Specter of Tragedy is a Trigger-only Quest.


Quest Type Trigger Quest
Quest Goal
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 30:00

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest has a maximum player capacity of four.
  • This Quest is only available in XH difficulty.
  • You must have a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 85 or higher or a Successor Class at Level 85 to access this quest in XH.
  • There is a 999,999 damage limit in this Quest.



  • Apocalyptic: Dark Falz Persona is level 95 in XH and resists 50% of all damage.
  • Apocalyptic: Dark Falz Persona's masks have additional HP. As a result, masks are often changed before they are fully broken.
  • Apocalyptic: Dark Falz Persona in XH has an additional phase at low HP after purging all the extra parts from the various Dark Falz instead of being downed.
  • There is no A.R.K.S. Boost.
  • The quest is otherwise identical to Specter of Destruction. See Specter of Destruction for more information.


Drops everything in Specter of Destruction in addition to the following:

  • 8 Weapon Camo Camladio Amok
  • 8 Weapon Camo Finesse Callidus
  • 8 Weapon Camo Addict Charm
  • 8 Weapon Camo Broma Petrema
  • 10 Pass Weapon Form Ticket (E-Trial Clear Reward - XH: 10-15)
  • 15 Order Circular Amphirite Stone
  • 14 Order Time Reversal Stone Chronos
  • 7 Order Rare-grain Erebos Stone (3-11)