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New Genesis: Advanced Trainia

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The entrance to a Advanced Trainia Bunker

Advanced Trainia are quests in NGS that are played in Virtual Environment. Unlike a regular Trainia, they actually do give experience and drops, which means they can be farmed for materials and capsules.

There are two sub-types, Bunker Type 1 and Bunker Type 2, differing greatly from one another in a way of how you play and progress.

Bunker Type 1

A player throwing a Cannonball

In Bunker Type 1 quests, your mission is to complete a set amount of waves before the wave ends, while trying to get as high of a score as possible. To clear waves, you have to destroy all of the Standard and Extra targets using Cannonballs dropped by enemies. Unlike other Virtual Environment quests, you have full access to radar and map, however no terrain is shown.

Each enemy drops a set amount of Cannonballs on death. Those can only be used to destroy targets, throwing them at an enemy will only deal 1 damage to the enemy. Should all targets in a wave be destroyed, all remaining enemies will despawn along with any leftover Cannonballs, you are granted a time bonus to your score and another area locked with a green gate is unlocked. Areas locked with red gate are locked permanently.

Should you get stuck in the middle of a wave with no Cannonballs or active enemies, after 20 seconds, a new group of enemies will spawn in at the location where the wave started to ensure you can continue the mission. Those do give full points and experience.

If you can clear the final wave from all targets, the quest is cleared. If at any point however you run out of time on a wave, the quest will end prematurely and you are scored based on score at the end of the wave.

Occasionally, Rare Enemies could spawn, that give both more experience and more cannonballs. On top of that in some quests, a Gigantix at least 20 levels above current enemy level also appears as an obstacle you need to avoid or face certain annihilation.

The quest is designed and balanced also for solo play. The following mechanics are modified when playing alone:

  • The amount of Targets needed to proceed through the waves is reduced
  • The score gained per enemy kill is modified upwards
  • No boss encounters (unless at the start of a wave)
  • No Extra Targets
  • Rare Enemies and Gigantix do not spawn.

The quest type however does not have HP Correction of enemies. Even in party play, despite having more targets and things to deal with, the enemies have same amount of HP as in solo play.

Score is what decides your rankings. 2250 points are needed to S Rank, a score between 1260 to 2249 is considered a A rank, anything in range of 495 to 1259 points is a B rank, and anything lower is C Rank. However, in certain quests of this type, you may also be required to pass through get to a certain wave to get an S rank, and not reaching that criteria will lower your rank to A even if you have met the points requirement.

Similarly to Trinitas Quest, ranking will determine the drops-enemies themselves do not drop anything extra. In terms of drops, Bunker Type 1 are a great source of Tool (NGS) N-Class Excubes, along with Tool (NGS) Stragments,Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Decold Standard I-III, Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Superb I and rarely, Tool (NGS) Arms Refiners

List of Bunker Type 1 quests

Location Quest Name Quest Objective Rank Max Wave Amount Enemy Level Recommended Power Level Remarks
NGSUIQuest Thumbnail Advanced Trainia.png

Advanced Trainia Interior

Cannonball Rumble Defeat the enemies & destroy the targets! Rank 1 3 Lv.51 2251 This quest is an MP Quest.
There are 10 random patterns.
No High Score is saved.
NGSUIQuest Thumbnail Advanced Trainia.png

Advanced Trainia Interior

Cannonball Strike Defeat the enemies & destroy the targets! Rank 1 3 Lv.60+ 2647 This quest has level scaling, meaning enemies will scale to the level of highest player in the party.
It is also a SP Quest, with Challenge Settings available.

Bunker Type 2

Rank 1 Ordinal Tower
Rank 7 Ordinal Tower

Bunker Type 2 features quests where you are tasked with defeating a boss or a series of bosses as fast as possible. During the quest, you will be given boss enemies to defeat. The bosses are usually similar to the bosses you can face in regular battles or other quests. Defeating all of the bosses ends the quest. To unlock more ranks of the quest, you need to complete earlier ranks of the quest.

During this quest, HP Bar of a boss is visible at all times like in Emergency Quests.

On the side of the screen, you are given an Expected Ranking bar. This gives you an approximation of what is your current quest Rank as things stand, as time slowly depletes the bar. However, it is an imperfect one, as it doesn't apply the points gained from killing the boss, so you can regain the rank if the points from killing the boss break through the ranking threshold.

Where a single boss enemy is required to be killed, you will need 5000 points, which, if a boss killed is worth 1000 points and the fact that every second of time left is worth 10 points, means you need to kill the boss in 2 minutes to get S rank. In cases where a series of bosses has to be killed, a score of 14000 points is required, which if normal bosses in this scenario give you 100 points per kill, this means you need to do the quest in 10 minutes 30 seconds to attain S ranking. However, bosses that are fought outside of the normal path might give more points, which extends the time.

This quest type features a 5 Incapacitation Limit. Should a sum of deaths in your Multi Party during a quest breach 5, the quest fails instantly and you return to the entrance.

On all ranks, the quest will award you with weapons that were available during Limited Time events, along with boss drops. On earlier ranks, clearing the quest also gives you Mineral (NGS) Ores, Pass (NGS) N-Potential Substitution/Lv.3-4 for lower rarites and Pass (NGS) N-Limit Break Substitution/40-60 for lower rarites.

On higher ranks you can gain rare Ticket (NGS) Motion Tickets, along with Obsidia Series weapons on top of drops from enemies.

List of Bunker Type 2 Quests

Location Quest Name Quest Objective Rank Enemy Level Recommended Power Level Single/Multiple bosses Boss(es) Fought Remarks
NGSUIQuest Thumbnail Advanced Trainia.png

Advanced Trainia Interior

Ordinal Tower Defeat the enemies Rank 1 Lv.15 1063 Single Boss Fight Cragbear None
Rank 2 Lv.20 1243 Nex Aelio The battle takes place in Southern Aelio, near Barflow Waterfall.
Rank 3 Lv.30 1633 Sava Wauron The battle takes place in Southern Retem, at the place where the Dread Enemy of the boss is.
Rank 4 Lv.35 1759 Sand Nagrus The battle takes place in Southern Retem, at Al-Demmond Desert.
Rank 5 Lv.55 2416 Relinne The battle takes place in Central Kvaris, at the river in Mistra Forest.
Rank 6 Lv.60 2647 Crocodallus The battle takes place in Western Kvaris, at the coastline near Regional Mag.
Defeat 3 Enemies Rank 7 Lv.65 2878 Series of Boss Fights Out of 5, defeat 3 of the following:
  • Bujin(100 pts)
  • Kerklund(100 pts)
  • Ams Kvaris(100 pts)
  • Raedal Sword(500pts)
  • Vardias(1000pts)
All bosses are Megalotix, with all of the multipliers and drops applying.
Reaching enemies in italic requires meeting special requirements. Check quest page for details.