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Enemies: DOLLS Starless Alters Formers Tames Special Enemies

Enemies such as DOLLS and Alters will appear in the field. Be aware that some enemies have weaknesses or are strengthened when certain conditions are met.


DOLLS are mysterious enemies that ARKS encounter on Halpha. If they take enough damage, they can enter a berserk state. In this state, they turn red, their power increases and they display new behaviors.

DOLLS reveal a yellow core when they attack. This yellow core is a weak point, so you can deal more damage if you target it.


Starless are mysterious beings from outer space that resemble DOLLS in initial shape and attack pattern, but are far more aggressively built and have additional attack patterns.

Along with a yellow core, all Starless feature an extra body part that strengthens them that needs to be destroyed.


"Alters" is a name for enemies which have an eerie pattern resembling an eyeball on their heads. Their form changes between day and night, in a process called "Daynight Shift", becoming more powerful at night. You can deal extra damage by aiming at the yellow core on their abdomens.


Enemies that have similar appearance to enemies that have appeared in base PSO2.


Local fauna of the planet. Usually passive, will run away if any combat is attempted. A source of Meat (NGS) Meat.


Title-based Upgrades

Enemies can occasionally have a title before their names. This means that they have been upgraded in some way. Often times defeating them is harder, but defeating them yields better and unique loot. An enemy can only have 1 Title at the time.

Rare Enemies

Rare enemies are rare variants of normal enemies and bosses. Rare enemies are distinguished by their silver/gold coloration (armor plating on DOLLS/Alters, full body otherwise) and "Silvered" or "Golden" in their names. A Silvered enemy gets an extra +100% EXP, +100% Rare Drop Rate and +10% Seasonal Points, while a Golden enemy gets double that in form of +200% EXP, +200% Rare Drop Rate and +20% Seasonal Points.

Rare enemies have the chance to drop the Sword (NGS) Silver Prim Sword or Sword (NGS) Gold Prim Sword when defeated; Rare bosses are guaranteed at least one drop, along with Unit (NGS) Silver Prim Armor+20 or Unit (NGS) Gold Prim Armor+20 as well.

In Exploration Sections, Rare Enemies tend to spawn in groups of 1-3, around the Enhanced Enemies that spawn, at the level of Dread Enemies. In addition, Rare TAMES tend to spawn at random in groups of 4. They are also guaranteed to drop Meat, with the chance to drop multiple Meat material when defeated, along with the Prim Swords.

In Combat Sections, the odds of a Rare enemy spawning increases with the PSE Gauge, with several guaranteed to spawn during a PSE Burst. A PSE Burst Climax will spawn a boss either as a Rare variant, or a Megalotix (detailed below). During a PSE Burst Forte, all enemies, unless they spawn as Megalotix, will be Golden, including the boss on Climax.


Megalotix are enemies that specialize in dealing high amounts of damage. They're distinguished by whitish-pink coloration on their body/armor plating (and in case of DOLLS, their normally blue/red water turn purple) and a title of "Elite". Such enemies get +33% more HP, +75% more attack power, however such defeating enemies grants +30% Rare Drop Rate, +200% EXP and +10% Seasonal Points. Furthermore, they give an additional 100 N-Meseta.

The aforementioned enemies drop Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Megas Fusier (with boss guaranteeing a drop of this capsule)and, rarely, Tool (NGS) Arms Refiner. Furthermore, at level 60+, they can also drop Ability Capsule (NGS) Combined Stat capsule such as Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Guardi Power or Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Arm Shoot (with boss above level 60 guaranteeing a drop of 1 random Combined Stat capsule), along with, rarely, Tool (NGS) N-Excube and Tool (NGS) N-Class Excube.

They appear in Combat Sections randomly, starting from level 35+. The PSE Gauge just like with Rare enemies, increases the chance a Megalotix will spawn. They also spawn during PSE Burst, PSE Burst Forte, and on PSE Climax, a boss can be a Megalotix as well.

Outside of them, they can appear in quests, like Mining Rig Defense Emergency Quests or in Ordinal Tower.

Dread Enemy

Dread Enemies are exclusively-boss enemies that are a more durable variant of the boss. They're distinguished by their dusty/rusty/old appearance that differs slightly from region to region (Aelio Dreads have moss, Retem Dreads have sand dust, etc.) and a title "Battle-Hardened". They have +200% extra HP and +30% attack power, however defeating them yields an extra +350% EXP and +50% Seasonal Points. Furthermore, they'll always spawn at the same level for the region, regardless of the actual level.

As a drop, they, on top of the drops from the boss, also can drop Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Dread Keeper capsule.

They appear exclusively in Exploration Sections, in specific locations per region. They have an exclusive icon on the map. It takes 5 minutes to firstly spawn in after the room is created, and then they respawn every 5 minutes after killed. They are often accompanied by 2-4 mobs of the same level. Dread Enemies also have an aggro limit-they will not give chase too far from their spawning point and will return to their spawning point should you run away too far.

Golden Dread Enemy

An exclusive variant of Dread Enemies, this is not a Golden + Dread enemy combined but an exclusive variant. They are distinguished by gold armor/coat, that unlike Rare enemies, is very dulled and rusty. They share the Title with Dread Enemies, "Battle-Hardened". They have an enormous +500% HP increase, with their attack power staying at +30%, but killing them grants +900% EXP, +100% Seasonal Points and, on top of that, +100% Rare Drop Rate.

On top of Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Dread Keeper capsule, killing it yields multiple amounts of Sword (NGS) Gold Prim Sword and Unit (NGS) Gold Prim Armor+20.

They can appear rarely for any Dread in the Exploration Section, however they will never appear as a first spawn in that room, it will start happening from 2nd spawn onwards.


Gigantix are raid-type enemies that are extremely difficult to kill. They have a purple mist surrounding them with their coat/water color turning purple. Furthermore, they also distort sound when they're close enough. They have the title "Despaired". Gigantix have a +150% HP buff, but due to their 50% damage reduction, it makes your damage fall off drastically. In addition they have +260% attack power, and killing them grants +500% EXP and +100% Seasonal Points.

In terms of drops, Gigantix drops exclusive Unit (NGS) Gigantix Units, such as Reclair Armor or Berglin Armor, as well as Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Gigas Capsules (1 of each type guaranteed at level 44+, otherwise 1 capsule of any type) and Tool (NGS) Giga Stragments ×1-3(at Level 79+) and Material (NGS) Photon Scales ×1-3 (at level 49+, Region dependent) or Material (NGS) Inferium ×1-3 (Stia Gigantix only),along with a weapon if one is added to the drops like Gunblaze Series.

Drops can differ depending on the region. If you want a lower rarity Weapon/Unit, it can only drop from the Gigantix that introduced the item. As an example, an Aelio Gigantix can drop Unit (NGS) Zeont Armor, but it won't drop in other regions. However, later ones, such as aforementioned Reclair Armor, will drop in earlier regions.

In Exploration Sections, they appear exclusively during Storm-Type weather of the region. The room must be active when the storm occurs or else a Gigantix will not spawn. Gigantix in Exploration Sections are 4 levels above current cap making it necessary to be at level cap or be beyond the hidden Battle Power value to be able to deal damage. Be careful as Gigantix have naturally the aforementioned +260% attack power, making most attacks one shots without high HP/DMG Resistance! A Gigantix has an exclusive icon on the map. It will disappear if the Storm is no longer in progress and no one has been attacking the boss for a short while, making endurance critical to prevent failure!

In addition in some Exploration Sections, when a Gigantix gets defeated, a Starless attack from above will deal the finishing blow which will be alerted as the screen starts cracking. Once that happens, the previous Gigantix drops and EXP are earned as a Starless Gigantix appears. The rules and buffs for the combat are the same as for the regular Gigantix.

You can also force encounters with Gigantix during NGS Trainia Purple Battledia. This allows you to fight Gigantix at old levels. Please be aware that fighting Gigantix at a low level does mean their old dropping habits (like only dropping 1 caps instead of 1 per type) will occur. In addition, they can serve as an obstacle during NGS Trainia Cannonball Strike.

Recon Gigants

A variant of Gigantix that shares the title of "Despaired" and the buffs, however their HP is only buffed by +25% instead of the usual amount. In terms of drops, they can drop everything aforementioned above but nothing is guaranteed and at a lower rate.

They can only appear in specific Exploration Sectors but they appear almost as soon as room is created under any weather condition. They appear in group of 5 mobs, 3-4 Pedas-variant mobs, plus an additional support enemies. The new batch will spawn only upon killing the previous one in it's entirety. They will also stick together, where if one of the enemies spots a player, the rest will be alerted and give chase. If they lose sight of a player, the group will reform and continue with their patrol, with stragglers joining back with the main group.

Outer Mediola Sector 1 is unique in that it also spawns a Medium-Class boss with it and, if all Recons are taken out, a Vardias will spawn as a Recon. Killing it does not differ from other Recons, however it has been given the regular Gigantix's HP increase,along with higher chance for Gunblaze Series and guaranteed drops of Material (NGS) Inferium ×1-3

During Random Challenge C of Geometric Labyrinth (Rank 1), enemies will spawn in that are similar in nature to Recon Gigants.


An exclusive to Kvaris Raid-type enemy. They have a white aura surrounding them, along with looking similar to Kvaris Dread Enemies, using the title "Ancient". They possess +500% HP, with +260% attack power and +200% Down Resistance, making downing in this fight extremely unlikely. Beating them however grants +600% EXP and +100% Seasonal Points

In terms of drops, they, on top of regular drops, can drop Tool (NGS) Icicle Cubes ×2-4, along with Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Decold Standard II ×1-5.

They appear exclusively in 1 specific spot in the Rajyord Gorge Dangerous Exploration Section, at level 64. The egg that spawns the Ancient drops 12 minutes after room creation and then 20 minutes after Ancient is killed. Once that egg is broken, the battle will begin. Be careful, as the boss arena has -50% Healing Reduction, making healing difficult. However, just like Dreads, they will not chase you out of their arena and will return to their spot of origin. Of note however is that Ancients will spawn mobs after a while, so be careful when you're fighting them to not be surprised from the rear, along with them having attacks that can deal you statuses when they normally would not have.

Non-Title Upgrades

Enemies also can have upgrades that are not related to the title, even on enemies that have a title upgrade. They can stack as many non-title upgrades as they want on themselves.

Enhanced Enemies

Enhanced Enemies are enemies that have a booster core sticking out of them. This booster core causes protection effect that grants the enemy 90% damage reduction protection and +50% attack power, along with immunity to Downs. The booster core has 30% HP of the enemy that it is stuck into and it has its own HP independent of the enemy. Once the Enhancer gets destroyed, the enemy will take 40% of their HP in damage (which oftentimes also exposes Weak Spot of enemies, if it is hidden behind a part), along with getting a blue weakening aura that gives +50% Weak Point damage, +200% Rare Drop Rate and an additional +100 N-Meseta.

In terms of drops, they can also drops some unique weapons such as Obsidia Series and units such as variations of Unit (NGS) Vialt Armor

In Exploration Sections, they appear during Trials at the level of the section, and also they may appear randomly in a group of 1-2, with Rare Enemies, at the level of Dread Enemies in that section.

In Combat Sections, they start off appearing exclusively in Trials only, but from level 35+ Combat Sections, they can appear at random at anytime, including during PSE Bursts.

They can also appear during Mining Rig Defense: Aelio during Wave 7, if an appropriate Accident occurs.

Equalizing Enemies

Equalizing Enemies have a red vortex coming out of them with occasional pulsations. This vortex causes an Area Of Effect field that makes all enemies in the area have a protection field of Enchanced Enemies (90% damage reduction, +50% attack, immunity to Downs), with the Equalizing Enemy themselves having a permanent 25% damage reduction and +50% attack power. Killing them causes all enemies in the area to be affected with the weakening field that gives +50% Weak Point damage to them, with the Equalizing Enemy giving an additional +100 N-Meseta when killed.

In terms of drops, upon kill Equalizing Enemy level 60+ drops with guarantee Tool (NGS) N-Class Excube ×1-2 (of any kind), along with dropping Ability Capsule (NGS) Combined Stat capsules such as Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Guardi Power or Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Arm Shoot. Rarely it can also drop Tool (NGS) N-Excube. An Equalizer Enemy below level 60 does not drop anything extra except for additional N-Meseta.

In both Exploration and Combat sections, an Equalizer can only spawn as a result of a Trial. The spawn of an Equalizer can be delayed as well- it doesn't have to appear instantly.

They can also appear in quests like Mining Rig Defense: Retem and Geometric Labyrinth (Rank 1).

Seasonal Enemies

Seasonal Enemies are enemy upgrade that appears only when event that gives Seasonal Points is active. Such enemies have an event-specific logo above their heads. This allows them to drop Seasonal Points and any multipliers affected. They can also occasionally override the regular weaknesses and force a event-spectific weakness attributes. Regional Mags can increase Seasonal Enemies appearance rate via Social Mag Boost during the event

In terms of drops, they'll drop a Seasonal-specific weapon for that event, along with potential event-exclusive Mineral (NGS) Minerals/Ores.

In Exploration Sections, while appearance is at random, it is of note that Dread Enemies and Gigantix are guaranteed to be Seasonal Enemies as well.

In Combat Sections, they can appear at complete random.

They will also appear in any Emergency Quest, triggers included. Please note however, that Seasonal Enemies will not appear in Virtual environments or Story Quests.

Table of Enemy Variants

Name Type Title(if applicable) HP Increase Damage Reduction Attack Increase Experience Increase Rare Drop Rate increase Seasonal Points Iincrease N-Meseta Increase Exclusive Drops Remarks
Rare Enemies Title-based Silvered: N/A N/A N/A +100% +100% +10% N/A On Boss kill, exclusive drops are guaranteed.
Golden: +200% +200% +20%
Dread Enemy Title-based Battle-Hardened +200% N/A +30% +350% N/A +50% N/A Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Dread Keeper Appears after 5 min in Exploration Sections.
Golden Dread Enemy +500% +900% +100% +100% Appears instead of a Dread Enemy.
Cannot spawn if Dread hasn't been killed once in a room already.
Enhanced Enemy Non-Titled N/A N/A 90%(when core is on) +50%(when core is on) N/A +200% N/A +100 Enhancer Core has 30% of enemy HP, seperate from the total.
On core break, 40% HP of DMG is dealt and enemy is granted a debuff +50% Weak Hit Damage Taken.
Gigantix Title-Based Despaired: +150%

(+25% as a Recon)

50% +260% +500% N/A +100% N/A Appear in Exploration Sections only when Storm-type weather is created at cap level +4.
Quest can also spawn it at any level, however that might affect drops.
Type of ore is region-dependent.

Recons will only have a possiblity of dropping said items instead of a guarantee.

Equalizing Enemies Non-Titled N/A N/A 25% +50% N/A N/A N/A +100 Causes constant AoE buff that makes all enemies have Enhanced Enemy shield.
Upon kill, casts an AoE debuff that makes all enemies take 40% HP of DMG and +50% Weak Hit Damage taken.
Exclusive Drops appear only at level 60+.
Upon kill, always drop N-Class Excube if level applicable.
Megalotix Title-Based Elite: +33% N/A +75% +200% +33% +10% +100 On Boss Kill, guarantee Megas Fusier and, if level applicable, C/Combined Stat.
Ancient Title-Based Ancient: +500% N/A +260% +600% N/A +100% N/A Currently exclusively in Rayjord Gorge.
This upgrade might cause extra effects on enemy attacks.
Seasonal Enemy Non-Titled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Allows dropping of them N/A Can cause Attribute changes during the event if applicable.
Spawns boosted by Social Regional Mag.
All Dread Enemies, Gigantix and Ancient are seasonal.

Weakness Attribute

All Enemies in the game have a Weakness Attribute, shown below their name and level. The weakness attribute is determined by the type of enemy and the region it's in. A Tech or Attribute Weapon that matches the weakness will be granted a +5% damage boost, however, only Techniques will benefit from extra boosts from hitting Weak Points if they have any.

Weakness Attribute can be used against bosses to cause Attribute Downs.

Weak Points

Most bosses and some mobs have a Weak Point, often known as a Core if it's a singular one. It can be exposed or it might require breaking a part to access it. Hitting a weak point turns your damage numbers blue. Weak Points usually give extra 1.5x multiplier to your DMG. This will also activate any effects related to Weak Hit damage boosts.

Ranger (NGS) Ranger's skill Weak Bullet allows for most (but not all) spots in the game to also become weak points of 1.2x (1.25x if Reinforced) multiplier nature (stacked if the Weak Bullet is on a natural Weak Spot), activating all Weak Hit effects on that spot as well. There can only be 1 Weak Bullet per Ranger who used Weak bullet, but there can be unlimited amount of Weak Bullets on a enemy so long as there are enough Rangers to support it.