List of Stamps

Preview JP Name EN Name Availability
80px Ash: Hello! Default
80px Sue: Thumbs up! Default
80px Rupica: Thank you! Default
80px Gilliam: Applause! Default
80px Ash: Good job! Default
80px Sue: Of course! Default
80px Gilliam: Idea Default
80px Rupica: Delighted Default
80px Rappy: Rare drop! Default
80px Rappy: Depressed Default
Ash Handoff.png アッシュ:チェンジ Ash: Handoff Closed Beta Test Participation Code (Tradable)
80px ラッピー:歌う1 Rappy: Sing 1 Sympathy 2021 Code
80px Matoi: Come on! Road to New Genesis Campaign
Aina Surf's Up.jpg アイナ: 波に乗ろう! Aina: Surf's Up! NGS Starter Package Code