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New Genesis: World Trials

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A World Trial is a large-scale interrupt event that occurs on all ships at the same time. These are held according to a schedule announced in advance, and take place across multiple sectors.

Emergency Quests can still take place during a World Trial.

World Trial: Stellar Grace Recovery Operation

An image of a Stellar Grace appearing from a overhead luminous phenomenon

The Stellar Grace Recovery Operation tasks ARKS with recovering pyramidal containers known as Stellar Grace that fall from a overhead luminous phenomenon. This World Trial has a duration of 24 hours, and takes place across all of Halpha.

Several fallen Stellar Grace can be found in each Exploration Sector, and upon opening them, provide items such as Mineral (NGS) Ores, N-Meseta Meseta, and Ability Capsule (NGS) Ability Capsules. Along with the regular drops, every Stellar Grace contains a Ticket (NGS) SG 5 Ticket for a total of 150 SG per World Trial.

The locations of the Stellar Grace change each time the World Trial occurs, and differ on each ship.


Stellar Grace can contain Mineral (NGS) Monotite ×1-2, Mineral (NGS) Dualomite ×1-2, Mineral (NGS) Trinite ×1-2, Tool (NGS) N-Grinder, Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Power III, Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Shoot III, Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Technique III, Pass (NGS) Special Scratch Ticket ×1 and N-Meseta 2500-5000.

Stellar Grace Colors

An image of the Blue, Silver, and Gold Stellar Grace

Previously before the PSO2 10th Anniversary Event, each Exploration Sector had 4 Blue Stellar Grace, 2 Silver, and 1 Gold. Lake Halphiria was an exception to this, containing 2 Blue Stellar Grace, 1 Silver, and 1 Gold.

Stellar Grace Boosts

A Rare Drop Boost will apply based on the amount of items collected by the player (called "S. Grace Boost [Self]"), as well as the amount of items collected by the entire ship (called "S. Grace Boost [All]").

"S. Grace Boost [Self]" increases your Rare Drop Rate multiplier for a set time, and "S. Grace Boost [All]" increases the Rare Drop Rate multiplier of all players on your Ship for a set time. Both of these boosts will apply for 24 hours after the World Trial ends, and can both reach a maximum of 10%.

Winter Event Stellar Grace

During Winter Events, the Stellar Grace feature a winter theme. In addition, the maximum value for the "S. Grace Boost [All]" boost is 20% instead.