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The Battle of Lake Halphiria (NGS)

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The Battle of Lake Halphiria is a major NGS Emergency Quest Emergency Quest in NGS. Outgunned and against all odds, defeat Dark Falz Aegis once and for all and save Halpha from certain destruction!

8 player(s) The Battle of Lake Halphiria
NGSUIQuest Thumbnail Lake Halphiria.png
Lake Halphiria
Enemy Level Lv. 70
Recommended Power Level 3119 or higher
Order Conditions Above the recommended levels
Clear Conditions Defeat the target enemy
Failure Conditions More then 1:00:00
Rewards 20000N-Meseta

Ability Capsule (NGS) Aegis Soul IV ×3

First Clear Reward 10000N-Meseta
Clear Limit 1 (shared among all simultaneous Emergency Quests)
Description Target Enemy
We have confirmed indications that Dark Falz Aegis is about to appear over Lake Halphiria. All ARKS are to move to intercept. It's time to use the Central Cannon to eliminate the greatest threat Halpha has ever known.

Clear limit: 1time(s)(shared among all simultaneous Emergency Quests) ※No assist NPCs


Delivery Device and Merit Points

During this quest you will have access to Delivery Devices, inside of which if you collect enough Merit Points, you can access following Support Weapons:

Support Weapon Points needed Description
Use a Mobile Cannon M2 5000pts Lets you use Mobile Cannon M2 for a limited time.
Use a Mobile Cannon M2 10000pts(every 5000pts after that)

In this quest, you can gain Merit points in following way:

  • Destroy Dark Falz Aegis part: 80 pts per part
  • Kill a Darlet Attacker/Shooter: 30 pts per part
  • Destroy Dark Falz Aegis spear: 1500 pts per spear
  • Take down all 4 Dark Falz Aegis Spears: 20000 pts(10000pts if Solo)


This quest is a major Emergency Quest consisting of 2 half's , each being very different in tone and style of combat you will preform. Both of the half's will have seemingly separate HP(2 HP Bars effectively), but the boss itself has the same HP and split of HP every time. You can always restock the Signs before the quest, the quest will start 100 seconds after the first player enters the room.

As this quest is rather story-heavy in tone, a large amount of dialogue will occur. In addition, water will be removed from the Lake for the quest duration.

1st Half

NGS TrialTrial Start: Dark Falz Aegis Subjugation(1 Enemy, no time limit)

Dark Falz Aegis will appear as soon as the quest starts, however initially he'll be too far away for you to do anything. You will have to kill his Darlet Attackers and Darlet Shooters in every sector to close the gap (155 enemies in total), as the boss himself keeps bombarding you with many field attacks. This will net you 4650 Merit Points guaranteed.

When all enemies are neutralized, the boss will drop 4 spears into the ground, each with separate HP to the boss. Destroying each one nets you 1500 Merit Points. It is unlikely you'll destroy them all the first time, but destroying at least one should be a good sign. After a time, the boss will retract the spears and attack using the Ultra Cannon, the power and range of which is determined by amount of spears left. The attack if not countered or ran away from can easily be one-shot level in power!

This will now keep spawning Darlets in 3 groups infinitely-to progress the fight you will have to attack Dark Falz Aegis himself. He is however outside of weak spots, immune to all regular attacks(Weak Bullet can still be attached despite that) and in permanent Super Armor phase, forcing you to use Mobile Cannon M2. For that you need to get 5000 Merit Points, if you did destroy one spear the Delivery Devices will appear instantly, if not, you will have to kill enough Dartlets(12) to get it to appear. Once cannon is equipped, you can deal damage to the boss directly.

Once 1/3rd of his HP Bar goes down, he will drop his spears down once more. Same idea, try to take down at least one spear before he retracts them. After that the battle will continue until he reaches 58% HP left.

Once that happens, the Central Cannon will launch, downing the boss for significant amount of time, during which you can attack the boss normally. The shield he used will also shatter and drop and that can also deal you some damage if hit, so be careful. The down will end upon the boss being hit for 5% HP worth of damage during it OR after alloted time ends. He will use an Electromagnetic Pulse to kill all Delivery Devices and force-dismount you out of Mobile Cannon M2 and float to the other side of the map.

A warning sign will appear as soon as that happens. This is a signal to hide behind one of the shields that was dropped by the DFA, before the launches a strong 2 tick laser (can be lethal) that is pretty much nigh-impossible to counter/dodge properly (not impossible, but timing is ridiculously strict). Once that happens, the boss will retract the shields the player hid behind, however, he will retract no less then 4. If players hid in less then 4 spots, the shields will be retracted at random so that there are at least 4, if more, then more then 4 shields will be retracted, but 1 at minimum will always remain, and the attack will fire again.

From there, Darlets will come back, however 1 more extra group will now spawn on top of 3 that already did. While the Delivery Devices are still out of use, you can focus on killing them as the game will now grant you a random Quest Support Effect out of 4 possible ones:

NPC Giving the effect Effect Buff Remarks
Aina/Manon Player Attack Power +100%

Player Movement Speed +50%

Nadereh Enemy Defense -50%

Darlets Disabled

This will also stun Dark Falz Aegis for a short period. The icon will not show up on your Char Info.
The music will also be diffirent compared to the other buff benefits.
Ilma Additional Attack occurs when attack hits The attack is worth 1200 PA Power. It will only scale using your ATK Power and no other multipliers.
In addition, it will always assume the lowest possible Damage Variance.
Guren Natural PP Recovery +1000% None

Once the buff is granted, the Delivery Devices will reappear shortly after and the battle can resume as normal. At 35% HP, the spears will come down third and final time. Should you be able to destroy all 4 before he retracts them again, you will cause a down and you'll be granted 20000 Merit Points(10000 if solo), granting 4(2 if solo) Mobile Cannon M2 uses.

At 7%, the boss will go down at the final time. After it gets hit with 5% HP worth of damage, the HP will cut to 0, and he will go back up and start 2nd half.

2nd half

Once you are teleported to the Arena, the radar fails and shuts down (NO DATA will be shown), you will be forcibly dismounted out of Mobile Cannon M2 and no longer being able to use it(Merit Points will also be hidden from view), Quest Support Effect will no longer apply and his Super Armor state will end. From there, the main battle begins with all of your regular weapons. Story Quest people will start from this half.

Refer to Dark Falz Aegis page for details. Take the HP bar to 0 once more to kill the boss and clear the quest!

Drop Pool

Sword (NGS) Weapons Unit (NGS) Units
Ability Capsule (NGS) Special Ability Capsules Material (NGS) Materials
Ticket (NGS) Cosmetic Items