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New Genesis: Emergency Trials

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NGSScreenshot Trial.png

An Emergency Trial is an interrupt event that occurs suddenly in exploration sectors and combat sectors. These are indicated with "T" markers, which are visible from any part of the sector you are currently in.

Emergency Trials will task you with an objective, ranging from defeating a certain amount of enemies or a boss, to defending a transport truck or retrieving a Stella Gift. When a Emergency Trial is completed, you are awarded with N-Meseta N-Meseta.

In exploration sectors, defeating enemies not associated with another Emergency Trial can potentially cause an Emergency Trial to start elsewhere in the sector. In combat sectors, defeating enemies at "E" markers can cause an Emergency Trial to occur nearby.

Chaos Trials

On occasion, two Emergency Trials can occur at the same location. The objectives for these two Emergency Trials are tracked separately and each reward their own N-Meseta N-Meseta.

Boosted(?) Trials

NGSScreenshot BoostedTrial.png

On rare occasions, Emergency Trials can have an increased difficulty. Certain hazards that normally do not appear will spawn in these Emergency Trials, such as Bee Hives that shoot projectiles.