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In New Genesis, weather has a major factor on gameplay, affecting how enemies behave, what items can be found or dropped, and what damage multipliers are in effect. Weather is shared amongst the entire game- all ships, blocks and rooms(photo rooms excluded) will have the same weather at the same position of the map.

Quests might occassionally change the weather to suit their needs. During Story Quests, weather and time of day will be forced. During Mining Rig Defences, while time is not forced, weather is. In Quests with name starting with "Simulation" (Trigger Quests and Season Quests), time of day might be forced but weather conditions might not,depending on the quest.

Quests in Virtual Enviorments like Trainias and Battledias, the time of day is permament daytime, with no type of weather occuring.

Day/Night Cycle

On Planet Halpha, there is a 48 minutes day/night cycle. This means that for one hour to pass on Halpha, 2 minutes of real time will pass. This is split into a 28 min Daytime(5:00-18:59) and 20 min Nighttime(19:00-4:59). Some tasks might demand to kill in a specific cycle, so you need to be watchful of that. There are also some Material (NGS) Materials which you can only collect during specific time of the cycle:

Alters are esspecially affected during Nighttime. Due to a phenomenon called "Daynight Shift", ALTERS have their appearance significantly changed, and it isn't for show either as it also increases their Attack Power by +30%. However, defeating Alters at nighttime can yield Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Alz Secrete, a powerful affix offensively with defensive downsides.

Of note is that Alters appearing in Virtual Enviroments might have Daynight Shift buff anyway, even though in theory it is permament Daytime. It also is not consistent within the same quest as well. Therefore, keep an eye out whenever Alter you're facing is actually buffed or not.

Weather Types

Each region has diffirent weather split into 2 types, Basic and Special weather, that have tangable effects on the gameplay at large.

Basic Weathers

Regions in Halpha have 3 basic weathers they cycle between at will. Here's table that presents all of them:

Weather Name Region Gameplay Effects
Clear All Regions
  • Some enemies have been boosted.
  • Seafood (NGS) Famed Stia Crab is available to be obtained(Stia Region only)
Cloudy Aelio No Change
  • Some enemies have been boosted.
Dust Storm Retem
Heat Wave
Slightly Cloudy Kvaris No Change
Volcanic Ash Stia
  • Seafood (NGS) Famed Stia Crab is available to be obtained
  • Some enemies have been boosted.
Heat Wave
  • Volcanic Bombs and Lava Pools can now be used.
  • Mineral (NGS) Inferium is now visible and can be obtained.

Special Weathers

There are also special weathers which can at any time override the currently presented weather and cause far harsher changes to occur

Weather Name Region Gameplay Effects
Storm-type (Thunderstorm/



All Regions
  • Gigantix enemy will spawn in all rooms of an Exploration Section(exlcuding Rayjord Gorge and Outer Mediola: Sector 1)
  • PSE Gauge is locked to 4
  • Mineral (NGS) Blizzardium/Inferium is now visible and can be obtained.(Kvaris/Stia region only)
  • Volcanic Bombs and Lava Pools can now be used.(Stia Region only)
  • Some enemies have been boosted(Aelio/Retem region only)
Meteor Shower Retem
  • Tool (NGS) Stellar Seeds are now shining brightly, giving their position away.
Aurora Kvaris
Phoenix Stia

Weather Boost

Some enemies in certain weathers are boosted. This will be shown by an icon at the side of the screen, if the conditions apply. This gives enemy a +20% Attack Power buff.

Here's the known list of enemies and their boosts:

Weather Name DOLLS Boosted Alters Boosted Formers Boosted
  • Ourq
  • Nex Aelio/Nex Vera
  • Lizard Frei
  • Wauron/Sava Wauron
  • Big Frogga
  • El Discythe/Sava Discythe
  • Bubble Crab
Rainy N/A
  • Ciaciurio
  • Bujin
  • Lizard Thunder
  • Thunder Banther
  • Thunder Banshee
Dust Storm
  • Lenus Retem/ Lenus Vera
Heat Wave
  • Snaedal Hammer/ Snaedal Vera
  • Kerklund
Volcanic Ash N/A
  • Dark Remmus