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Enemies (NGS)

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Enemies: DOLLS Alters Formers Tames Special Enemies

Enemies such as DOLLS and Alters will appear in the field. Be aware that some enemies have weaknesses or are strengthened when certain conditions are met.


It is a mysterious enemy that ARKS confronts. Some of them turn red when they are engaged or given a certain amount of damage, and their attack power increases and their behavior changes. The yellow core is a weak point, and you can do more damage by aiming and attacking.


Night time is an enemy that is stronger than usual. It is an enemy whose strength changes depending on the time of day, so if you think you are strong, you need to challenge during the daytime and avoid fighting.



Rare Enemy

It has a different color from normal enemies, and as the PSE level rises, the probability of appearance increases. Rare enemies also earn more experience points than regular enemies.

Two titles exist:

  • Silver:
  • Golden:

Boss Enemy

Two titles exist:

  • Depaired:
  • Hardened:

Enhanced Enemy

It is an enemy with a part that strengthens itself called an enhancer. Enemies enhanced by enhancers are almost ineffective against attacks.

By destroying the enhancer, you will be able to weaken and damage it.

Weakness Attribute

All techniques have the attributes of fire, ice, or lightning. Enemy has a weakness attribute, and you can do more damage by attacking with a technique that matches the weakness attribute.

In addition, some enemies will continue to attack with weakness attributes, resulting in a special down state called attribute down.


Some enemies have weaknesses. When you attack the weak point, the damage display turns blue and you can do more damage. In addition, there are also enemies that become a special down state called physical down by attacking the weak point part.