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Field Races (NGS)

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Field Races are mini-game type of content accessible on World Map where players race against each other on courses taking place throughout the section. It can be started from a Racing Console, a device near select Ryuker Devices, indicated by the Field Race icon on the map.

Field Race is considered to be a Trial by the game and will complete any tasks that are Trial-related as well.

Rewards for completing a race include 100 N-Meseta, Material (NGS) Food-type Gathering Material ×1 and Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Stat I~IV ×1-3. Rarely, a Material (NGS) Notable/Famed Food Material or Tool (NGS) Alpha Reactor can also drop from them.

Field Race procedure

Field Races can be started by interacting with a Racing Console in a Exploration Section. The menu that appears will list all races that can be started from that console. Once selected, the entire room is informed that a Field Race is now being hosted. The race will start after 60 seconds if the race isn't started by a Race Host, after which all participants will quick travel to the Race Start location.

A race can be started solo or with multiple players, up to 32 in the current room. Any party members

The first player to start matching for a race is considered a Race Host. They can start the race prematurely by holding the Use button and pressing the Start button in the prompt. If they leave matching by pressing Stop Matching, the mantle of Race Host will move to the next person that started matching. Any other players can leave matching by holding the Use button and selecting Yes on the stop matching prompt.

Please note that a Field Race does not pull players out of the room into a separate instance, and instead takes place in the same room that matchmaking was started from. Enemies, including high-difficulty ones like Dread Enemies or Gigantix can still see and attack players. Players in an active race or awaiting the start of one will have a field race icon above their heads, and Field Race exclusive paths and obstacles are visible and affect only people currently in a race. This can mean that a player not participating in a race can see other players running through the area on platforms that are not visible.

During a race, the race can be abandoned by a player and return to the start line by holding the Use button. A player that has abandoned a race is not considered an active participant and will not receive a score when the race complete. A race can also be abandoned by using Quick Travel or traveling into another sector. Other measures can also abandon the race, depending on the race type.

Regardless of the result, after the race, there is a 20 second countdown during which by holding the Use button a player can return to the Racing Console of that race.

Field Race Gimmicks

Here are all the gimmicks that can happen in a Field Race to help or hinder players.


All races have yellow checkpoint markings that the player can pass in any order they like. Passing through the final one ends the race with a success. They're marked with a yellow ARKS Star icon.

Score Symbols

Score Symbols are a collectable that players can collect during a race. They are worth 300 points in races that take Score into consideration. They are marked with a orange ball icon.


Blue platforms that appear in a race that allow players to easily reach otherwise hard-to-get spots in regular exploration. These platforms can also be at an angle.

Dash Rings

Dash Rings allow players to temporarily increase their speed.

Green Dash Rings appear in Field Races that are done on foot and increase the player's Photon Dash and Glide's max speed.

Orange Dash Rings appear only when riding a Floating Board and give it a boost in speed in addition to extending time you can be at the board.They also exist outside of races in activities where Floating Board is used, however they will not be marked on the map outside of races. Refer to its page for more details.

They are marked with a green ring (regardless of type) icon on the minimap during a race.

Jump Panels

Jump Panels allow players to jump far distances.

Green Jump Panels make the player fly at a high rate of speed to another fixed point on the map. The player cannot interrupt this form of travel until it concludes.

Orange Jump Pads increase the Floating Board's jump height, allowing the jump to go higher then usual. Unlike Dash Rings, no time extension to the time left on the board is granted. They also exist outside of races in activities where Floating Board is used, however they will not be marked on the map outside of races. Refer to its page for more details.

They are marked with a triple green arrow icon (regardless of type) on the minimap during a race.

Slow-down Mines

Purple mines that look similar to Red damaging mines in some Trainia and other quests in Virtual Environments. Instead of dealing damage, hitting the mine causes a status effect of severe slowdown of all animations (including falling animations) for 2 seconds. While the effect looks similar to being Shocked, it has no relation to this status and no amount of Shock Resistance will resist the status effect.

Field Race Types

There are currently 2 types of Field Races: Marathon and Board Training.

Field Race: Marathon

In Marathon-type Field Races your objective is to clear all checkpoints within the time limit while trying to get the highest score possible from time and collected Score Symbols. The player with the highest score that was able to finish the race is the victor. People who fail to complete within the time limit are given 0 points regardless of collected Score Symbols.

The calculation to determine the score is as follows: Race Score= Time Bonus + Score Bonus.

Time Bonus starts at Time Limit (in seconds) x 100 and it is reduced by 1 point every 1/100th of a second. Score bonus is determined by amount of Score Symbols collected x 300.

The courses can also have variants known as Stages, which cause a difference in how you proceed through the race.

Each Course has a Title that is given on reaching a certain score that give a guideline on a decent score to reach.

List of Field Race: Marathon courses

Name Stage Ryuker Device Time Limit(mm:ss) Amount of Checkpoints Score to TItle
Western Aelio Marathon Stage 1 Aelio Town Ruins 2:30 3 16,000
Southern Aelio Marathon Stage 1 Barflow Waterfall 2:30 3 13,000
Western Retem Marathon Stage 1 Saggan Mountain Pass:West 2:30 3 13,000
South Retem Marathon Stage 1 Garneu Coast: West 2:30 3 26,000
Central Kvaris Marathon Stage 1 Mistra Forest: South 2:30 3 17,000
Southern Kvaris Marathon Stage 1 Danan Snowfields 2:30 3 16,000
Western Kvaris Marathon Stage 1 Mount Ihana:West 2:30 3 19,000
Stia:Fringes Marathon Stage 1 Grania Coast 2:30 3 32,000

Field Race: Board Training

In Board Training-type of Field Races, the objective is the same as in Marathon-type Races - clear all checkpoints within the time limit while achieving the highest score possible, with the highest one being declared the winner. However in these races all participants are forced to use a Floating Board, and are put on one the moment race starts. Dismounting from it during the race, whenever by choice or due to Weapon Timeout is an automatic race abandonment. Once the race concludes, participants will be forcefully dismounted from the Board.

The score calculation is the same as in Marathon-type races.

Just like before, there are also titles for each course that give a guideline on a decent score to reach.

List of Field Race: Board Training courses

Name Stage Ryuker Device Time Limit (mm:ss) Amount of Checkpoints Score to Title
Central Aelio Board Training Stage 1 Halpha Grasslands:West 2:30 3 15,500
Northern Aelio Board Training Stage 1 Halpha Marshlands 2:30 4 21,000
Lake Halphiria Board Training Stage 1 Lake Halphiria 2:30 5 20,000
Central Retem Board Training Stage 1 Oasis 2:30 3 16,000
Northern Retem Board Training Stage 1 Morava Canyon 2:30 3 21,000
Dreisen Plant Board Training Stage 1 Dreisen Plant: No.2 2:30 5 22,000
Outer Mediola: Sector 2 Board Training Stage 1 Felusa Ridge: No.1 2:30 3 21,000