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Status Effects (NGS)

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Status Effects in New Genesis exist in the form of "Downs". This applies to both players and enemies with slightly different mechanics.

Player Status Effects

This section describes status effects applied to the player.

  • Certain enemy attacks have physical/elemental down values set internally. When a player is hit by one of these attacks, down values will be accumulated.
  • When the accumulated down value of a status effect reaches 100, that status effect will be applied to the player.
  • Stun (physical down) and one other elemental status effect can occur at the same time, but multiple elemental status effects cannot occur at the same time. An existing elemental status effect will be overwritten by a different elemental status effect when applied.
  • For elemental status effects, if the accumulated down value reaches 100 while the same status is already active, the level of the status effect will be increased (max: level 5) and its duration extended.
  • If a player has not received any down value accumulation for 10 seconds, their accumulated down value will be gradually reduced at a rate of 1 per second.
  • Status resistance in player status window is calculated in reverse as a multiplier applied to the down values received from enemy attacks. For example, when equipping 3 Zeont Units (-50% all status resistance each), down values received will be multiplied by 1.5*1.5*1.5 = 3.375.

List of Player Status Effects

The following table lists all known player status effects. Difference in effect of each level is indicated by slash symbols ("/"). For duration, the value at level 1 is the base duration, while the values at higher levels are maximum possible duration.

Status Duration Upon Level Up Description
Burn 21/23/25/27/31 seconds Duration +7 seconds Deals 1/1.1/1.3/1.4/1.5% of max HP as damage every 2 seconds, reduces player damage done by 5/6/7/8/10%.
  • Damage interval pauses during hit stop.
Freeze 7 seconds at all levels Duration refreshed
instead of extended
Freezes the player in place.
  • Cancelled when hit by an attack which can cause stagger or knockdown.
Shock 15/18/23/23/27 seconds Duration +6 seconds Stagger or knockdown every 6/5/5/4/4 seconds (knockdown chance 10/12/14/14/16%).
  • Sound effect occurs every 1 second.
  • Upon level up, stagger interval changes only after the currently ongoing interval ends.
  • Upon level up, sound effect interval is reset immediately.
Mirage 25/25/30/30/35 seconds Duration +7 seconds PP consumption +10/15/20/25/30%.
Panic 30/30/35/35/40 seconds Duration +5 seconds Directional movement inputs are increased by 45*n degrees every 15/10/10/8/7 seconds. (n: 1-7)
  • Sound effect occurs every 1 second.
  • Upon level up, effect interval changes only after the currently ongoing interval ends.
Poison 25/25/28/28/31 seconds Duration +7 seconds Deals 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% of max HP as damage every 3 seconds.
(Physical Down)
6 seconds Cannot level up Stuns the player in place.
  • Cancelled when hit by an attack which can cause stagger or knockdown.
  • Cannot level up so duration cannot be extended.
  • Duration can be reduced by movement inputs to a minimum duration of 2 seconds.

Enemy Downs

As described above, status effects for enemies will be referred entirely as "Downs". There are 4 types of ways enemies can be downed: Physical Down, Attribute Down, Special Down and BREAK.

Physical Down

Physical Downs are downs that are primarily accumulated and caused by using PA's and Normal Attacks. Classes who do not use Techniques are most likely to cause a down of this type.

Each PA and Normal Attack has a Physical Down value and when an attack deals damage, the amount is automatically accumulated as such, along with any Physical Down increases, which includes Part Multipliers. Once the amount of accumulated down value goes over the amount an enemy can handle, Physical Down occurs, an enemy will flash yellow before going down for a period of time.

After the enemy has gotten back up, it will reset its down value in its entirety and add between +0-20% to the down value it can handle. This means over time, Physical Downing enemies becomes increasingly more difficult. In addition, if HP of the enemy increases for whatever reason, its Physical Down value will also increase, further making it difficult to down certain types of enemies.

In addition, not all parts accumulate Physical Down. There are 3 relations enemies have with Physical Downs.

  • Full body judgement, where the entire body is considered to be 1 part and accumulates damage regardless where it was hit.
  • Shared part judgement, where Down can only be accumulated by attacking specific parts, but the amount of Down value is shared.
  • Separate part judgement, where not only do you need to attack specific parts, each of them track Physical Down value separately.

To detect whenever an attack also accumulates a Physical Down, check to see if after the attack connects, a yellow shock wave occurs.

Note that a Weak Point might not always accumulate Physical Downs!


Some enemies will not go Down after a Physical Down occurs, they will simply flinch however and go back to their regular attack patterns. Some bosses will always flinch, others will eventually go down after a certain number of flinches. The enemy will be considered Downed for the animation of the flinch, which means the amount of accumulated Down Value will be reset and the maximum allotted value will increase.

Attribute Downs

Attribute Downs are downs primarily accumulated and caused from Techniques. While attribute weapons do also cause Attribute Down, the amount is reduced by 0.1x of their Physical Down value, so unless Potential (NGS) Valiant Form Potential is used, that has a follow-up attack that bypasses usual reductions, the amount is extremely minuscule.

Just like with Physical Downs, each Technique and tech-based attacks/skills have an Attribute Down value that is added whenever damage occurs along with any increases. However for the Down Accumulation to occur, you have to attack the enemy with the attribute it's weak to. Photon Blasts from Technique weapons however will unconditionally add the Attribute Down value. If a Seasonal Enemy has its weakness attribute switched, you will have to switch whichever attack or weapon you are using to their new weakness.

Once the accumulated down value goes over the amount enemy can handle, attribute down occurs, which will do so by being affected in similar way as a player with a status and will go down for a period of time.

After enemy goes back up, unlike with Physical Downs, the down value enemy can handle will increase by +75%! Also, just like with other Down types, if HP of enemy increases, so does it's Attribute Down value.

However, for Attribute Downs, where the attack hits doesn't matter, so long as conditions are met, the Attribute Down Value will go up, although Part Multiplier still applies, so hitting a low multiplier point might not increase the down value by much. Furthermore, Attribute Down values are typically smaller then Physical Down values at the start but to do higher increase, they will become just as hard to attribute down as a Physical Down.

Part-Only Attribute Down

Some enemies will accumulate Attribute Down on specific parts. Should Down Value be reached in these cases, the Attribute Down will only affect the part in question. This does mean that some attacks will be locked and Part Multipliers on that part might be increased, however the enemy will not Down but continue combat as normal!

Special Downs

Special Downs are downs that are specific to each enemy. Most often the cause of them is a part break or multiple specific part breaks, but other conditions do occur.

Downs that are caused by a Part Break might cause a down instantaneously, but they might also be delayed till the enemy tries to execute a specific attack. They might also apply once, every time a part breaks or constantly.

Some enemies will also just flinch upon breaking a part, and all the related mechanics related to Flinching apply.

However, each enemy is unique in what Special Downs it has,so learn boss patterns and discover the enemies special down to abuse them!


BREAK is a down type exclusive to Emergency Quest target enemies. Unlike other downs, you can predict when BREAK will happen by checking the Down Gauge below the boss's HP gauge

All type of attacks accumulate and cause BREAK to occur, the amount it affects the gauge is the same as it's sum of Physical and Attribute Down values. However, please note that Attribute weapons do not give it's Attribute Down values, only their Physical Down values.

When it reaches 0, a BREAK will occur, which will alert you with an on screen message and a Defense Down icon listed near the enemy's name.

During the BREAK, the enemy gets a Defense Down icon and will have its damage taken doubled. Once the enemy goes back up, just like with other downs, the Down Gauge value will increase by 0-20%. Just like with other down types, should HP increase for any reason, so does the Down Gauge.

If other types of down or Part breaks occur, this can have a tangible effect on the Down Gauge, reducing it by large amounts and help you cause a BREAK.

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