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Dark Blast (PSO2)

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Dark Blast

Dark Blast is a Skill that allows the player to unleash dark power and assume a Darker-like form, granting them exceeding combat prowess and insurmountable power.

Unlocking Dark Blast

Each Dark Blast form can be unlocked in one of two ways:


  • Defeat any Omega Hunar (Lv. 70+)
  • Clear EPISODE 5 Chapter 2 Part 3 "The Rebellion to Elder"


  • Clear the Emergency Quest "Incarnation of Knowledge" on Super Hard difficulty or higher
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 3 "Researching Another World"


  • Defeat any Omega Appregina (Lv. 70+) or Omega Falz Apprentice (Lv.70+)
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 4 "Ruler of the Kingdom of Epic"


  • Defeat any Omega Dourumble (Lv. 70+)
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 5 "Flo's Request"

Once Dark Blast is unlocked, it becomes available to all characters on the given account. Dark Blast Exp is shared between characters of the same account, but acquired skills will be specific to the character.


Once unlocked, Dark Blast can be installed to the subpalette.

Dark Blast has a default duration of 60 seconds and can only be used once per Quest. If your HP drops to 0 while in Dark Blast, you will be forced out of the transformation prematurely.

Dark Blast Gauge

To activate Dark Blast, the player must charge the Dark Blast Gauge by inflicting damage and defeating enemies, in similar vein to a Photon Blast or Compound Technique. This Gauge has properties different that of either.

  • Dark Blast Gauge can only charge a maximum of 5% every 2.5s.
  • Damage required to hit 5% varies by difficulty. For example, Normal difficulty requires 3000 damage to charge 5% of the gauge, while Super Hard difficulty requires roughly 95,000 damage.
  • Damage inflicted against bosses fills the Dark Blast Gauge slower (1/6th speed for mini-bosses, 1/12th speed for large bosses).
  • Dark Blast Gauge fill rate is dependent on the elapsed time in a Quest.
    • Quest Start ~ 2:30 = 1/8x Gauge Fill
    • 8:00+ = 3x Gauge Fill
    • 10:00+ = 9x Gauge Fill
    • 12:00+ = 27x Gauge Fill

Dark Blast is charged once the icon lights up, and can be activated by selecting the icon from the subpalette, hovering the cursor over the icon of the desired Form, then pressing Confirm when the Dark Blast image appears. This will cause the player to invoke a transformation sequence preceded by a set Lobby Action, which will transform the player into the Dark Blast form. The default selected Dark Blast form will be memorized from the last time Dark Blast was activated.


  • Immunity to all forms of knockback and status effects. However, Guar Zigmorde's instant death attack will still trigger normally and kill you if you are affected by it prior to transformation.
  • Immunity to field gimmicks, such as tornadoes.
  • While Dark Blasting, the player's voice is replaced with a voice unique to Dark Blast. This voice can be disabled in Options.
  • Unable to interact with certain field objects, such as turrets. You are, however, capable of utilizing Catapult Panels.
  • Dark Blast will be deactivated if the player changes Areas.

Dark Blast EXP

Once Dark Blast is learned, a portion of all EXP accumulated will be added to Dark Blast as "Dark Blast EXP". You can earn Dark Blast EXP even if you do not transform in a Quest. Dark Blast EXP is tallied at the end of a Quest; leaving prematurely will not add Dark Blast EXP to your total. Once earned, Dark Blast EXP can be spent to level up Dark Blast Skills.

Depending on the field, Dark Blast EXP is typically set to convert at a rate of 10% of the normal EXP earned (all decimal points are rounded down). However, certain enemies in certain fields can dispense a greater ratio of EXP, up to 30% of their EXP payout, as Dark Blast EXP. This refers to Darker enemies whose strain matches the Dark Blast form. For example, Marine Darkers such as Dagacha and Zeshrayda will grant more Dark Blast EXP to Elder Form while Avian Darkers like Luda Sorcerer and Blu Ringahda will grant more Dark Blast EXP to Loser Form.

Dark Blast EXP is earned on an account-wide basis, allowing all characters on the same account to receive Dark Blast EXP simultaneously. However, Dark Blast EXP can be distributed on a per-character basis, allowing you to freely determine Dark Blast growth for each individual character on the same account.

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