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PSO2:NGS has several different currencies that players collect. This pages goes over each of them.

Free Currencies

The following currencies can be obtained in-game through defeating enemies:


N-Meseta is the primary currency of NGS. This currency is relevant to all content, from strengthening equipment in the Item Lab to buying/selling items on My Shop. This currency is used in all manner of transactions throughout the game. You can earn it via defeating enemies and selling items, along with My Shop-related activities.

N-Meseta earned via Enemy Kill.

The calculation is as follows: Meseta Earned = [(Base Amount + All addition boosts)xMeseta Boost effects(addative)]xUnique multipliers.

Base amount of N-Meseta earned VS Level 1 enemy is 10 for a Mob, 100 for a Boss.

All addition Boosts are as follows:

Currently the Unique Multiplier being known is Nex Vera, a 2x multiplier. This is due to the fact that in it's own Emergency Quest. All mobs aside of Nex Vera do not count for any drops of any kind, an unique effect for this quest only.

All boost effects for meseta are added to each other via addition, not multiplication.

This means, as an example, a level 65 Megalotix Large Class Boss in Aelio Region was killed with full Party Buff and all Add On Skill buff, this means a calculation looks as follows:

Meseta Earned = [(100+120+100+100+60)x(1.09+1.1)]*1=480x1.19=571.2, rounded down to 571

The following stuff were added into the equation:

  • Base Amount = 100
  • Level Bonus = +120
  • Megalotix Bonus = +100
  • Aelio Region Large Boss Bonus = +100
  • Boss Bonus = +60
  • Full Party Buff = 1.1x
  • All Add On buff = 1.09x
  • No Unique Multiplier active

N-Meseta earned via Item Sell

You can also sell items to the vendor or via "Convert To Meseta" button inside Inventory/Storage. The amount what you get for sale differs depending on the item sold.

For weapons and units, the amount of money is standardized at 50 N-Meseta as a base and then going up by +5 every star of rarity. If an auto sale feature is active, the item is converted into N-Meseta instantly, with Meseta Boosters multiplying the amount, which doesn't happen at a regular sale!

There are also Tool (NGS) Valuable Items, items of high value. Those sell at standardized amounts, Auto Sale does not affect them:

  • Stellar Seed = 2,000 N-Meseta
  • Alpha Reactor = 3,500 N-Meseta
  • Snowks = 3,500 N-Meseta
  • Beta Reactor = 100,000 N-Meseta

For other items, the amount of money is standardized as such:

Seasonal PointsSeasonal Points

Seasonal Points is a currency you earn during events, primarily from Seasonal Enemies, but also from various Quests. You can then spend it in the Seasonal Shop for a lot of prizes.

Seasonal Points earned via Enemy Kill

The amount of Seasonal Points earned is determined by simple formula: Seasonal Points= Base Amount x All Mutlipliers.

Base Amount is determined by the type of enemy you are facing:

  • Mobs = 8-42 Seasonal Points
  • Cragbear (and it's variants) + Emperrappies = 62 Seasonal Points
  • Other Medium Class Enemies = 125 Seasonal Points
  • Large Class Enemies = 250 Seasonal Points

Multipliers come mostly from Seasonal Point Boosters in Exchange Shop and in form of boosts from fighting specific types of Enemies, which give following buffs:

  • Silvered, Megalotix = 1.1x
  • Golden = 1.2x
  • Dread Enemies = 1.5x
  • Golden Dread Enemies, Gigantix, Ancient = 2x

As an example, killing a Medium Class Dread Enemy with +100% Seasonal Points booster active, the calculation will be as follows:

Seasonal Points = 125 x 1.5 x 2 = 375

The following values were used in the equation:

  • Base Amount = 125
  • Dread Enemy Boost = 1.5x
  • Seasonal Points Booster = 2x.

Seasonal Points earned via Quest Clear

Quests also grant Seasonal Points. The primary way of gaining Seasonal Points from quests is via Season Quests, with amount being diffirent from event to event.

However, all Emergency Quests also give Seasonal Points. For most of them, you get 1000 Seasonal Points for clear regardless of rank. However, Mining Rig Defences have their amount vary by rank:

  • S Rank = 1,500 Seasonal Points
  • A Rank = 1,250 Seasonal Points
  • B Rank = 1,000 Seasonal Points
  • C Rank = 500 Seasonal Points

They are unaffected by any booster items. If a Campaign Boost occurs, it typically just raises the amount gained by an appropriate boost to compensate.

Those currencies might require paying real cash to obtain. Both of the below currencies have full connectivity to base PSO2, you can earn both of the currencies mentioned below on base PSO2 and spend in NGS and vice versa.

If you do not exchange or gain more of the currency within 1 year of last gain of the below currencies, you will be put back to 0 of that currency!


ARKS Cash (AC) is a fully premium currency, you must pay real money to obtain it. You can buy it in 100,500,1000,3000,5000 and 10000AC packs. You can do so by using direct purchase, as well as using services such as Bitcash, WebMoney; prepaid cards, and others. The exchange rate is that 1 Japanese Yen (¥) is equivalent to 1 AC.

ARKS Cash can be used in AC Scratches, paying 200 AC per scratch, with a bulk of 11+1 extra costing 2200 AC. You can also go to AC Shop and buy various convenience items such as Inventory/Storage expansions, Premium Set, etc..

AC can also be used for following purposes:

  • Buying an extra Skill Tree: 500 AC
  • Buying extra character slots = 500 AC
  • Switching Ships with a character= 700 AC
  • Changing your Character Name = 1500 AC
  • Changing your Player ID for 2nd and consecutive time = 3000 AC

SGStar Gems (SG)

Star Gems are a freemium currency that can obtained from various in-game sources, but can also be bought by using ARKS Cash.

Star Gems can be spent on SG Scratches, paying 50 SG per roll, with a bulk 10 roll costing 500 SG. Several items can also be bought from the SG Shop, including Booster (NGS) [24hr] Booster Items and other conveniences. SG can also be spent in the SG Treasure Shop.

Please note that Star Gems gained for free will be used before Star Gems that was bought.

Star Gems earned via in-game activities

You can earn Star Gems from the following activities:

  • Daily Login: 10 SG on days 3 and 10, 20 SG on days 7 and 14 (Premium Set users get double the amount on that day)
  • Fashion Catalog: 1 SG for sending a like, up to 5x per account and 1x per person (Players with a active Premium Set get double the amount)
  • Titles: 5-20 SG, once per account for each title
  • Red Containers containing Star Gems: 10 SG, once per account
  • Team Badge Exchange: 30SG(2x10SG + 2x5SG, total of 4 Team Badges required)
  • ARKS Record Badge Exchange: 30SG(2x10SG + 2x5SG, total of 40 ARKS Record Badges required)
  • Special Scratch: 10-100 SG. SG Tickets can be obtained as prizes, or can be selected with a Pass (NGS) Special Select Ticket
  • Seasonal Shop: 20 SG, 5 per event half.
  • Stellar Grace: 5 SG each
  • PSO2 Day: 50 SG in the Receive Campaign Items menu. (Players with an active Premium Set get SG from the Premium PSO2 Day as well)

There may be also other activities and events that give Star Gems. Furthermore, base PSO2 has activities that also can add Star Gems to your total to use in NGS.

Star Gems gained via ARKS Cash Exchange

You can also buy Star Gems by exchanging your paid ARKS Cash to do it. The exchanges available are as follows:

  • 100 AC= 20 SG
  • 500 AC = 100 SG +20 SG Bonus
  • 1900 AC = 380 SG +100 SG Bonus
  • 4800 AC = 960 SG +320 SG Bonus
  • 9800 AC = 1960 SG +840 SG Bonus.

Please note that as mentioned above, Star Gems obtained this way is considered bought and will be used after any free-gained Star Gems.