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Mags are gameplay mechanic of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. They are small companion robots that hover at the upper left of your character and provide a variety of helpful functions. They are also highly customizable with countless forms and appearances they can take.

Mag Form

Mag appearances can be customized by using Mag Form Devices, inventory items that can be registered to your account. Once a Mag Form Device is used, all characters on the account can freely access it and change Forms at will through the Mag menu. Mag Evo. Devices from Phantasy Star Online 2 can also be selected and used if previously registered on your account.

Mag appearance can also be turned off in the Mag Form menu. This will hide the Mag's appearance, but will still allow it to function if desired.

NGS Mag Form Devices

Seasonal / Holiday

Appearance Name Device Acquisition Method Recolorable
NGSUIItemMagSpriggMinimo.png Sprigg Minimo Mag Form/Sprigg Minimo
Recycle Shop ???'s Spring '22 Exchange
Reward Box Reward Box Feb '24
NGSUIItemMagFeliciteMinimo.png Felicite Minimo Mag Form/Felicite Minimo
Recycle Shop 1st Anniv Seasonal Point Exchange
Reward Box Reward Box Apr '24
NGSUIItemMagVinterMinimo.png Vinter Minimo Mag Form/Vinter Minimo
Recycle Shop Xiemmy's Winter '22 Exchange
Reward Box Reward Box Dec '23

Active Sonar

The primary function of Mags is to detect nearby landmarks, objects of importance, or items. When the player approaches a location of interest, the Mag's Active Sonar will respond by pinging and displaying a cone of light in the direction of the object. The frequency of this action increases the closer the player gets to the target destination.

Active Sonar will always target undiscovered Ryuker Devices, Cocoons, Towers, and Stellar Graces. This function cannot be disabled. Active Sonar can be further customized by using the Active Sonar menu to turn on optional targets, which will allow your Mag to alert you to non-critical items. These include:

  • Tames
  • Minerals
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Green/Gold Item Containers
  • Red Item Containers

Mag Jukebox

Main article: Music Discs (NGS)

Mag Jukebox is a feature that allows your Mag to play back any Music Discs you have registered to your account. Music Discs are consumable items that can be registered to your Mag through the Mag menu. When activated, the selected Music Disc will override most background music except for "important" tracks, such as Emergency Quest-related themes. Music Discs registered to your MyRoom in Phantasy Star Online 2 can also be selected, but PSO2 installation data must be installed to select and play back PSO2 Music Discs.