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Currency (PSO2)

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This page aims to cover the different types of currency in-game as well as the means to obtain them.


  • Trading excubes earned from recycling items into grinders and then npcing them
  • Daily orders
  • Player Shops
  • Rainbow Bonus Keys from campaigns
  • Selling dropped Izane Crystal

Star Gems (SG)

  • Buster Medal Exchange Shop, Casino Coin Exchange Shop, Battle Coin Exchange Shop
  • Rankings
  • IDOLA Shop
  • PSO2es Login Bonus
  • Attachment gauge from wearing certain PSO2 outerwear and costumewear
  • Magatsu Silver/Gold Bonus Keys from Featured Quest present boxes
  • Campaigns
  • Title Rewards
  • Story Viewing Rewards

AC (ARKS Cash)

  • Real money purchases