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New Genesis: Trinitas Quests

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The outside of Trinitas

Trinitas Quests are a type of quest accessible from the entrance underneith the Trinitas pyramid in Retem, a special Trainia facility. Strong ARKS use it to train.

Geometric Labyrinth

Inside the Geometric Labyrinth
Party Limit Enemy Level Recommended Stats
4 Players Lv. 30+ 1682, Lv.30 or higher
Detail Entry
Recommend Power Level 1682 Power Level
Lv.30 or higher
Order Conditions Above the recommended levels
Region restricted
Main Mission Head for the final area
Failure Conditions Fail 10 Side Missions
Time Limit expires
Description This is Trinitas, an advanced training system that fully tests ARKS' capabilities. Use all your skills to reach the final area.
※Enemy levels are based on player levels

Taking place in the Trinitas Interior, the Geometric Labyrinth is a quest that consists of six floors. Each floor has enemies that you must defeat to advance to the next floor. What you encounter on each floor, as well as the layout of the floor changes on every run of the quest, but the last floor will always contain a lone Exa Bujin in a arena.

The level of the enemies is determined by the player in the party with the highest class level.

By defeating enemies, you collect Points for your Score.

Each floor also has its own "Side Missions", such as completing the floor without being incapitated, dealing more than a certain amount of damage several times, clearing the floor in a certain amount of time, and more. There are randomly determined on each run of the quest.

By completing a Side Mission, you are awarded points to your Score. If ten Side Missions are failed over the course of the quest, the quest will end.

The higher your Score, the better Rank you get at the end of the quest, but to achive a higher score, you must equip Challenges.

Challenge Settings

Examples of Geometric Labyrinth Challenges

After you complete the Geometric Labyrinth quest for the first time, you will unlock Challenges to apply to the quest. These apply special restrictions to your party and make enemies stronger, but grant multipliers to your Score.

You can apply up to 10 unique Challenges. When using Challenge Settings as a Party, you can only select Challenges that have been unlocked by all Party Members.

Complete the Geometric Labyrinth with a Challenge equipped to unlock the next version of that Challenge.

Enemy HP

Enemy Maximum HP

Boosts enemies' maximum HP.

Enemy Maximum HP Score Multiplier
+25% +10.0%
+50% +20.0%
+75% +30.0%
+100% +40.0%
+125% +50.0%
+150% +60.0%
+200% +80.0%
+250% +100.0%
+300% +120.0%
+400% +160.0%

Enemy ATP

Enemy Attack Power

Boosts enemies' Attack Power.

Enemy Attack Power Score Multiplier
+25% +5.0%
+50% +10.0%
+75% +15.0%
+100% +20.0%
+125% +25.0%
+150% +30.0%
+175% +35.0%
+200% +40.0%
+250% +50.0%
+300% +60.0%

Player Ability

Increased Resta Sign Consumption

Each Resta Sign usage costs 2/3/4/5/6 Resta Signs.

Increased Resta Sign Consumption Score Multiplier
Lv.1 +25.0%
Lv.2 +35.0%
Lv.3 +45.0%
Lv.4 +55.0%
Lv.5 +65.0%
Increased Resta Sign Consumption

Reduces the number of Resta Signs and Reverser Signs you can hold by 1/2/3/4.

Maximum Sign Reduction Score Multiplier
Lv.1 +15.0%
Lv.2 +20.0%
Lv.3 +25.0%
Lv.4 +30.0%


The "Random Challenge" set of effects applies groups of Challenges at random. These take effect at the the start of a Floor and will end only when the next Floor is started. When equipping a "Random Chalenge", it takes up multiple slots depending on the amount of Challenge effects it contains.

Random Challenge A

Random challenges occur on some floors.

Effect Description Score Multiplier
HP -50% Your HP is reduced by 50% on some floors +5.0%
PP -50 Your PP is reduced by 50 on some floors +20.0%
Random Challenge B

Random challenges occur on some floors.

Effect Description Score Multiplier
PP Consumption +30% Increases your PP consumption by 30% on some floors. +5.0%
Photon Blast Charge Gained -90% Boosts the time required to charge the Photon Blast Gauge by 90% on some floors. +5.0%
Random Challenge C
Effect Description Score Multiplier
HP drain: 20 per 10 seconds Your HP drains by 20 every 10 seconds on some floors. +5.0%
Enemy Gigantix Certain enemies have a chance to become Gigantix. +5.0%