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Add-On Skills are a form of skills, separate from Class Skills, which can be generated from the Class Counter. They grant many beneficial effects upon generation. You can keep up to 3 Add-On Skill results per Class, and you can switch between results or sets of results at the Class Counter between activities.

Of note is that Add-On Skills are always active regardless of current Class combination. This means that for instance, Gunner (NGS)Gunner's Add-Ons will be active even if neither your Main Class nor your Sub Class is Gunner.

All Add-Ons generate with 1 Main Effect and 2 out of 4 possible Sub Effects, with each effect having a level between 1 and 20. Generating an Add-On Skill for the first time for each Class will also grant you a permanent +1% Tri-Boost.

Add-On Skill Creation

Add-On Skills can be created at the Class Counter. Each creation attempt costs Tool (NGS) N-Class-Excube ×1 of the respective class, as well as N-Meseta. As you generate Add-On Skills, more creation options will become available, with later options costing more N-Meseta but raising the minimum level for all effects in the generated skill.

Skill Creation Level N-Meseta required Minimum Level of Add-On Skills Unlock requirements
1 Skill Creation 5000 N-Meseta 1 Available from the start
2 Skill Creation 10000 N-Meseta 5 Create Add-On Skills 5 times
3 Skill Creation 50000 N-Meseta 10 Create Add-On Skills 20 times

Once the Add-On Skill is generated, it must be saved on one of the 3 slots allowed per Class, or else the results will be discarded. You will only gain the permanent Tri-Boost effect for a Class if you have at least one Add-On Skill saved for that Class.

Note that the higher-level creation options do not give you a greater chance of getting higher-level effects. For each effect of the Add-On Skill, the game always picks a level between 1 and 20. After that, if the level chosen is below the minimum level you have selected, it is raised to that minimum level.

The following table presents the odds of generating levels of the Add-On Skill:

Add-On Skill level Odds of generation
1 11.0%
3 8.0%
5 6.0%
11 5.5%
12 5.0%
13 4.0%
14 3.5%
15 3.0%
16 2.0%
17 1.4%
18 1.0%
19 0.5%
20 0.1%

This means generating Add-On Skills via 2 Skill Creation has a 44% chance of staying at level 5, while Add-On Skills created via 3 Skill Creation have a 74% chance of remaining at level 10.

Add-On Skill types

Add-On Skills always generate 1 Main Effect and 2 of a possible 4 Sub Effects. Each Class has 1 unique Main Effect and 1 unique Sub Effect, with the remaining 3 Sub Effects being shared with other classes. Each Sub Effect has the class's name in parentheses, meaning that they are considered separate boost effects. If you generate the same Sub Effect for multiple Classes, they will stack.

Main Effect

The Main Effect is the primary effect generated from the Add-On Skill. Each Class has a fixed, unique Main Effect, which is guaranteed to be part of every Add-On Skill created for that class. When creating Add-On Skills, the Main Effect's skill level cannot be lower then the highest level you have previously generated for that Class- if you have generated a level 12 Gunner Main Effect, your future Gunner Main Effects will always be at least level 12, regardless of which Skill Creation option you choose.

List of Main Effects

Main Effect Class Boost per level Remarks
Striking Weapon Power Up Hunter (NGS)Hunter +0.25% Melee DMG Not included in your damage boosts in Basic Information.
Critical Power Up Fighter (NGS)Fighter +0.5% CRIT DMG N/A
Shooting Weapon Power Up Ranger (NGS)Ranger +0.25% Range DMG Not included in your damage boosts in Basic Information.
Attack PB Gauge Charge Up Gunner (NGS)Gunner +1% Attack PB Gauge Fill N/A
Technique Weapon Power Up Force (NGS)Force +0.25% Tech DMG Not included in your damage boosts in Basic Information.
Natural PB Gauge Charge Up Techter (NGS)Techter +1% Natural PB Gauge Fill N/A
Critical Rate Up Braver (NGS) Braver +0.5% CRIT Rate N/A
Dash & Glide PP Regeneration Bouncer (NGS)Bouncer +5% PP Recovery while in movement Enables some of your natural PP regeneration while performing movement actions
that would normally disable it, such as Photon Dash and Photon Glide.
PP Up (Wa) Waker (NGS)Waker +1 Max PP N/A
Downed Enemy Critical Slayer (NGS)Slayer +0.5% CRIT when enemy is Downed. Starts at 5% at level 1.
Applies to all forms of downs, not just Physical/Special.

Sub Effect

Sub Effects are the secondary effect of an Add-On Skill. Each Class has 1 unique Sub Effect and 3 which are shared with other Classes. Each time you create an Add-On Skill, 2 Sub Effects are chosen at random.

Each Sub Effect has its own level, separate from each other and from your Main Effect. Sub Effect levels are not affected by your Main Effect's minimum level, but are affected by the minimum level of your chosen Skill Creation option.

Unique Sub Effects

Sub Effect Class Boost per level Remarks
PA Charge Movement Speed Up Hunter (NGS)Hunter +1% Movement Speed while charging PAs Starts at +11% at level 1.
Applies to all PAs regardless of Class.
Does not apply to Normal Attacks and Techniques.
Jump Strength Up Fighter (NGS)Fighter +2-3% Normal Jump Height Starts at 103% at level 1.
Gives 3% per level for the first 3 levels, then 2% per level.
Only applies to your ordinary jump.
Does not apply to anything else that takes you up into the air, such as PAs or Special Weapons.
Photon Blast Power Up Ranger (NGS)Ranger +0.5% DMG while using Photon Blast N/A
Attack PP Recovery Up Gunner (NGS)Gunner +0.5% Attack PP Recovery N/A
PP Regeneration Up Force (NGS)Force +0.5% Natural PP Recovery N/A
Damage Reduction Up Techter (NGS)Techter +0.5% DMG Resistance Not included in your Damage Resistance in Basic Information.
Resta Sign Recovery Up Braver (NGS) Braver +0.5% HP healed from Resta Signs N/A
One More Jump Bouncer (NGS)Bouncer +1% DMG when landing on top of an enemy Starts at 5% at level 1.
If, during a Photon Dash jump, you land on top of an enemy, you will jump again, damaging the enemy in the process.
There is no limit to the number of times you can do this per jump.
Does not work on destructible objects, only enemies.
Standing HP Recovery Waker (NGS)Waker +0.25% HP Recovery while standing Takes effect after you stand still with your weapon sheathed for 5 seconds.
Recovers a percentage of your maximum HP each second.
PB Cooldown Slayer (NGS)Slayer -1% Photon Blast Cooldown Starts at 5% at level 1.
Every -% gained shortens the cooldown by 1.8 seconds.

Shared Sub Effects

Each Class has its own version of each of these effects, such as HP Up (Hu) and HP Up (Ra). If you have the same effect from multiple Classes, they will stack.

Sub Effect Class Boost per level Remarks
HP Up All Classes +1 Max HP N/A
Trial HP Recovery Hunter (NGS)Hunter,Ranger (NGS)Ranger,Force (NGS)Force,

Braver (NGS) Braver,Waker (NGS)Waker

+0.5-1% Max HP recovered on Trial Start Starts at 5% at level 1
Gives 1% per level until level 10, then 0.5% per level.
Applies to all Trial start effects, including Field Races and Gigantix appearance.
Trial PP Recovery Fighter (NGS)Fighter,Gunner (NGS)Gunner,Techter (NGS)Techter,

Bouncer (NGS)Bouncer,Slayer (NGS)Slayer

+0.5-1% Max PP recovered on Trial Start
Burn Resistance Up Hunter (NGS)Hunter,Braver (NGS) Braver +1% Status Resistance to the respective


Starts at 30% Resistance at level 1.
Not included in your status resists in Basic Information.
Freeze Resistance Up Fighter (NGS)Fighter,Bouncer (NGS)Bouncer
Shock Resistance Up Ranger (NGS)Ranger,Waker (NGS)Waker
Mirage Resistance Up Gunner (NGS)Gunner,Slayer (NGS)Slayer
Panic Resistance Up Force (NGS)Force
Poison Resistance Up Techter (NGS)Techter