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New Genesis: Character Skills

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Common Skills

These skills are available to all classes.

Double Jump

Press the Jump button while in mid-air after your first jump to perform a second jump.

Wall Kick

While in mid-air, move into a wall to automatically kick off of it, giving you additional height.
If using manual mode for wall kicks, press the Jump button while near a wall and while the Jump prompt is showing to perform the wall kick.

Photon Glide

Hold the Jump button while in mid air to start a Photon Glide. During a Photon Glide you can move in midair while slowly descending.

Photon Dash

Hold the Step/Dodge button while on the ground to start a Photon Dash. While Photon Dashing, your run speed as well as jump height are increased, however PP regeneration is disabled for the duration.

Press the Normal Attack button while Photon Dashing to transition into an attack that varies depending on the equipped weapon.

Dive Attack

While in mid-air, immediately press the Normal Attack button after tapping the Jump button to perform a slam to the ground. This can damage enemies near where you land.

Step Counter

When you dodge an enemy attack with a Step/Dodge, you can press the Normal Attack button to perform a Step Counter.
Step Counter is a very powerful attack that can be performed with any weapon. Learning to use it can give you a big advantage.

After successfully dodging an attack, there will be an audio-visual indicator telling you that you can perform a Step Counter. If you want to master this move, pay attention to that indicator.

Resta Sign

A consumable item that can be commonly obtained from the fields of Halpha in the form of glowing green flowers, but can also be obtained from the Item Shop for 250N-Meseta each.
Upon use from the subpallete, 50% of the user's max HP is restored.

Up to 10 Resta Signs can be stacked at a time.

Reverser Sign

A consumable item that can be obtained from the fields of Halpha in the form of glowing golden flowers, but can also be obtained from the Item Shop for 500N-Meseta each.
Upon use from the subpallete, all incapacitated players around the user are revived with 100% HP.

Up to 5 Reverser Signs can be stacked at a time.

Photon Blast

A Photon Blast is a powerful attack that can be triggered when you fill up your PB Gauge to maximum, indicated by the blue bar that appears above the Photon Blast icon on the subpallete. The gauge will be filled as you attack enemies, but also very slowly charges over time. Each weapon has its own unique Photon Blast, and the Photon Blast used depends on the currently equipped weapon.

You will need to set a Photon Blast in your subpallete in order to activate it.

  • Sword (NGS) Sword: Enlarge the size of the Sword's blade to perform two powerful slashes that cut through everything - the first diagonally downwards, then the second horizontally.
  • Wired Lance (NGS) Wired Lance: Slashes the target in front of you multiple times, and then finishes with an electrifying spin.
  • Partizan (NGS) Partisan: Charges up a series of slashes and launches a devastating charge towards your target.
  • Knuckles (NGS) Knuckles: Punch the air in front of you with incredible force and Photons, charging and then unleashing a powerful shockwave that damages everything before you.
  • Double Saber (NGS) Double Saber: Twirls and slices your target multiple times and unleashes a giant strike, creating a tornado.
  • Twin Daggers (NGS) Twin Daggers: Vanish multiple times while striking your target with powerful slashes, and finishes with a spinning slash.
  • Katana (NGS) Katana: Unleashes a powerful slash that slices the area multiple times that ends with an immense slash.
  • Launcher (NGS) Launcher: Charges up a massive projectile that can be launched at your target. The projectile shortly lingers and explodes in a large radius.
  • Assault Rifle (NGS) Rifle: Charge up and call down a giant laser from above with a giant explosion radius. Anything within the radius indicator will take heavy damage.
  • Twin Machineguns (NGS) Twin Machine Guns: With both Twin Machine Guns, fire off bullets that endlessly ricochet in a fixed area in front of you, then follow up with a powerful explosion.
  • Bullet Bow (NGS) Bow: Charges a powerful photon-charged shot which strikes and pierces the target multiple times with immense power.
  • Rod (NGS) Rod: Channel Photons into a powerful laser that you shoot straight ahead. You can move while shooting the laser.
  • Talis (NGS) Talis: Summon 6 different photon-charged cards that charge up a powerful laser that strikes down on your target.
  • Wand (NGS) Wand: Consume Photons to rush towards your target and relentlessly smash them with four powerful swings of your Wand, then perform a final overhead smash with great Photonic fury.