosts damage of PANova Strike by 8/11/14%.
Sword10Pristine Greatsword
Blade Surfing
乗斬刃 Boosts damage of PA Ride Slasher by 10/15/20%.
Sword7Wave Board, 11Rainbow Board
Celestial Cleave
星断刃 Boosts damage of PAOver End by 10/15/20%.
Sword12Ely Sion
Stunning Edge
突衝絶刃 Boosts damage of PAStun Conocido by 10/15/20%.
Sword8Space Tuna, Tarnada, Freeze Tuna
Crescent Blade
弧月翔刃 Boosts damage of PASonic Arrow by 8/11/14%.
Sword10Coat Edge D
Guilty Edge
罪禍壊刃 Boosts damage of PAGuilty Break by 9/13/17%.
Sword7Steel Hearts, 11Break Liner
Devouring Edge
理喰償刃 Increases technique damage during PASacrifice's Bite by 20/22/25%.
Sword12Lind Cray
Lashing Descent
堕百舌縛 Boosts damage of PAHeavenly Fall by 9/13/17%.
Wired Lance10Assassin Claw, Immediate Feather,11Lamia Slauner
Intertwining Grip
旋風縛 Boosts damage of PAOther Cyclone by 9/13/17%.
Wired Lance10Gigas Spinner, 11Nepto Anchor
Lunatic Spinner
狂独楽縛 Boosts damage of PAOther Spin by 9/13/17%.
Wired Lance11Darl Weigle
Shocking Grasp
紫電束縛 Boosts damage of PAHolding Current by 8/11/14%.
Wired Lance7Daylight Scar,10Rocket Punch,11Glass Klein
Dancing Savage
乱舞連縛 Boosts damage of PACerberus Dance by 10/15/20%.
Wired Lance10Diabolic Gauntlet,Diabolic Gauntlet-NT,11Sagita Leone
Wild Round
烈輪縛 Boosts damage of PAWild Round by 10/15/20%.
Wired Lance11Saint Gloss
Imperial Rising
皇昇縛 Boosts damage of PAKaiser Rise by 14/17/20%.
Wired Lance12Whipblade Paratizel
Sliding Circle
円穿滑槍 Boosts damage of PASlide Shaker by 9/13/17%.
Partizan10Shinkou Kabutoyari
Flickering Wave
瞬波槍 Boosts damage of PASpeed Rain by 9/13/17%.
Partizan11Diabo Keras
Pleiades Flag Cut
昴旗斬槍 Boosts damage of PARising Flag by 9/13/17%.
Partizan11Crepe Ruflan
Thrusting Spear
早贄槍 Boosts damage of PAZenith Throw by 10/15/20%.
Discoidal Spear
圏断槍 Boosts damage of PASlide End by 8/11/14%.
Partizan8Soul Eater,10Imperial Pick, Vjaya,11Soul Banish
Battle Cry Spear
吶喊槍 Boosts damage of PAAssault Buster by 8/11/14%.
Partizan7Knight Lance, 10Regal Lancer, Gekitsnata, Bluesy Requiem
Battle Cry Spear 2
廻吶喊槍 Reduces PP cost of PAAssault Buster by 15/20/25%.
Partizan11Rodos Surge
Life Snag Spear
瞬撃殺槍 Boosts damage of PABandersnatch by 15/20/25%.
Partizan10Imperial Pick,11Honor Flag
Sacred Spear
聖標刺槍 Boosts damage of PASacred Skewer by 8/11/14%.
Partizan11Fuurizan, Flowdeet
Beheading Lance
円穿昴斬槍 Boosts damage of PASlide Shaker and PARising Flag by 10/13/17%.
Partizan12Yogri Spear
Aerial Gamboling
天昇舞 Boosts damage of PARaging Waltz by 9/13/17%.
Twin Daggers10Blitz Slugger, Akane
Aerial Gamboling 2
廻天昇舞 Reduces PP cost of PARaging Waltz by 15/20/25%.
Twin Daggers10Fear Mainer
Kick-Slash Duet
蹴刃連舞 Boosts damage of PAShoot Polka by 10/15/20%.
Twin Daggers10Twin Filphin
Robust Collision
剛破墜舞 Boosts damage of PAScar Fugue by 14/17/20%.
Twin Daggers11Divarks
Rolling Cutter Dance
転蹴斬舞 Boosts damage of PAWildRhapsody by 14/17/20%.
Twin Daggers12Senno Shuuha
Gliding Blades
飛刃流舞 Boosts damage of PADark Scherzo by 8/11/14%.
Twin Daggers10Floating Edges
Jumping Waltz
跳撃円舞 Boosts damage of PASymphonic Drive by 14/17/20%.
Twin Daggers11Bloody Nails
Gyrating Edges
双刃奏舞 Boosts damage of PAOrchestra by 9/13/17%.
Twin Daggers10Blade Dance, Blitz Slugger
Bloody Flash
血閃討舞 Boosts damage of PABloody Sarabande by 9/13/17%.
Twin Daggers7Cross Scar, 11Twin Reaping
Lunatic Slasher
刻狂舞 Boosts damage of PAFacet Folia by 14/17/20%.
Twin Daggers11Elcuria
Sudden Whirlwind
旋風突陣 Boosts damage of PATornado Dance by ?/?/?%.
Double Saber11Rose Glacee
Rising Claw
昇爪陣 Boosts damage of PAScissor Edge by 10/15/20%.
Double Saber10Loyracam
Whirling Ring
旋環陣 Boosts damage of PARumbling Moon by 9/13/17%.
Double Saber10Jinrai
Dancing Phantom
幻影陣 Boosts damage of PAIllusion Rave by 9/13/17%.
Double Saber10Mehrennenka
Mythical Flicker
虚縛陣 Boosts damage of PAFake Capture by 10/15/20%.
Double Saber10Twin Brand
Slamming Blast
墜滅陣 Boosts damage of PASurprise Dunk by 9/13/17%.
Double Saber10Demolition Comet
Detaining Toss
擲獄陣 Boosts damage of PADeadly Archer by 14/17/20%.
Double Saber11Uluru Crescent
Dancing Killer
斬躍陣 Boosts damage of PAAcro Effect by 9/13/17%.
Knuckles7Double Cannon / Licht, 11Swell Cuddle
Countless Slugging
交鎖練撃 Boosts damage of PAPendulum Roll by 9/13/17%.
Knuckles10Spike Slugger, Discade
Heavenly Impact
天衝撃 Boosts damage of PASlide Upper by ?/?/?%.
Double Saber11Wrap Cruller
Leading Punch
必倒一撃 Boosts damage of PAStraight Punch by 9/13/17%.
Knuckles7Riddle Mole, Brave Knuckle, Lambda Riddle Mole, 9Dio Riddle Mole, 10Drill Knuckles, Alonah Hands
Altering Jab
意裏閃撃 Boosts damage of PASurprise Knuckle by 9/13/17%.
Knuckles10Fighting Beat
Endless Pounding
閃光千撃 Boosts damage of PAFlash Thousand by 8/11/14%.
Knuckles10Sacred Duster,11Exa Rogue
Reverse Strike
Reverse Strike Boosts damage of PABackhand Smash by 10/15/20%.
Knuckles12God Hand
Venus Maximum
極金星 Boosts the probability of a mighty fist when PAMeteor Fist.
Knuckles12Crazy Galactis
Full-Body Strike
剛進渾身撃 Boosts damage of PADucking Blow and PAHeartless Impact by 10/13/17%.
Knuckles12Bayari Clarke
Dancing Ensemble
昂舞連奏 Boosts damage of PARage Dance by 9/13/17%.
Gunslash11Bangasa Jikomi
Explosive Ensemble
爆砕重奏 Boosts damage of PAThrillsplosion by 9/13/17%.
Gunslash10Karakasa Jikomi
Guillotine Ensemble
滑斬舞奏 Boosts damage of PASlash Rave by 14/17/20%.
Gunslash11Hawk Fiamma
Kicking Ensemble
剛蹴追奏 Boosts damage of PAAdditional Bullet by 9/13/17%.
Brandish Splendor
終桜華 Boosts damage of PASakura-endo by 9/13/17%.
Blossoming End
閃梗華 Boosts damage of PAKanran-kikyou by 9/13/17%.
Katana11Darl Zentou
Dragon Wave
濤竜華 Boosts damage of PA Hatou Rindou by 5/7/10%.
Katana7Rengokuto Ensa
Blossoming Full Moon Strike
円月撫華 Boosts damage of PAKazan Nadeshiko by 5/7/10%.
Blossom Flare
Blossom Flare Boosts damage of PASakura-endo and PAGuren-tessen by 20/23/26%.
Destruction Rook
滅飛翼 Boosts damage of PADistraction Wing by 10/15/20%.
Dual Blades11Gresmica
Ray Dispersion
舞散光翼 Boosts damage of PADispersion Shrike by 10/15/20%.
Dual Blades11Tesfrey
Rising Phoenix
凰翔翼 Boosts damage of PAHeavenly Kite by 8/11/14%.
Dual Blades10Pristine Armor Blades
Divine Justice
天義翼 Boosts damage of PAJustice Crow by 14/17/20%.
Dual Blades11Fradoll
Rampaging Falcon
隼爪狂翼 Boosts damage of PAKestrel Rampage by 14/17/20%.
Dual Blades11Heretic Pair
Grenade Shot
破榴砕射 Boosts damage of PAGrenade Shell by 14/17/20%.
Assault Rifle10Norphrus
Precise Discharge
一点穴射 Boosts damage of PAOne Point by 9/13/17%.
Assault Rifle7Full Cylinder, 10Avenger
Traditional Spark
古式点火 Boosts damage of PADiffuse Shell by 14/17/20%.
Assault Rifle12Yasminkov 7000V
Homing Shot
Homing Shot Boosts damage of PAHoming Emission by 10/15/20%.
Assault Rifle10Holy Ray
Sliding Shot
滑走駆射 Boosts damage of PAImpact Slider by 14/17/20%.
Assault Rifle11Saza Rafuel
Concealed Shooting
潜心伏射 Boosts damage of PASneak Shooter by 8/11/14%.
Assault Rifle10Anti Android Rifle, 11Valtz Fenix
Lightray Shower
墜雨光射 Boosts damage of PAGlorious Rain by 10/15/20%.
Assault Rifle11Flowrain
Evading Jump Shot
避跳射 Boosts damage of PAParallel Slider by 10/15/20%.
Assault Rifle12Joyful Mikoshi
Divine Wrath
天罰執行 Boosts damage of PASatellite Cannon by 8/11/14%.
Assault Rifle12Sarce Punisher
Holy Cannon
神授砲 Boosts damage of PADivine Launcher by 8/11/14%.
Launcher10SSPN Launcher, Cannon Legacy 12Blancanis
Barrage Cannon
無限束砲 Boosts damage of PAConcentrate One by 9/13/17%.
Launcher8Lilli Shark, 10Inferno Bazooka

Enemy Slayer

Negative Hunter
負滅牙 Damage against Darkers boosted by 7/10/13%.
Sword10Coat Edge D, Ruin Gloam, Ruin Charm, Darvle Sword, Dalvada Sword, Ruin Mirage, Ruin Lowe, 11Davial Sword
Wired Lance10Gwanahda Lance, Brute Gift, Brute Curse, G Nero Lance, Vibrace Lance, 11Darl Weigle, Brute Negro
Partizan8Ragne Answerer, Clean Brush, 10Chrome Odio, Agrani Answerer, Haze Odio
Twin Daggers10Gwanah Dagger, Bloody Art, G Nero Dagger, 11Sacrifice Darker
Double Saber10Fossil Victor, Fossil Tricks, Stag Cutlery, Gwanah Double, Fossil Bower, G Nero Double, Fossil Kite, 12Coat Doublis
Knuckles10Wolgah Hands, Alonah Hands, Fix Hand
Katana11Zeshuu, Darl Zentou
Dual Blades10Shanefrisa
Assault Rifle10Gloam Rain, Latria Rain, Chrome Via, Foia Rain, Haze Via, Sfera Rain
Launcher10Craft Plosion, Plosion, Illegal Bomber, Illegal Ill, Akst Plosion, Vibrace Cannon, Vetumsion, 11Illegal Negro
Twin Machineguns10Acidase, Emeradase, 11Obsidase
Bullet Bow10Vibrace Bow, 11Darl Bowden
Rod10Chrome Evol, Haze Evol, Vega Twinkle, Vibrace Rod
Talis7Onmyou Kikami, 10Ebel Book, Liewen Book, Seirei Kikami, Nornir Book, Dagash Talis, Silky Collet, Lazwar Book
Wand10Grim Grin, Bloody Grin, Carino Colau, Dagacha Wand,11Mangus Grin
Jet Boots10Starcardia
Negative Destroyer
負討滅刃 Damage against Darkers boosted by 9/11/13% and against DA-Aberrations by ?/?/15%.
Sword13Nemesis Calibur
Wired Lance13Nemesis Chain
Partizan13Imperial Pick-NT, Nemesis Lance
Twin Daggers13Nemesis Dagger
Double Saber13Meteor Cudgel-NT, Nemesis Saber
Knuckles13God Hand-NT,Nemesis Fist
Gunslash13Nemesis Slash
Katana13Nemesis Kuuga
Dual Blades13Nemesis Dual
Assault Rifle13Astral Riser-NT, Nemesis Shooter
Launcher13Nemesis Cannon
Twin Machineguns13Nemesis Bullet
Bullet Bow13Nemesis Feather
Rod13Nemesis Sage
Talis13Nemesis Symbol
Wand13Nemesis Cross
Jet Boots13Nemesis Shoes
Negative Emblem
絶負印 Damage received from Darkers reduced by 30/35/40%.
Sword11Dalz Soleid
Partizan11Darf Ferza
Knuckles10Elder Fist
Gunslash11Dalz Heian
Assault Rifle11Darf Feral
Bullet Bow11Dalz Varley
Talis11Darf Ferita
Wand11Dalz Woleid
Jet Boots11Darf Acour
Native Hunter
原生滅牙 Damage against Natives boosted by 10/15/20%.
Wired Lance8Malmoth Fang, 10Dal Mal Fang
Partizan10Grizzlan Spear
Twin Daggers8Nagel Banther, 10Nagel Ong
Double Saber10Babelas Twins
Knuckles8Rock Knuckle, 10Rogbelt Knuckle
Assault Rifle10Grizz Rifle
Twin Machineguns8Banshee's Roar, 9Ishurai, 10Elena's Roar, Two-Hand Survivor
Wand10Yede Club, King Yede Club
Dragon Hunter
龍滅牙 Damage against Dragonkin boosted by 10/15/20%.
Sword8Vol Scale, Dinia Edge, 9Azzurro Ringer, 10Sadiena Edge, Burn Spada, Rosso Ringer, Dragon Slayer, Verde Ringer, Dragon Slayer-NT
Dragon's Authority
龍の威光 Damage against all enemies except Dragonkin boosted by 12/14/16%
Sword12Rig Zeredder
Wired Lance12Rig Gaira
Partizan12Rig Xiaolo
Twin Daggers12Rig Janga
Double Saber12Rig Izanto
Knuckles12Rig Gowanga
Gunslash12Rig Dienzer
Katana12Rig Seigan
Dual Blades12Rig Touren
Assault Rifle12Rig Fagan
Launcher12Rig Bustad
Twin Machineguns12Rig Phase
Bullet Bow12Rig Branch
Rod12Rig Farse
Talis12Rig Thiale
Wand12Rig Jane
Jet Boots12Rig Thulen
Dragon Emblem
絶龍印 Damage received from Dragonkin reduced by 30/35/40%.
Sword10Sadiena Edge, Dragon Slayer
Partizan10Digg Pillar
Wand10Baridran Wand
Machine Hunter
機甲滅牙 Damage against Mechs boosted by 10/15/20%.
Oceanid Hunter
海王滅牙 Damage against Oceanids boosted by 10/15/20%.
Demon Hunter
妖滅牙 Damage against Kuronites boosted by 10/15/20%.
Shining Destruction
滅壊の光刃 Damage against DA-Aberrations boosted by 21/23/25%
Double Saber12Coat Doublis
Ebony's Providence
漆黒の摂理 Damage against Bosses boosted by 10/11/12% and damage received from Bosses reduced by 13/14/15%.
Wired Lance13Aura Dellwogg
Knuckles13Aura Megawoga
Katana13Aura Zanshou
Dual Blades13Aura Vulzzarg
Assault Rifle13Aura Regalus
Twin Machineguns13Aura Diazuth
Rod13Aura Estour
Wand13Aura Verhaar
Colossal Spirit
強闘心 Damage against Bosses boosted by 10/14/18%
Sword13Ideal Edge
Wired Lance13Ideal Scissors
Partizan13Ideal Strader
Twin Daggers13Ideal Ster
Double Saber13Ideal Rafale
Knuckles13Ideal Hunt
Katana13Ideal Karen
Dual Blades13Ideal Duos
Assault Rifle13Ideal Larc
Launcher13Ideal Proud
Twin Machineguns13Ideal Trigger
Bullet Bow13Ideal Shooter
Rod13Ideal Prayer
Talis13Ideal Aile
Wand13Ideal Hexe
Jet Boots13Ideal Walker
Phantom Devourer
絶幻創滅牙 Damage against Phantoms boosted by 7/10/13% and damage received from Phantoms reduced by 10/15/20%.
Sword13Welk Radome
Launcher13Welk Nacelle
Wand13Welk Rudder
Jet Boots13Welk Airelon


Great Sun Deity
大日霊貴 Boosts damage by 4/8/12% in fine weather. *Does not trigger in weather-less maps.
Wired Lance11Ranma
Twin Daggers11Hihikane
Double Saber11Sourenge
Dual Blades11Raku Shusui
Assault Rifle11Koureki Tsutsu
Launcher11Ikariboshi Hou
Twin Machineguns11Shiranuiboshi
Bullet Bow11Tenkawa Ichii
Rod11Koi Houou
Talis11Ki Fujibakama
Wand11Mugetsu Ounusa
Jet Boots11Yuukari Watashi
Meteor Blessing
流星の功 Boosts damage by 20/25/30% in a meteor shower.
Partizan9Rust Device, 10Old Device, Ein Device
Knuckles9Gravel Core,10Aurava Core, Saphir Core
Talis9Metali Solidom, 10 Metali Ignis, Metali Rakies
Aurora Blessing
極光の功 Boosts damage by 20/25/30% during Aurora.
Sword8Holy Tree
Twin Daggers9Cruel Flouga, 10 Calvelnix, Vioalanix
Gunslash9Cruel Coffin, 10Rouge Coffin, Blue Coffin
Rod9Vifroze, 10Meliofroze, Azufroze
Talis8Gift Sack
Wand9Cornelia, 10Remilnea, Hihirnelia
Paradise Blessing
浄土の功 Boosts damage depending on weather in Shironia.
  • Butterflies (5/7/10%)
  • Wind (15/17/20%)
  • Petals (25/27/30%)
  • Ideographs (25/27/40%)
Knuckles9Fretal Ver2
Katana9Byaku Sekiou
Dual Blades9Furetokuru
Assault Rifle9Araganeshima
Twin Machineguns9Yukurukoru
Wand9Haku Senjou Ver2
Jet Boots9El Ario Ver2


Skilled Trainer
錬成巧者 Boosts the drop rate of equipment with abilities.
Sword10Madam's Umbrella
Double Saber7Monkey King Bar,10Black King Bar,11Meteor Cudgel
Fortunate Omen
幸運の祥 Boosts chances of rare weapons to be unidentified.
Gunslash7Vraolet,Lambda Vraolet,9Dio Vraolet


Pure Hard Work
純粋なる奮励 Increases experience gained by 4/7/10%.
Bullet Bow9Edel Io
Golden Rule
黄金法則 Increase meseta gain by 5/10/15%.
Twin Machineguns9Klothov M238
Burning Hearts
バーニングハーツ Lv. 1/2: Effective at attacking flames in a certain quest.
Lv. 3: Protects the lives and hopes of everyone... it defends their future.
Launcher8Goodbye Fire
Twin Machineguns1Rescue Gun