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Wielding three types of weapons, the Phantom (ファントム, Ph) is a unique Successor Class that helps supports allies by inflicting foes with Jellen. Using Shift PA's the Phantom class is able to decide which is best suited for the situation.

Unlike other classes, Phantom does not provide base stat bonuses upon reaching Lv75.

Properties of Phantom

As a Successor Class, the Phantom Class has several properties not shared by normal Classes.

Unlocking Phantom

To unlock the Phantom Class, the player must complete a Client Order from Koffie. To complete this Client Order, the player must earn a Title (まだ見ぬ境地へ ) which requires reaching Level 75 in any two non-Successor Classes.

Other Properties

  • Phantom Photon Arts do not require a Photon Art Disc to learn, and do not need to be leveled.
  • The Phantom cannot use Innate Photon Arts or Techniques that are pre-installed into certain Katanas, Assault Rifles, or Rods. However, Innate Photon Arts and Techniques installed onto other types of weapons may still be used.
  • The Phantom has alternate Client Orders for releasing the Level Cap that are separate from the normal Level Cap Client Orders. In addition, these Client Orders unlock Titles that are used to unlock the Level Cap, meaning the player only has to complete the Client Orders once per account to open the Hero Level Caps on all characters.
  • The Phantom cannot select a Subclass. However, the Phantom Class may be selected as a Subclass.
  • Certain Potentials, Skill Rings, and buffs have altered or nullified effects on Phantom.

Class Weapon Overview

-The Phantom uses the Katana Katana, Assault Rifle Assault Rifle, and Rod Rod weapons.

Katana Katana

With Phantom, Katana reaches levels of extravagance and style that far outrank even Braver. Using the Katana, the Phantom will almost always be up close and personal with the enemy, dancing through and around them with a macabre waltz of bladed death.The Phantom Katana's PA's deal high damage and have brief periods of invincibility, allowing the Phantom to always keep the pressure on enemies via skills like Quick Cut. The Katana's relentless attacks and quick movements are ideal for accumulating Phantom Markers on a single target.

When used to activate Phantom Time Finish, the user will calmly brandish their Katana in a serene strike that viciously demolishes everything in front of them.

Weapon Action allows the user to swiftly strike with the Katana's sheathe, emitting a mid-ranged slash. When charged, the user executes a rapid heavy slash with the Katana, detonating Markers on any target it comes into contact with. Unique to Katana, Weapon Action can be augmented with the Class Skill Quick Cut to warp between foes in an instant between attacks, allowing Katana to cover ground and keep the pressure on multiple targets simultaneously.

Assault Rifle Assault Rifle

Phantom takes the Assault Rifle and combines it with its own powers to vastly increase its damage and versatility beyond what a Ranger could accomplish. Utilizing the Assault Rifle in combination with Phantom's own Photon Bits, they can control the battlefield with automatic turrets and land mines while keeping at a comfortable distance to snipe enemies from afar. Many of the Phantom's Rifle PA's allow for quick fluid movement, evading incoming damage while keeping on the offensive.

When used to activate Phantom Time Finish, the user will deploy an array of Photon Bits that ricochet their shots all around the area in front of them before finishing the enemy off with a massive, powered blast forward.

Rifle Action summons an array of Bits that seek out the nearest target, inflicting damage. When charged, the user deploys Bits to unleash a blast of energy that detonates Markers on any target it hits. With the power of the Bullseye Class Skill, the Rifle can gain a boost to Marker Accumulation after detonating a Marker, accelerating Marker build and giving the player a route to constant damage.

Rod Rod

Any Phantom will argue that they use "Scythes" and not Rods. Nevertheless, a Rod in Phantom's hands will acquire unique PA's that grant a mobility and control that Force could only dream of. Even without a Rod readily available, Phantom can bolster their Techniques with skills like Stealth Tech Charge to stay active and mobile even while casting all manner of devastating Techs.

When used to activate Phantom Time Finish, the user will float menacingly as pillars of energy piece all enemies in front of them, finishing off with an eerie flourish of the Rod and a massive energy blast from above.

Rod Action causes the user to fire a bullet of Photon energy from their Rod, inflicting damage to the first target it hits. When charged, the user executes a wide-reaching slash that detonates Markers on any target it strikes.

Skill Tree

Phantom Mechanics

Shift Photon Arts

Similar to the Bouncer, the Phantom class utilizes the Shift Photon Art Mechanic. After tapping the Weapon Action Button, a white Just Attack Ring unique to the Phantom appears. Activating a Photon Art at this moment will instead activate a Shift PA. Shift Photon Arts behave differently from their normal non-shift counterparts and can be used differently depending on the situation.

Phantom Markers

Attacking an enemy will generate a Phantom Marker. Phantom Markers Accumulate on the enemy for every attack you perform. The Phantom Marker has 2 stages with different visual indications. The first stage is represented by a Blue Marker. Detonating it recovers you 30 PP, inflicting average damage. The second stage is indicated by a bright purple Marker. Detonating at this stage will recover you 50 PP and inflicting huge damage on your target. Detonation damage can be increased via Lord of Thorn skill, but at the cost of decreased marker accumulation rate.

Stealth Tech Charge

Unique to the Phantom, charging Techniques will cause the player to become a ball of energy with brief invincibility and increased movement speed. Movement speed can be further increased with Sprint Tech Charge skill. Charge time and required PP for techniques can be decreased using the Tech Short Charge skill, but at the cost of decreased damage output.