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New Genesis: Food Stand

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The Food Stand found in Central Tower

The Food Stand is a shop accessible in Central City's Central Tower as well as Ryuker Devices that allows you to synthesize a temporary Quick Food boost with materials from Gathering.

Quick Food is a mechanic in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and the game's replacement for the Drink Stand from the original game. By combining different ingredients found from various sources in the game world, players can create custom boost effects that enhance their combat abilities for a limited time.

All Food Boosts last 2 hours and cannot be extended, only overwritten.


Quick Food is a subcategory of collectable material items that can be found out in the game world. Like Minerals, Food sources replenish regularly once collected, or in the case of Meat items can be found whenever the appropriate Tames respawns on the field. There are four categories of Food:

  • Meat: Can be found by defeating Tames. Tames are non-hostile and can be found in any zone that isn't a Combat Zone, although they will flee once attacked. Silver or Gold Tames are guaranteed to drop Meat and will sometimes drop up to three Meat items when defeated.
  • Fruit: Can be found in certain trees as glowing objects attached to them. Use a jump or a dash jump and interact with the tree while passing by to collect the fruit. Fruit drops in quantities of 1~3 and replenishes daily.
  • Vegetables: Can be found growing out of the ground in certain spots, typically grassy fields or lakes. Vegetables will always drop a singular item when interacted with and replenish daily.
  • Seafood: Can be found on the shores near bodies of water, mainly the ocean but also some lakes and rivers. Seafood will always drop a singular item when interacted with and replenish daily.

Quick Food can be made at the Food Stand in Central City or at any Ryuker Device. Up to 10 ingredients can be added to a single Quick Food recipe, with varying effects depending on what ingredients are added to the recipe, what types are added, and in what quantities.

  • Ingredients: Add an ingredient type to grant a corresponding boost. The more of that ingredient category you add, the more potent its effect.
  • Type: Each ingredient comes in a "type" designated by one of four prefixes in its name: Nourishing, Refreshing, Sharp, and Healthy. Using at least four ingredients with the same type grants a bonus effect to the recipe, with the effect increasing in potency with more same-type food added. However to benefit from the Type effect, the foods used must be from the region you are making food in. Therefore, food in Aelio used in Aelio will grant Type effect to all regions, but Aelio food used in Retem will NOT give the type effect!
  • Premium: Takes effect if you have a Premium Set active. Gain a bonus to Rare Drop Rate, EXP, and Meseta based on the amount of ingredients used in the recipe.

Once made, Quick Food is consumed on the spot and lasts for 120 minutes real-time (does not decrease when logged out). The effect cannot be cancelled once activated, although the effect can be overridden by making another Quick Food. After consuming a Quick Food recipe, you can choose to save the recipe as a preset, allowing you to quickly remake it without having to manually select the ingredients.

Boost Effects

Ingredient Effect Potency/Quantity
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Meat Damage Boost +5.0% +7.0% +8.0% +8.5% +8.8% +9.0% +9.2% +9.6% +9.8% +10%
Fruit PP Up +10% +12% +13% +14% +15% +16% +17% +18% +19% +20%
Vegetables HP Up +5.0% +7.0% +8.0% +8.5% +8.8% +9.0% +9.2% +9.6% +9.8% +10%
Seafood Damage Resistance +5.0% +7.0% +8.0% +8.5% +8.8% +9.0% +9.2% +9.6% +9.8% +10%
Nourishing PP Cost Reduction - - - +5.0% +5.5% +6.0% +6.5% +7.0% +7.5% +8.0%
Refreshing PP Recovery Boost - - - +10% +12% +14% +16% +18% +19% +20%
Sharp Weak Hit Damage - - - +1.0% +2.0% +3.0% +3.5% +4.0% +4.5% +5.0%
Healthy HP Recovery Boost - - - +10% +20% +30% +35% +40% +45% +50%
Premium Bonus Rare Drop Rate +1.0% +2.0% +3.0% +4.0% +5.0% +6.0% +7.0% +8.0% +9.0% +10%
EXP Boost
Meseta Boost