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An example of a popup when a Trial starts

A Trial (also known as Emergency Trial or E-Trial) is an interrupt event that occurs suddenly in Exploration Sections, Combat Sections and Quests. These are indicated with "T" markers, which are visible from any part of the Section/Quest you are currently in.

Trials will task you with an objective, ranging from defeating a certain amount of enemies or a boss, to defending a transport truck or retrieving a Stellar Gift.

Trial targets are marked with the color of the Trial. Colors start from blue, go to cyan, then green, then loop back to blue. Enemies that are not Trial targets are marked yellow.

When a Trial is completed outside of a quest, you are awarded with 1500N-Meseta N-Meseta. Exclusively to Kvaris region, it will also award you a Tool (NGS) Icicle Orb ×1.

Defeating enemies not associated with another Trial - including Tames, can potentially cause an Trial to start elsewhere in the sector.

In Combat Sections, completing a Trial while the PSE Gauge is at level 4 will usually trigger a PSE Burst.

Some activites like Field Races and Gigantix apperances are considered internally to be Trials.

Trial Mechanics

Trials have diffirent unique mechanics shared amongst Trials.

Chaos Trials

On occasion, two Trials can occur at the same location. The objectives for these two Trials are tracked separately and each reward their own N-Meseta N-Meseta.

In Combat Sections, if one of the Chaos Trials is completed, PSE Gauge will increase by 1. If it's at 3 or 4, it will trigger a PSE Burst

Rare Trials

A boosted Trial's popup, which is colored red instead of gray

On rare occasions, Trials can have an increased difficulty. When these occur, the Trial Start popup is colored red instead of its usual gray colour.

Certain hazards that normally do not appear will spawn in these Trials, such as Bee Hives that shoot projectiles.

The following trials can be rare:

  • Transport Truck Defense Trial,
  • Radical Reposession Trial.

Chaos Trial might cause those trials to become rare without alert.

Co-Op Trial

Occasionally you can have 1-2 NPC's join you in a Co-Op Trial. They do average damage and while they take damage, they cannot die. The NPC's that join you are mostly selected from the local ARKS of that region. They will dissappear a short while after Trial is concluded.

If a Chaos Trial occurs, they will not leave until second trial is completed.

If Aina and Manon Co-Op Trial occurs, it's a guaranteed PSE Burst, regardless of the current gauge.

Types of Trials

Enemy Suppression Trial

An image of a Nagrus with a Trial indicator

This is a Trial where indicated enemies must be defeated. This can range from large numbers of smaller enemies, to a small number of larger tougher enemies. Bosses can also be the target of these Trials.

If the enemy name is uniformed, the subjugation name will reffer to that enemy, if it's not, the trial will be named "Enemy Subjugation"

Mobs that spawn in tend to have a some sort of an upgrade.

Defeat all indicated enemies within the time limit to complete the Trial. These type of trials only reward 1000 N-Meseta.

Assembly Point Mop-Up Trial

An image of a Assembly Point Trial's Assembly Points, some of which have Dotts on top of them

In this Trial, structures referred to as Assembly Points drop down from the sky as well as enemies. Enemies can spawn on top of these Assembly Points, and a "Tether" will spawn in the center of the Trial area, occasionally healing all enemies in its vicinity. Destroying the Tether deals damage to all enemies in the vicinity.

Defeat all indicated enemies within the time limit to complete the Trial.

DOLLS-Controlled Aircraft Trial

An image of a DOLLS-controlled aircraft

In this Trial, a DOLLS-controlled aircraft appears, spawning enemies below it. The aircraft will attack players below it as well as on top of it.

The DOLLS-controlled aircraft will occasionally fire a laser that will deal damage to player but also heat up the ground, creating an updraft. You can glide on this updraft to get to the aircraft.

In Aelio Region in level 35+ sections, all enemies that spawn in are Megalotix.

Defeat all marked enemies as well as destroy the DOLLS-controlled aircraft within the time limit to complete the Trial.

Stellar Gift Trial

An image of a locked Stellar Gift with DOLLS surrounding it

This Trial occurs when a "Stellar Gift" (not to be confused with Stellar Grace) falls from the sky. This will land in the terrain, and enemies will spawn around it. The Stellar Gift will remain locked until the Trial is complete.

Sometimes, Rappies can replace the enemies that spawn.

Players will take heavy if not fatal damage if hit by the Stellar Gift as it lands. If it lands on an enemy - including boss enemies, it will instantly be defeated.

Defeat all marked enemies within the time limit to complete the Trial and obtain the Ores contained inside the Stellar Gift.

Transport Truck Defense Trial

An image of a Transport Truck with DOLLS and a Former surrounding it

A Transport Truck Defense Trial tasks players with defending a transport truck from being destroyed by several waves of enemies.

When all marked enemies from a wave are destroyed, the next wave will start. During the final wave, a boss enemy will spawn.

In Retem Region, bosses might appear on wave 2 as well.

Defeat all enemies without allowing the transport truck to be destroyed to complete the Trial.

Captan Trials

An image of a Captan in its closed state

Captan is an enemy that appears in the open field on rare occasions. When it appears, a Trial occurs.

When you defeat it, it will drop a variety of Special Ability Capsules. It can also appear in the Limited Time Quests that can be accepted during Seasonal Events.

Defeat the Storm Area Enemies Trials

An image of DOLLS surrounded by tornadoes

This Trial only occurs in Retem. Enemies, as well as a boss enemy spawn along with several tornados that follow their own path.

A "Blast Charge Sign" appears next to each tornado that appears as a purple crystal. When collected, the player's Photon Blast is fully recharged and made immediately available.

Defeat all indicated enemies within the time limit to complete the Trial.

Transorve Destruction Trials

An image of several Transorve teleporter devices accompanied by DOLLS

In this Trial, enemies, as well as teleporter devices called Transorves appear.

Transorves can only be damaged when their shields are down, which happens when they are calling additional enemies. These additional enemies must be defeated to complete the Trial.

Very rarely, Rappies might replace enemies. However, the time limit will be extremely short, so hurry!

Defeat all indicated enemies as well as destroy all Transorves within the time limit to complete the Trial.

Winter Wonderboard Trials

An image of Ash on a Floating Board

This Trial that only occurs in Kvaris tasks you with defeating enemies over a wide area. Use a Floating Board from the spawned terminals and Dash Panels to defeat all enemies within the time limit and clear the Trial.

During this Trial, Frozen Containers will spawn that you can use a Floating Board to break, along with larger amount of Board Terminals and Dash Rings then usual around the Trial area.

Radical Repossession Trial

An image of Ash chasing a DOLLS Transporter

This Trial tasks you with destroying the containers carried by flying DOLLS Transporters. Ride a Floating Board and pursue the Transporters. You can destroy the containers by ramming them with your Floating Board. The spawned Jump Panels can be used to jump up into the air.

The containers when destroyed drop random Ability Capsules,Tool (NGS) N-Grinder and Material (NGS) Notable-type Foods.

Destroy all of the carried containers to complete the Trial. Upon Trial Clear, a PSE Burst will automatically occur.

Cold Photon Excitation Trials

An image of Cold Photons and Large Cold Photons

In this Trial, a large number of Cold Photon crystals appear throughout the area. Cold Photons can only be destroyed by throwing Crystal Ice Fragments at them. When Cold Photons are destroyed, they will set off a huge explosion, damaging all nearby enemies. Large Cold Photons can also spawn, which deal more damage.

During the trial a section will spawn large amount of Crystal Ice to ensure you can complete the trial in a section where you may not be able to find one.

On rare occasions, Trial can have a bonus wave during which a Captan will spawn. Behavior is the same as in a regular Captan Subjugation trials.

Defeat all indicated enemies within the time limit over several waves to complete the Trial. Rarerly, you may also recieve Booster (NGS) Cold Resistance Booster +50%/+100%.

A Song of Ice and Snow Trials

An image of several Snow Tornadoes

Similar to the "Defeat the Storm Area Enemies" Trial, this Trial instead only occurs in Kvaris. Enemies, as well as a boss enemy spawn along with several Snow Tornadoes that follow their own path. Touching these can inflict the Freeze status effect.

A "Blast Charge Sign" appears next to each tornado that appears as a purple crystal. When collected, the player's Photon Blast is fully recharged and made immediately available.

Defeat all indicated enemies within the time limit to complete the Trial. Rarerly, you may also recieve Booster (NGS) Cold Resistance Booster +50%/+100%.

Sonner Destruction Trials

In these Stia-exclusive trials, your objective is to disable a automatic interceptor called Sonner, which will constantly attack you while being protected by a shield.

To break his shield, you must find all Dazzle Pods, which look similarly to Barrier Pods from Red Containers. They are initally invisible so you have to both watch for pulsations as well as watching Mag Sonar reactions to identify and destroy them. Destroying more will eventually put a Trial marker on them, and after that, into your map.

One of the Dazzle Pods is also a Control Pod. Destroying it will reveal all locations of Dazzle Pods and make them visible.

Disable the Sonner to clear the trial. Destroying the wreckage awards you ores akin to Stellar Gift trials, including Mineral (NGS) Inferium