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Central City

Title Name Location
ARKS Researcher of Strange Phenomena Xiandy Central Tower Front
Food Stand: Attendant Franme Central Tower
Class Counter: Administrator Crochet Shop Area
Item Lab: Strengthening Technician Ravona Shop Area
Salon: Attendant Eterna Shop Area
My Shop: Attendant Misha Shop Area
Item Trader Travis Shop Area
Item Shop: Attendant Eutroy Shop Area
- Taoyuan North Gate
- Kartevie Central Tower
- Somua Central Tower
ARKS Senior Telegrapher Dementeluna Central Tower
ARKS Information Support Staff Matilda Central Tower
ARKS Telegrapher Traces Central Tower
ARKS Information Support Staff Kommuna Central Tower
- Hoxie West Gate
- Nandel East Gate
ARKS Mechanical Engineer Raddmagg West Building
- Segreto East Cafe
ARKS Geologist Dighal North Shop Area
- Raskina Shop Area
- Waykes Shop Area
- Rolo West Corner
- Nico West Corner
- Lulu West Corner
- Basinia West Billboard
- Staggy West Billboard
- Kensing West Fountain
- Norisimo West Fountain
- Bergmann West Fountain
- Bono East Area
ARKS Meteorologist Wesley East Area
ARKS Complex Skills Instructor Dualdre South East
ARKS Ranged Instructor Sharkey South East
ARKS Technique Instructor Hounyan South East
ARKS Striking Instructor Dantre South East
- Slona South West
- Adila South West
- Seymour South Gate

Command Room

Title Name Location
- Crawford Centre
- Ran North West
- Liu Lin North West
- Rossa North East
- Oranje North East