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New Genesis: Braver

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Braver is a returning class in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis that is proficient in both close range and long ranged combat. While the moves are simple, they have hidden depth to them.

Class Weapon Overview


Katana is a melee weapon that can attack with agile movements. With their innate ability "Katana PA Combo", their Photon Arts grow stronger and have different stages based on the number of times they have been used repeatedly in succession. Katanas also feature a guard Weapon Action that negates all damage when a guard parry against an attack is successful.

Bullet Bow

Bullet Bow is a ranged weapon that can deal stable damage from a long distance, and has Photon Arts that change depending on if they were held down and charged or not. Bullet Bows feature Normal Attacks and some Photon Arts that can be performed while moving.

Photon Arts

Main article: Photon Arts List

Skill Tree

Brave Combat Resta Effect
HP Gain
Mighty Guard
Brave Combat
Close Range
Brave Combat
Arrow Main
Brave Combat
Short Cycle
Brave Combat
Finish Prize
Katana Guard
Katana PA Combo
Bullet Bow
Elude Counter
Tracer Arrow
Katana Guard
Counter Advance
Bullet Bow
Elude Expand

ブレイブコンバット レスタエフェクト

Class Skills

Name SP Levels Description
Brave Combat 1 For 30s, gain an aura which decreases PP consumption to 80% and increases attack PP recovery to 150%. Use it again while the skill is still active to perform a powerful finisher. An indicator will appear when 5s is left. Cooldown of 120s. Active Skill/Braver Weapons only.
Katana: Do a small slash with minimal reach followed by a blade sheathe that sends a horizontal circular shockwave blast.
Bow: Fire an arrow straight down from above at the target's last location.
Brave Combat Short Cycle 5 The duration of Brave Combat is shortened to 25/23/21/18/15s, however in return the cooldown time is also shortened to 100/90/80/70/60s.
Brave Combat Finish Prize 5 At the end of Brave Combat, restore HP up to 6/12/18/24/30% with 0.30% per hit and PP up to 20/40/60/80/100% with 1% per hit based on the number of hits landed during the Brave Combat period. Main Class/Braver Weapons only.
Brave Combat Close Range 1 When in Brave Combat, jump toward a locked-on target within range when using a Normal Attack. Katana only.
Brave Combat Arrow Main 1 When in Brave Combat, for a specific time during the activation of a PA, negate the effect of getting launched or knocked down. Bow only.
Resta Effect Amplify 5 Increases the amount of HP recovered by 10/13/16/18/20% for yourself when using Restasigns. On a Sub Class, this effect is 2/4/6/8/10% instead.
Breakfall HP Gain 5 Restores HP by 10/12/13/14/15% when you perform a jump recovery from an attack that launched or knocked you down. On a Sub Class, this effect is 5/6/7/8/10% instead.
Mighty Guard 1 Reduces the damage taken to 10% and the PP consumed to 10 when performing a regular non-parry guard Weapon Action.
Katana Guard Counter 1 After successfully performing a Just Guard, automatically performs a short ranged slash counterattack. Katana only.
Katana Guard Counter Advance 1 A ranged shockwave counter is fired together with the short ranged slash counterattack when a Just Guard is performed successfully, increasing the probability of the counter hitting as it carries the bulk of the counter damage. Katana only.
Fearless Attitude 1 Normal Attacks, Step Attacks and Photon Arts will generate a frontal blue counter shield for a very brief time frame in their after frames/animation which will cause the user to automatically perform a counterattack (with invincibility frames?) that fires a shockwave if an enemy attack hits it. Katana only.
Katana PA Combo Retention 1 Katana PA Combo count will now continue even when using a different Katana PA during consecutive Katana PAs. Katana only.
Bullet Bow Elude Counter 1 After avoiding an attack using your Elude Weapon Action, perform a Normal Attack to summon Photon Bows which deal a 3-hit counter. Bow only.
Bullet Bow Elude Expand 1 Inputting the Elude Weapon Action with directional input after a Photon Art will do a short step and fire a Dash Attack. Bow only.
Tracer Arrow 1 Normal Attacks and Charged Normal Attacks are now homing. Bow only.