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Braver Braver, is a class balanced between short and long ranged combat. Become stronger by advancing skills, timing, and precision.

Reaching Level 75 with this class grants the following base stat boosts to all class and characters on the same account: PP +2, S-ATK +20, R-ATK +20 and DEX +30

Class Weapon Overview

Braver Braver utilizes Katana Katanas, Bullet Bow Bullet Bows, and Gunslash Gunslash weapon types.


Katana Katanas are short-ranged melee weapons that strike a delicate balance between versatility and elegance. Katana has a PA for every situation and uses them with spectacular coolness that captivates the hearts of both allies and enemies. While the Katana's power is overall average, it can string together easy combos that grant it a damage-per-second ratio rivaling the Hunter's Swords. Katana rewards players for precision and timing with its unique mechanic of Just Charge, which is present in several Katana PA's and increases their power if they are charged and released at the right moment. Despite being versatile, Katanas have practically no long-range capabilities without exposing oneself to danger. Katanas can be powered up with the Skill Katana Gear, which, following a successful Just Guard, will envelop the wielder in an aura that boosts their S-ATK and Critical Hit Rate.

Katana's Weapon Action is Guard. By holding the Weapon Action Button, any frontal attack dealt to you will inflict sharply reduced damage and minimal knockback at the cost of PP. Katanas have an innate Just Guard function included; pressing the Weapon Action Button right before an attack connects will completely negate the incoming attack's damage, and the player will counterattack with a powerful strike that activates Katana Gear.

Bullet Bow

Bullet Bow If the Katana is the heated coolness of the Braver, the Bullet Bow is its cold majesty. Complementing perfectly the Katana's close-range potential, the Bullet Bow offers great long-range coverage. Contrary to the Katana, the Bullet Bow's attacks are generally not as extravagant, shooting cold, unfeeling arrows with a solidified intent to kill. The Bullet Bow's accuracy is also dependant on stability: standing still will allow its arrows to hit more consistently their target while running-&-gunning will result in more than a few missed shots. Some of the Bullet Bow's PA's also require and enable followups and setups by combining different PA's into an excedingly high single-target damage burst. Despite some of its PA's actually being Strike Attacks instead of Ranged, the Bullet Bow does quite poorly in close quarters combat or against multiple targets.


Gunslash Gunslashes are a universal weapon for all classes, which can switch between striking attacks that scale off of S-ATK S-Atk and shooting attacks that scale off of R-ATK R-Atk.

Skill Tree Overview

DEX Boost 1 Rare Mastery Braver Braver Mag Step
DEX Boost 2 Step Attack Step Advance
S-ATK Up R-ATK Up Just Reversal Snatch Step
Katana Gear Attack Advance Quick Mate J-Reversal Cover Snatch JA Combo
Katana Edge Katana Gear Boost
Counter Bonus
Average Stance Katana Combat Weak Stance Rapid Shoot Charge Shoot
Average S Up Combat JA Bonus Combat Finish Weak Stance Up Bullet Bow Charge Bonus
Combat Escape Weak Stance Critical Weak Stance Charge Rapid Shoot Up 1 Rapid Shoot Mastery
Average S Charge Average S Critical Rapid Shoot Up 2 Rapid Shoot Advance


Default Skills


Default Skill. Press the Evade button to quickly dash forward while avoiding attacks.

Step Attack

Default Skill. Allows you to attack immediately after Step.

Just Reversal

Default Skill. Press the Jump button right when you hit the ground after taking knockback to get up right away.

Braver MAG

Default Skill. A percentage of your MAG's total DEX stat is converted into ATK.

Rare Mastery Braver

Default Skill. Main Class Only. Gain a damage bonus when equipped with any 10 or higher rarity weapon.

Stat Up

DEX Up 1

Increase base DEX.

DEX Up 2

Increase base DEX.

S-ATK Up 1

Increase base S-ATK.

R-ATK Up 1

Increase base R-ATK.

Generic Skills

Attack Advance

Increase the damage of normal attacks.

Quick Mate

Increase the consumption speed of -mate type items.

Just Reversal Cover

Restore HP when performing a Just Reversal.

Snatch Step

Inflict Striking damage when your Step hits a target.

Snatch JA Combo

Creates a Just Attack circle during Snatch Step.

Stance Skills

Average Stance

Increase damage dealt.

Average Stance Up

Increase damage dealt while Average Stance is active.

Average S Charge

Increase the damage of Charge-type attacks while Average Stance is active.

Weak Stance

Active Skill. Increases damage dealt to weak points and when casting Techniques of the weak attribute. Using this Skill overrides the effect of Average Stance while active.

Weak Stance Up

Increase damage dealt to weak points and when casting Techniques of the weak element while Weak Stance is active.

Weak S Charge

Increase the damage of Charge-type attacks while Weak Stance is active.

Weapon Skills

Katana Gear

Enables Katana Gear. Attacking with a Katana fills the Katana Gear Gauge. Successfully perform a Just Guard to activate Katana Gear. While active, Katana Gear boosts your S-ATK and Critical Hit Rate.

Katana Gear Boost

Main Class Only. Increase Gear gain and PP recovery rate while Katana Gear is active.

Counter Edge

Release a shockwave when a Counter is successfully performed.

Counter Bonus

Main Class Only. Increase the power of Counter and Counter Edge and regenerate PP when connecting with a Counter or Counter Edge.

Katana Combat

Unleash inner strength, gaining the ability to chase targets with normal attacks. Use the Skill again while Katana Combat is active to unleash a finishing strike. Only usable with a Katana.

Combat Finish

Increase the power of Combat Finish.

Combat JA Bonus

Increase the power of Just Attacks while Katana Combat is active.

Combat Escape

Main Class Only. Become invulnerable for a brief period of time while Katana Combat is active.

Charge Shoot

Increase the power of charged Bullet Bow normal attack and increase charged attack travel velocity.

Bullet Bow Charge Bonus

Main Class Only. Decrease the charge time and PP consumption of Charge-type Photon Arts when equipped with a Bullet Bow.

Rapid Shoot

Active Skill. Change Bullet Bow normal attacks to fire three arrows for a limited time while reducing the power of your normal attacks.

Rapid Shoot Up 1

Increase R-ATK when equipped with a Bullet Bow while Rapid Shoot is active.

Rapid Shoot Up 2

Increase R-ATK when equipped with a Bullet Bow while Rapid Shoot is active.

Rapid Shoot Mastery

Increase Bullet Bow damage dealt when Rapid Shoot is active.

Rapid Shoot Advance

Reduce the Recast Time of Rapid Shoot and increase the PP restored by Bullet Bow normal attacks while Rapid Shoot is active.

Braver Combination

Requires Class Level 85.
Main Class Only. Switching to a Bullet Bow while Katana Gear is active retains Katana Gear and applies the effect of Katana Gear to Bullet Bow.