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New Genesis: Power Level

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Power Level is a comprehensive quantification of player stats and equipment (weapons/units) performance.

Some content, such as participation in Emergency Quests, require a certain level of Power Level.

There are several ways to increase your Power Level

  • Leveling up - This will give an increase to Power Level usually between 10 and 20 points.
  • Applying Skill Points - Skill points (Acquired from Cocoons and Towers) can be applied and raise your Power Level.
  • Using all skill points in both main AND sub classes skill trees. - Since you can have two classes, a main and sub class you're able to take advantage of skills in your sub class. By applying skill points (even in skills that you can't use because of "main class required" flavor text) you enhance that subclasses ability to perform/support you.
  • Weapon/Armor stats - Stronger weapons and stronger armor increase your BP more then weaker ones. Enhancing weapons and armor also increases your stat more depending on how enhanced you've made a weapon.
  • Releasing weapon potential- Awakening a weapons potential gives it new passive abilities making it more effective in combat. Each weapon has it's own potential.