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ARKS League (PSO2)

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ARKS League is a scheduled ship-wide competition where ARKS operatives compete with each other to gain rewards such as Star Gems (SG).


The ARKS League eligibility timing bracket ranges from the start of the ARKS League to 15 minutes before the end of the ARKS League. Checking the ARKS League bracket, logging in, changing block, moving to and from a gateship and slaying a target all counts towards adding oneself to the league during the eligibility period.

ARKS operatives are matched according to the highest level character in their account and are similarly also entered into an ARKS League tier of a certain target level, the highest usually being Lv61 mobs in a group of 20 operatives.

Earning Points

Points are earned per kill in all quests except for story quests where it does not count.


The rewards can be summarized in the table below. In order to receive a reward, one must participate even if it is just one mob killed.

Rank Reward
Rank 1 100 Star Gems
Rank 2 50 Star Gems
Rank 3 30 Star Gems
Rank 4-10 10 Star Gems
Rank 11-20 5 Star Gems

The rewards can be received from ARKS League Admin Mimi located at the west quest counter 30 minutes after the league has ended. The tally results of ARKS Leagues that have ended can be viewed from the ESC menu/Event Info/ARKS League/ARKS League Log.


Tying with Other Players

If multiple ARKS operatives all tie with the same number of points, they will all receive the same placing rewards, for example, all 1st place and all 100 Star Gems. Given this, if all ARKS operatives cooperate during an ARKS League where the mobs are of a set number during a concurrent emergency quest and do not exceed their matched number after the emergency quest, minimal effort nor over extension would be needed to emerge as all winners.

Quest Triggers

Starting or joining emergency quest triggers is an option to increase one's mob count where the mobs would normally be too rare to encounter in other quests or when having missed the ARKS League related emergency quest.

PSE Bursts

Starting quests, such as free field and Advance Quest of Lv61 mobs and achieving a PSE Burst, typically in Area 2, with a high number of players e.g. 4-12 can be a way to increase mob count quickly.

Other Quests

Other quests that have guaranteed spawn of Lv.61 and over, such as certain Time Attacks and Extreme Quests and ARKS Quests can be go to quests. Kills in Story Quests will not count towards the score.

Synchronized Partying/Logging in

It is possible to organise a party and/or negotiate a login with friends to join a quest or login at the same exact time, or join an emergency quest at the same time as the majority of the ship, so that mutually cooperating players are matched in the same league with higher probability.


It is possible to join ARKS League on multiple ships and with lower level characters in order to win at ARKS League against novice players who are not interested in winning the ARKS League themselves.


It is unknown if camping in a map and having already started a quest beforehand for ARKS League or moving to Area 2 and then killing a mob counts towards ARKS League.

User Contributed Data

The following lists user contributed data to give a gauge on when an overextention is necessary or has been performed by other ARKS Operatives.

Target Quest Count 1 Count 2 Count 3 Avg. Count
Platidorus Lv.61+ Base Defense Training: VR (XH) 48 48 - 48
Platidorus Lv.61+ A Boisterous White Day 2020 (UH) 23 - - 23
Predicahda Lv.61+ Base Defense Training: VR (UH) 22 22 - 22
Blade Dingell Lv.61+ Base Defense Training: VR (UH) 24 24 - 24
Luda Sorcerer Lv.61+ Base Defense Training: VR (UH) 12 12 - 12
Bonta Bearatus Lv.61+ Base Defense Training: VR (UH) 17 17 - 17