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Using the My Shop feature You can list your own items for sale and also purchase items that other players have listed on My Shop at the My Shop Counter NPC in each City
My Shop is unlocked after completing the Main Task "Aina's Determination"

For the ability to list items up on My Shop you need to use either a Premium Set ticket or a My Shop ticket. You can see the expiration date from Main Menu >> Shop >> Purchase History / Expiration Date >> Rental Expiration Date
or from My Shop >> My Shop Management >> Expiry Date Confirmation

Certain items cannot be listed on My Shop.

  • Items obtained from Gathering and SG Scratches
  • Items obtained from Classic PSO2, including AC Scratch items
  • Anything else that includes "Cannot be listed on My Shop" in the item description

My Shop is the only way you can exchange items with other players.

As a measure against RMT, Certain features of My Shop are locked behind specific Titles.

Feature Unlock via Titles

Function Title Required
(Task / Title)
Task Conditions
Shop Search Excellent My Shop Buyer
"My Shop Buyer"
Cumulative Play Time reaches 300 hours
Shop 500 times at My Shop
Cumulative spending at My Shop reaches 10 million N-Meseta
Find a Friend's Shop
Find a Team Member's Shop
Advertisement Editing Excellent My Shop Seller
"My Shop Master"
Cumulative Play Time reaches 300 hours
1000 sales at My Shop
Cumulative earnings at My Shop reach 50 million N-Meseta
Your Shop can show up in Shop Search
Advertisement Display Seller has acquired "My Shop Master"
Buyer has acquired "My Shop Buyer"
View Player ID for Sales
Good Job Sending after Purchase