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New Genesis: Chat Commands

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Chat Commands are special words that can be typed in chat to invoke various commands, which include changing my sets from anywhere in the lobby, synthesizing chat bubbles, emoting lobby actions and more.

Many of the commands found in Phantasy Star Online 2 also work in New Genesis. They can be found on this page, and on the Official Site.

Hand Motions

Hand Motions allow you to customize Lobby Actions by changing the hand gesture used for either or both hands. Hand Motions can be used on both PSO2 and NGS Lobby Actions, but may not be available for certain collaboration items. While Hand Motions can be selected from the Lobby Action menu, using chat commands allows you to individually specify different gestures for both hands. You must be using an NGS-type body to use Hand Motions.

To manually specify a Hand Motion for both hands, type "ha" and the name of your desired Hand Motion after the "/la" command. For example, to use the Lobby Action "Kitsune Pose" with both hands using the "Fist" Hand Motion, type "/la foxpose ha clenched fist". To specify a specific hand for a Hand Motion, type "lha" for the left hand, and "rha" for the right hand. "lha" and "rha" can be combined in the same Lobby Action.

Name Chat Command Obtain Image
clenchedfist SG Scratch "Passionate Spirit"
"Fist 2"
clenchedfist2 SG Scratch "Resolute Warrior"
"Fist 3"
clenchedfist3 SG Scratch "Refined Form"
thumbsup SG Scratch "Passionate Spirit"
"Thumb 2"
thumbsup2 SG Scratch "Resolute Warrior"
"Index Finger"
raiseindexfinger SG Scratch "Passionate Spirit"
raiselittlefinger SG Scratch "Passionate Spirit"
"Pinky 2"
raiselittlefinger2 SG Scratch "Refined Form"
"Letter L"
lsign SG Scratch "Astute Braver"
claw SG Scratch "Astute Braver"
"Claw 2"
claw2 SG Scratch "Soaring Bouncer"
openhand SG Scratch "Resolute Warrior"
openhand2 SG Scratch "Resolute Warrior"
"Spread 3"
openhand3 SG Scratch "Refined Form"
"Spread 4"
openhand4 SG Scratch "Refined Form"
peace SG Scratch "Astute Braver"
"Letter U"
usign SG Scratch "Astute Braver"
pinch SG Scratch "ARKS Conductor"
"Letter W"
wsign SG Scratch "ARKS Conductor"
"Three Fingers"
3fingerpose SG Scratch "ARKS Conductor"
"Three Fingers 2"
3fingerpose2 SG Scratch "ARKS Conductor"
foxsign "Moonlight Sanctuary" AC Scratch Bonus
aloha SG Scratch "Soaring Bouncer"
"Rock You"
rockyou SG Scratch "Soaring Bouncer"
"Finger Heart"
fingerheart SG Scratch "Soaring Bouncer"
"Cat Paw"
cathand "Refined Form" SG Scratch Bonus