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In NGS, players don't only have access to inventory, but also many storage types to keep not-used items or materials away for later use or simply keeping them as keepsakes. There are multiple types of storages with many slots, but also requirements to access them. Unless stated otherwise, all storages are ship-wide meaning they can be used and accessed by all characters on the same ship. You can always access all your storages and Inventory at any time by accessing them from Items menu.

Storage Terminal

While you can access Storages from any spot in the game, you can also access them from Storage Terminal in any of the ARKS Bases. Doing so gives you access to all of your inventory, but you can also do 3 unique actions exclusively from Storage Terminal:

Connectivity with PSO2

Storages in NGS have full connection to the base PSO2's storages. This means items put in there will be shown on both games, using up a slot as well in both areas. An item existing in the other game may not be able to be withdrawn if it cannot be used in the title you're currently in right now. For NGS, these items have their picture crossed off and are kept to the bottom of the storage. In PSO2, items that cannot be used there use a generic ARKS Logo. You can still move the items between storages at will from either title, regardless if you can use them or not.

You can identify whenever the item was generated in base PSO2 or in NGS. Items that have been generated in NGS will have a blue triangle at the bottom left of the item picture, items generated in PSO2, do not have that. Items generated in diffirent titles cannot be stacked and use diffirent slots, even if they are exactly the same item. Futhermore, an item can only be sold in My Shop of the game it was generated in- it cannot be sold in other game's shops.

If you obtain an item from a Campaign that cannot be used in the current title, such item will be stored in the first available storage.


Inventory is your primary access point for your items as you collect them in the game. An item to be able to be equipped/used must be in your inventory with few exceptions and only items in your inventory(and Material Storage Material Storage, if unlocked) are considered on you for the purposes of upgrading. You will start the game with 100 slots of inventory. You can expand it by using Ticket (NGS) N-Inventory Expansion +10 to expand your inventory by 10 slots for 350 AC. You can expand 10 times up to 200 slots, which will cost your 3500AC in total.

Storage Types

There are 16 types of storages. At minimum you'll have access to 500 slots, but if you do meet requirements/pay for the storages, you can have up to 4400 slots (+2500 material only slots). In addition there are special storages that also help you out in multiple of ways. The types of storages are as follows:

Free Storages

The following storages are 100% free of charge and accessible to all players from the start:

Basic StorageBasic Storage

This storage has 200 slots and it's the first storage you'll have, it doesn't have any other special properties other then that.

Character StorageCharacter Storage

This storage has 300 slots. This storage is exclusive to the character you are currently playing right now. This means that it will not be shown from other character's perspective, and that every new character has it's own storage, independent from it's counterpart. Futhermore, if you commit to a Ship Transfer, Character Storage stuff will transfer with you to another ship.

You can also buy Ticket (NGS) Character Storage Expansion 50 from the AC Shop, costing 800AC. This will allow you to extend the Storage by 50 slots. The upper limit you can buy up to is 1000 slots, meaning you would need to buy 14 of the tickets for a total cost of 11200AC.

Conditionally Free Storages

The following types of storage are free but require a certain non-in-game condition to be met before you can put items in there:

OTP StorageOTP Storage

This 200 slot storage can be accessed by activating One Time Password functionality for your SEGA ID Account. The details to set up an OTP, with all the benefits and risks, are explained here.

PSO2es StoragePSO2es Storage

Worth 100 slots, this storage is accessible to anyone that has logged in with their PSO2es connected char within the last 30 days. This storage also contains some connectivity to PSO2es- items gained from it can be stored there and items that can be used in es- withdrawn from in game as well. For more info, reffer to Portal:Essence/Storage.

The following storages require you to pay up AC or SG in some fashion and require maintaining a subscription-style fee before they can be accessed.

Premium StoragePremium Storage

400 slot storage that is only accessible for those who buy Premium benefits. Requires, as mentioned ealier, buying Ticket (NGS) Premium Set 30/60/90 days for 1300/2300/3300AC. Item Packs might as well give out Ticket (NGS) Premium Set 15 Days ×2 as a way to give Premium as well. Storage remains active for so long as premium remains in use.

Material StorageMaterial Storage

This storage contains 2500 slots, it is exclusively used for Material (NGS) Material-type items. A purchase of Ticket (NGS) Material Storage 30/90 Days S is required from SG shop for 300/720SG.

This storage contains many unique properties such as:

  • The regular stack amount is overriden to it's maximum value of 65000 items(once the stack is reached, you can no longer store the item there until you go below the stack amount)
  • Items that can be stored in Material Storage are stored here as a priority. (Can be shut off in Options menu)
  • The items in Material Storage are considered as if they're in your inventory and can be used for all activities(however, an item in Inventory will be consumed first if it exists)

You can also use the Storage Terminal and press "Move to Material Storage" to move all applicable items from other storages to Material Storage. As an exception, Tool (NGS) N-Half Doll and it's PSO2 variant, Tool Half Doll can be stored and used from it despite not considered a Material.

Extra Storage 1Expanded Storage

There are 7 Extended Storages you can buy, all of them have 500 Slots worth in storage. Extended Storage 1 can be bought via SG Shop, using Ticket (NGS) Expanded Storage 30/90 Days S, for 100/270SG, the remaining can be bought from AC shop, using Ticket (NGS) Expanded Storage 2-7 30/90 Days, worth 500/1200AC.

Expanded Storages are unique in that only the latest one will be shown from All Storage screen and can be put in via Deposit, it will be indicated with a Star icon. To access other Extended Storages you may have, you have to enter their screen first to change the Star Icon's location, and then you can do so freely.

Special Storages

The following storages are unique and have special properites.

Temporary StorageTemporary Storage

This 30 slot storage is a "last resort" type of storage. Should both your inventory and all of the accessible storages are full and you get an item that cannot be stored elsewhere, it will go there. Starting to use Temporary Storage will yield a notification every time you switch areas, starting normally, then yellow, then when full, red. Please note that if another item that must be stored is collected, this will discard oldest item in Temp Storage, regardless of value of it!!

Drop Storage (NGS)Drop Storage

A 100 slot alternative to Temporary Storage, this storage acts as a alternative to your NGS inventory. Should your Inventory get full and you collect another item from an enemy, the item will land to Drop Storage instead. Should this storage get full however, no futher items will drop from enemies! (unless Material Storage is open,then Material-type items can be dropped.)

Quest Storage (NGS)Quest Storage

A 100 slot storage for your items that you gained from a Quest. Please note that only items that would drop from enemies are stored there- items that are granted on Quest Clear or First Clear go to the inventory/respective storage, bypassing Quest Storage. Of note is that a Quest cannot be started unless you and everyone in your current Party has items inside Quest storage (unless it's a Trainia)

System StorageSystem Storage

This is an unlimited-type Storage item for stuff rewarded by SEGA. Potential compensations, usage of purchased Item Codes, rewards from some campaigns etc. may land there. If there is an item inside System Storage, you will get a constant notification about it every time you open inventory.

[PSO2] Inventory

An unique storage accessed only from a Storage Terminal inside of a city, this allows you to access your PSO2-side inventory directly. You can put stuff in there only if it's usable in PSO2 and you can only withdraw stuff from it to inventory if it's usable in NGS. You can also deposit stuff into it like any other storage. Requires you to have stared PSO2-side story. This inventory starts at 50 slots, however from PSO2-side's AC Shop, you can buy Ticket Inventory Expansion +10 for 350AC. You can extend the PSO2 Inventory up to 150 slots, requiring 20 purchases for total of 7000AC.