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*Guren Tayou

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*Guren Tayou
Rarity: 8
Weapon Types: Sword (NGS)Wired Lance (NGS)Partizan (NGS)Twin Daggers (NGS)Double Saber (NGS)Knuckles (NGS)Katana (NGS)Dual Blades (NGS)Assault Rifle (NGS)Launcher (NGS)Twin Machineguns (NGS)Bullet Bow (NGS)Gunslash (NGS)Rod (NGS)Talis (NGS)Wand (NGS)Jet Boots (NGS)Takt (NGS)
Color Variant (NGS) Color Variant:
Marketable: UIRestrictedBlue.png

Drop Info

  • Scratch Halloween '23 Special Scratch (10/18/2023~11/21/2023)

Additional Info

  • 1 of the 18 Guren Weapons appear as a Weaponoid in PSO2es.
    • Twin Daggers Guren no Hinotsuchi
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