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Loading Tips are tidbits containing useful information that are displayed during loading screens in PSO2: New Genesis and also when incapacitated.

Outside of loading screens, Loading Tips can also be seen from the Main Menu by selecting System, Help, then Useful Information.


Unavailable menu and shop functions will be unlocked as you progress through the story.
When moving, press and hold [Step] to perform a high speed Photon Dash.
After jumping with [Jump], hold [Jump] to use Photon Glide.
When your HP drops during a fight, use Resta Sign from your Subpalette to restore HP.
Resta Sign and Reverser Sign are also available for purchase from shops in the City.

Beauty Salon

Up to 12 accessories can be attached as long as they are below the cost limit.
You can choose where to attach accessories to your character, as well as fine-tune their positions.
By using the Toggle Costume function, the character's body shape can be checked easily.
You can freely customize the base, inner, and outer parts of layering wear.
You can adjust the voice pitch of your character by using the Edit Voice function.


Try to replenish your Resta Signs in the field before you run out.
When your HP gets low, the edges of the screen will turn red to let you know you're in danger.

Unlike most other tips, these following tips related to enemies only appear when you are defeated by the enemy they are referring to if they have any, otherwise the above tips appear.

If you focus your attacks on Nagrus's arms, you may be able to Down it.
When Nagrus sees ARKS in the air, it will perform a powerful rushing attack.
If your attacks can't reach Oruq's body, try to aim for its dangling tail.
If you destroy the armor on Oruq's head, the exposed core will be a weak point.
When Bujin is about to attack, a black flash is emitted from its weapon.
You can deal with Bujin's highly aggressive attacks by focusing on countering it.
If you can keep track of the arms Vallas launches, you can avoid getting hit by attacks from your blind spot.
While Vallas is firing its arms at you, its core becomes easier to target.
When Nex Aelio takes enough damage, the cores on its sides will be exposed.
When Nex Aelio takes a deep breath, it's about to launch a powerful fireball.
When Nex Vera starts charging up, it's about to perform a very powerful attack.
Nex Vera's powerful breath attack can be interrupted by Downing it.
The beam attack Daedal Sword fires from its head can even hit targets behind it.
If you focus your attacks on Daedal Sword's foot, you may be able to Down it.
Watch Daedal Axe closely to see when it's about to perform its strongest attack, then counter it.
Daedal Axe can be Downed by Ice-Attribute attacks.
If Pedas Vera targets you with its punching attack, try to focus on avoiding it until it stops.
Breaking the crystal that glows during Pedas Vera's laser attack will expose its weak point.
When Cragbear grabs you, you can escape by rapidly entering movement inputs.
Cragbear can launch long-range shockwaves by swinging its arms.
Before it roars, Ard Banther will spread its paws and stomp on the ground.
Ard Banther will fall over after its lunge attack if all of its claws have been destroyed.
If you try to get behind Ard Banther, it will respond by clawing at you with its hind legs.
Ard Banshee can be Downed by Fire-Attribute attacks.
When Thunder Banther inhales deeply, it's about to use a powerful breath attack.
Thunder Banther can be Downed by Fire-Attribute attacks.
If you try to evade Thunder Banshee's claw attacks by dodging backwards, they may chase you and hit you anyway.
Thunder Banshee's lightning attacks can inflict the Shock status effect. Try to avoid them.
Ciacurio has the ability to strengthen other nearby enemies.
When Ciacurio ignites the ground, it will continue to burn and deal damage to you for a while.
Wauron only uses its powerful spin attack if you are far enough away from it.
Wauron will only hide its face when it's about to fire a powerful laser beam.
You can avoid Big Frogga's jumping attack by dodging left or right when its tail touches the ground.
Big Frogga's poison shots can inflict the Poison status effect. Try to avoid them.
You can deal with El Discythe's agile movement easily by Locking-On to it.
El Discythe can be weakened by destroying the sickles on both of its arms.
When Destragras turns red and its arms transform, you can destroy the barrels of its guns to reduce the number of shots it fires.
When Destragras glows and leaps into the air, it's about to perform a series of powerful wide-range attacks.


EXP and items earned during a Battledia will be awarded all at once when the Quest is complete.
Only players who use Battle Triggers will lose them, and they will only be consumed when the Quest is cleared.
At the start of the Quest, players who used Battle Triggers will receive boosts, such as boosted EXP and Rare Drop Rate.
EXP and items earned during a Battledia will be awarded all at once when the Quest is complete.
Only players who use Battle Triggers will lose them, and they will only be consumed when the Quest is cleared.
In Battledia: Purple, your rewards will change based on how many Gigantix you can defeat within the time limit.