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New Genesis: Regional Mags

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Regional Mags are landmarks found in the fields of Halpha, represented on the World Map with a Regional Mag icon (Region Mag). Each region has its own Regional Mags that you need to find first before it appears on your World Map.

Regional Mag Mechanics

By giving Gathering materials to a Regional Mag, you can improve the boosts that Regional Mag gives to all players in the current region, as well as level up your own personal boosts.

Social Mag Boost

Each Regional Mag has its own unique Social Mag Boost and ship-wide points meter that fills up when players give the Regional Mag Gathering materials. Social Mag Boosts include increased EXP Gained (+10%), Rare Drop Rate (+10%) and Attack Power (+5%). It takes 1,350,000 collective points to activate a boost per Mag, which lasts 24 hours from when activated. When active, a ship wide message will be sent informing of the Boost being activated. When not active, Mags will have a sleeping icon on the World Map.

Personal Mag Boost

Each Regional Mag also has a Personal Mag Boost, Personal points meter and Personal boost level that is specific to each player, and the progress of such is shared across all Regional Mags. Personal Mag Boost consists of a 3/9/20% Rare Drop Boost depending on the Boost Level achieved, which takes 100/200/400 collective individual points to activate, which lasts for 2 hours when activated. This means that if total contributed points is less than 100 no boost will be activated. Note that contributing more points will not extend the 2 hour boost duration once it has started.

Wishlist Bonus

Each Regional Mag has a specific Wishlist of items that have increased point contribution when fed. Normally, all items contribute 20 points. Wishlisted specific items have +200% points resulting in 20*300% = 60 points. Wishlisted categories have +50% points resulting in 20*150% = 30 points.

Empty Stomach Bonus

A hunger bonus will add a +50% points bonus, which stacks multiplicatively with Wishlist Bonus. Items contribute 30 points in this state. Wishlisted specific items result in 20*300%*150% = 90 points. Wishlisted categories result in 20*150%*150% = 45 points.

Regional Mag Overview

Name Location Social Boost Personal Boost Wishlist Item(s) Wishlist Categories
The Skillful Regional Mag Northern Aelio Experience Gained +10% Lv.1: Rare Drop Rate +3%

Lv.2: Rare Drop Rate +9%

Lv.3: Rare Drop Rate +20%

Sharp Aelio Meat (+200%) Seafood (+50%)
The Prosperous Regional Mag Southern Aelio Rare Drop Rate +10% Lv.1: Rare Drop Rate +3%

Lv.2: Rare Drop Rate +9%

Lv.3: Rare Drop Rate +20%

Sharp Aelio Crab (+200%) Vegetables (+50%)
The Invincible Regional Mag Western Aelio Attack Power +5% Lv.1: Rare Drop Rate +3%

Lv.2: Rare Drop Rate +9%

Lv.3: Rare Drop Rate +20%

Refreshing Aelio Mushroom (+200%) Fruits (+50%)