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Variant Enemies (NGS)

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Silver/Gold Enemies

Also otherwise referred to as "rare enemies". Silver and Gold enemies are rare variants of normal enemies and bosses. Silver and Gold enemies are distinguished by their silver/gold coloration (armor plating on DOLLS/Alters, full body otherwise) and "Silver" or "Gold" in their names.

Silver/Gold enemies can randomly spawn anywhere in place of normal enemies or bosses. In Combat Zones, the odds of a Silver/Gold enemy spawning increases with the PSE Gauge, with several guaranteed to spawn during a PSE Burst. During a PSE Burst Climax, the boss that spawns will always be Silver or Gold.

Silver/Gold enemies have the chance to drop the 2 Sword (NGS) Silver Prim Sword or 3 Sword (NGS) Gold Prim Sword when defeated; Silver/Gold bosses are guaranteed at least one drop. Silver/Gold TAMES are guaranteed to drop Meat instead, with the chance to drop multiple Meat material when defeated.

Enhanced Enemies

Also otherwise referred to as "boosted enemies". Enhanced enemies are stronger variants of enemies with large mechanical pikes sticking out of their bodies. They do not have any other alterations to name, appearance, or drop rate. Enhanced enemies primarily spawn at or near Emergency Trials.

While an enemy is enhanced, a red glow will cover their body, and all damage dealt to their body will be reduced by 90%. The pike protruding from its body instead takes 20% more damage than normal, and if enough damage is dealt it will break and disappear, causing the enemy's body to pulsate blue. In this state, the Enhanced damage penalty is voided and all damage dealt to the enemy will be increased by 50%.

Dread Enemies

Powerful variants of bosses that spawn in specific regions. Dread Enemies have the prefix "Hardened:" added to their name, and they have a rusted and/or aged appearance compared to equivalent bosses.

Dread Enemies are permanent map fixtures and respawn roughly every 20 minutes after defeat. Dread Enemies only spawn in non-Combat Zones. They are statistically stronger than equivalent bosses, and have the chance to drop the 3 Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Dread Keeper I and 3 Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Dread Keeper II ability capsules.


Central Aelio
South Aelio
West Aelio
North Aelio


Extremely powerful variant bosses. Gigantix have a purple lightning shroud covering their body, and are four levels higher than the given level cap for an area.

Gigantix enemies only spawn in non-Combat Zones, and only during thunderstorms. They will despawn when the storm subsides, making speed and power when killing it imperative. Gigantix have the chance to drop the 4 Stragga weapon series as well as the Gigas Power/Shoot/Technique abilities.


Central Aelio - Nagrus
South Aelio - Oruk
West Aelio - Vallas
North Aelio - Daedal Axe
Halphana Lake - Daedal Sword