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Specter of Tragedy

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Specter of Tragedy is a Trigger-only Quest.


Quest Type Trigger Quest
Quest Goal
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 30:00

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest has a maximum player capacity of four.
  • This Quest is only available in XH and UH difficulty.
  • You must have a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 85 or higher or a Successor Class at Level 85 to access this quest in XH.
  • There is a 999,999 damage limit in this Quest.



  • Apocalyptic: Dark Falz Persona is level 95 in XH and level 100 in UH and resists 50% of all damage.
  • Apocalyptic: Dark Falz Persona's masks have additional HP. As a result, masks are often changed before they are fully broken.
  • Apocalyptic: Dark Falz Persona in XH has an additional phase at low HP after purging all the extra parts from the various Dark Falz instead of being downed.
  • There is no A.R.K.S. Boost.
  • The quest is otherwise identical to Requiem of the Specter's Grudge. See Requiem of the Specter's Grudge for more information.


Drops everything in Requiem of the Specter's Grudge in addition to the following:


  • 8 Weapon Camo Camladio Amok
  • 8 Weapon Camo Finesse Callidus
  • 8 Weapon Camo Addict Charm
  • 8 Weapon Camo Broma Petrema
Drops in Requiem of the Specter's Grudge UH.
  • 15 Order Circular Amphirite Stone
  • 14 Order Time Reversal Stone Chronos
  • 15 Order Liberate Unlocker
Drops in Requiem of the Specter's Grudge UH.
  • 10 Pass Weapon Form Ticket
E-Trial Clear Reward - XH: 10-15, UH: 15
  • 7 Order Rare-grain Erebos Stone
XH: 3-11, UH: 15
  • 10 Tool Excube (max 35)
5 more than in Requiem of the Specter's Grudge UH.
  • 10 Tool Class Excube (max 2)
1 more than in Requiem of the Specter's Grudge UH.