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Special Enemies (NGS)

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Enemies: DOLLS Alters Formers Tames Special Enemies
Enemy Drop List Breakables Weakness Notes
N-Grinder - Weak to:
  • All Elements
A harmless mascot-like bird that's far too adorable for its own good. Sometimes appears as an E-Trial in a group and as Stellar Gift enemies. Plays dead when defeated and flees soon after. Strike it while it's fleeing to obtain an N-Grinder.

If it finds others of its kind, they'll sing along to Rappy Fever together.

This enemy is unique in that it has animations for each and every status effects inflicted on it, such as Burn, Freeze and Shock, all of which are capable of being inflicted on by Teching weapon Photon Blasts which randomly inflict any of the 6 status effects.

Ceremo Rappy N-Grinder - Weak to:
  • All Elements
Seasonal variant of Rappy spouting a white top hat that appeared during PSO2's 9th anniversary celebrations.
- - - An autonomous combat drone that patrols the ruins of the Vanford Labs. Fires beams that target players from above.

Defeat a Drome, and it will join your side for a limited time. Allied Dromes fire beams that target enemies from above. Defeat more Dromes to recharge your Drome's energy and increase its level, granting it the ability to target more enemies per shot. Allied Dromes disappear when leaving Vanford or when their energy gauge empties.

- - - An autonomous combat DOLLS drone that may appear during E-Trials. Fires electric bullets at nearby players.
Barrier Pod - - - Objects designed to protect certain Item Containers. Find and destroy them to release the barrier they have on the Container.