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*Quf the Pisces

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*Quf the Pisces
Launcher-type camo blessed by Pisces. As the
zodiac sign of dreams, it grants the power to face reality.

Rarity: 7
Weapon Types: Launcher
Marketable: UICheckMarkIcon.png

Drop Info

  • AC AC Scratch: Maximum Attack on Titan (3/26/2014~4/23/2014)
  • AC AC Scratch: Zestiria Collection (4/8/2015~5/13/2015)

  • AC NGS AC Scratch: New Year! Mag & Weapon Camo Memory (12/31/2021~2/22/2022)
  • AC NGS AC Scratch: Weapon Camo Collection May '23 (5/1/2023~5/10/2023)

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