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Rideroid (PSO2)

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The Rideroid is a small, manned vehicle found in a variety of fields. It aesthetically takes the form of a small, flying cockpit that is open-ended on the rear, with enough space for the pilot to stand on a small platform and control with handles mounted on the vehicle's interior. It also possesses two bent, chicken-like legs used to propel the vehicle in a variety of ways. The Rideroid is white by default, but will change color accordingly based on the primary color of the wearer's outfit or CAST Parts.


The Rideroid appears in the following Quests:

Basic Controls

  • Analog Stick/Movement Keys: Pilot the vehicle.
    • Rear-View: Moves the Rideroid in any direction, but does not propel the vehicle forward or backward. Pressing any direction left or right will cause the Rideroid to strafe.
    • Free Camera: When pressing up or down, the Rideroid gains and loses altitude respectively. Pressing any direction left or right will turn the vehicle.
  • Jump Button: Activates your Dodge action. 5 PP. Dodges up by default; hold a direction to dodge up, down, left, or right.
  • Right Analog Stick/Mouse: Moves the camera.
    • Rear-View: Turns the Rideroid.
    • Free-Camera: Turns the camera.


The following ability is universal to all appearances.

  • Boost/Brake: 0 PP. Causes the Rideroid to begin moving forward. While Boosting, press the button again to stop the Rideroid. Press the Boost button during any Just Attack circle to initiate a stronger "Just Timing Boost" that propels the vehicle at a much higher speed. While performing a Just Timing Boost, flying into enemies will cause them to take some damage. While braking, there is a small period of time in which the player's turning ability is greatly improved.

The following abilities only appear in certain Quests.

  • Dismount Rideroid: Appears in Las Vegas Exploration and Riding Quest. The player jumps off the Rideroid the moment the button is pressed while the vehicle flies forward for a brief period of time before despawning. If the Rideroid collides with an enemy after the player has dismounted, the vehicle will explode and inflict substantial damage in a blast radius.
  • Quick Turn: Appears in Las Vegas Exploration and Riding Quest. 5 PP. The vehicle swiftly rotates 180 degrees in place. Creates a Just Attack circle afterwards.
  • Barrel Roll: Appears in Racing the Phantom Mother. 3 PP. The vehicle performs a roll in place. If in direct contact to a part that can be damaged, this action deals substantial damage. Creates a Just Attack circle at the end. Can be Just Attacked to increase damage inflicted.


The following Skills only appear in Racing the Phantom Mother:

  • Auto Fire: N/A. The Rideroid is automatically armed with an autofire mechanism that steadily fires bullets. Aiming the crosshairs at any part that can be damaged will slowly inflict damage.
  • Homing Missiles: Fire a payload of rockets forward. If ESC-A Falz Mother is within range, the rockets will automatically lock onto the closest target to your crosshairs and inflict large damage. Has a 15 second cooldown.
  • Over Boost: Fire boosters to rapidly accelerate, gaining maximum velocity. This Skill speeds up your Rideroid until you reach ESC-A Falz Mother. Can be cancelled by any action. Flying into hazards will not cancel the Over Boost. Has a 30 second cooldown.

Interactive Objects

The Rideroid can interact with the environment to augment its abilities. These include:

  • Energy Ring: A floating green ring. Fly through the ring to recover some HP and a large amount of PP.
  • Air Flow: Appears in Las Vegas Exploration and Riding Quest. Takes the form of a large, blue tube interspersed with rings. Fly into either end or any part of the Air Flow, and your Rideroid will automatically follow the trail at a higher speed than normal. Can be cancelled out by using your Dash.