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New Genesis: Trinitas Quests

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The outside of Trinitas

Trinitas Quests are a high-difficulty Quest type in NGS that happen inside Virtual Environment. Your job is to clear a specified amount of areas and defeat the final boss, while getting as high of a score as possible. The unique factors that make this quest type hard is that it requires putting some high-end Challenge Settings to achieve S rank run and on top of that, enemy level in this quest scales with players, which puts all ARKS to the ultimate test.

To accept Trinitas Quests, you must on top of reaching the Recommended Power Level, actually also reach that level on your Main Class.

Progression through a Trinitas Quest

Trinitas Quest are quests where you have to progress through a large number of areas within somewhat strict time limit. Each area is a small dungeon style room that has both enemies and bosses to be cleared to move on. Every enemy is worth points, which are added to your total, which is registered on the bar on the left side of the screen.

Enemy Level is scaled in those quests to the highest level in the party, therefore if people are not within 4 levels of each other or have a very high Power Level to breach Recommended Power Level, there might be problems with dealing damage.

Inside the Geometric Labyrinth

For every area you enter, a set of 4 Side Missions will appear. They have conditions similar to sub missions from Trainia, with ones ranging from clearing in a time limit and clearing without dying to more sophisticated ones like clearing while dodging a certain amount of times. Once a floor is completed, if you have cleared side missions, their score is applied to the total as well. On top of that, completing certain amount of side missions in a floor activates a Trinitas Buff Trinitas Buff that stays with you until the quest's conclusion.

Depending on the quest and area, some of it could be randomly selected, other times areas are fixed.

The final boss usually tends to be a harder version of a medium-class DOLLS. On top of unique attack patterns, they're also faster and stronger and they can catch you off guard. Taking down the boss completes the Quest. Should you run out of time or breach 10 side mission failed limit, the quest will end prematurely and you will be ranked as is.

Incapacitation in Trinitas Quests are potentially quest-ending. There is no form of auto revive in this quest, the only way you can revive is using a Halfdoll/Scapedoll or a party member uses a Reverser Sign on you. Should there be a party wipe in effect (all party members are incapacitated), a 30 second timer will begin to count down, upon reaching 0, it will end the quest prematurely just like as if you failed under other circumstances. There is also a quest abandon button that will cause the quest to actually fail and not just end if pressed. Party Members who press it only fail themselves, a Party Leader/SubLeader fails everyone if pressed.

Ranking is done by your total score you earned throughout the quest. Some quests and ranks have slightly different amounts of ranking required. This in turn affects drops significantly as unlike most quests, drops for Trinitas quest are purely influenced by your quest rank as enemies don't drop themselves something.

Challenge Settings and unlocking them.

Examples of Geometric Labyrinth Challenges

Challenge Settings are very critical to progression in Trinitas quest. You will unlock them after the first clear, however only a first basic batch is available. To unlock further, you have to complete the quest (whenever by legitimate means or by prematurely ending the quest on purpose) on current maximum setting of that type. You do not have to complete on maximum of every type at once to unlock next batch of settings- each type tracks progress separately. In addition, between ranks of the same quest, you don't need to re-unlock the setting, even if they don't fully share the settings.

You got access to both buffs/debuffs to enemy and players of all kinds, which include Enemy +%HP/Attack Power, higher Resta Sign consumption, but in exchange lower enemy HP and +Max HP to players. They all have a score multiplier, the result of multiplication of all score multiplies is shown on your screen. This is then internally calculated in a formula that differs from quest to quest and rank to rank,that gives you a maximum possible rank you can get from this set. However, it is just a maximum- if you fail Side Missions, you might not have enough points to reach the higher rank. Therefore if you are just breaking through the rank limit, it should be taken into account that you will need to complete all Side Missions during this run.

Of note is that your current level affects the amount of points you earn. This means you require less multipliers at higher levels.

The Challenge Settings are synchronized to Party Lead. This means if you are playing with someone who has more unlocks then you, they can still apply them in their run. This will accelerate the unlock process by giving you too said unlocks if you can clear the quest with that.

You will be informed of challenge settings of a quest once the quest loads you into the waiting area. You can always check them again by pressing ESC and checking Simple Quest Info window.

List of Trinitas Quests

Location Quest Name Quest Objective Rank Enemy Level Recommended Battle Power Min. Multipliers Required for Quest Ranks

(Level 70)

NGSUIQuest Thumbnail Advanced Trainia.png

Trinitas Interior

Geometric Labyrinth Head for the final area Rank 1 Lv.30+ 1633
  • B Rank = -51.7%
  • A Rank = 66.4%
  • S Rank = 368.1%
Rank 2 Lv.65+ 2878
  • B Rank = -24.1%
  • A Rank = 83.3%
  • S Rank = 270.8%