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In some Quests in NGS, you occasionally have access to Special Weapons. These are time-limited armaments that give you access to special attacks and moves.

Special Weapons can be equipped via a Delivery Device. Depending on the Quest, there may be limitations on their use, such as a limited number of uses per quest, or a requirement to earn enough Quest Points before you can summon a Special Weapon.

While a Special Weapon is in use, your main palette and subpalette are automatically replaced with a dedicated set of palettes, which you cannot modify in any way. However, the main palette weapon you have equipped still matters, as it is still considered that you have equipped your weapon and all of the stats from your class and weapon apply in Damage Calculation. Potentials and Class Skills will not activate while the Special Weapon in use. Using an empty weapon palette while having a Special Weapon equipped will make all attacks deal 1 damage.

Unlike Boarding Weapons from the base game, having a Special Weapon will not protect you from death. If your HP reaches 0, you will be incapacitated as usual, and you will lose the Special Weapon. In addition, most Character Skills cannot be used.

All Special Weapon attacks have a base PA Power of 100. However, every attack has its own unique multiplier on top of that. The numbers referred to in the tables below take these multipliers into account. In addition, they affect ALL Damage types, regardless of the icons or seeming damage type. They also deal Physical Down buildup to enemies.

Weapon Types

There are 3 Special Weapon types, each with distinct properties, behaviors and quests you can use them at.

Mobile Cannon

Mobile Cannon is an offensive Special Weapon, with a rapid rate of fire designed to deal with large swathes of enemies. However, it has low movement speed and relies on its thrusters for quick travel. Note that having a weapon equipped that has an Attribute will not apply the +10/15% damage multiplier from having an Attribute. Each Mobile Cannon can be used for up to 90 seconds before automatically unequipping.

While equipped with Mobile Cannon, you cannot use Reverser Signs. This means reviving people is impossible. Resta Signs are available at Sub-Palette Position 1 and work as normal.

While cannon is in use, you get an extra damage multiplier depending on your main class level:

Main Class Level Damage Multiplier
1-20 1.4x
21-30 1.5x
31-40 1.6x
41-50 1.9x
51-60 2.0x
61-70 2.2x

Mobile Cannon Skills

Here are the skills that a Mobile Cannon has to offer:

Icon Skill Name Palette Position Notes
NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon Rapid Fire.png
Rapid Fire Main Palette Action 1

Back Main Palette Action 1-3

Does a continous stream of damage.

53 PA Power. Recovers 3 PP per Hit

NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon Charge Blaster.png
Charge Blaster Main Palette Action 2

Subpalette Number 2

Available 5 times per Mobile Cannon use.

1400 PA Power, affects a wide area around the target.

NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon Boost Glider.png
Boost Glider Main Palette Action 3

Subpalette Number 4

Costs 60 PP to activate, then 14 PP per second to maintain.

Allows fast traveling using the cannon.

Colliding with enemies while dashing deals damage (70 PA Power). On releasing the button or running out of PP, performs 3 spins (100 PA Power each) and a final slam (700 PA Power).

None Step Bash Dodge Button A slow melee strike that also doubles as a Step. 480 PA Power.
NGSUISkill Special Weapon Disembark.png
Disembark Subpalette Number 0 Disembarks and ends usage of Mobile Cannon early.

Quests using Mobile Cannon

The following quests use Mobile Cannon:

Quest Name Quest Type Limit per Quest
Mining Rig Defense: Aelio Emergency Quest 2
Mining Rig Defense: Retem
Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris 3
Simulation: Mining Rig Defense: Aelio Trigger Quest 2
Simulation: Mining Rig Defense: Retem
Simulation: Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris 3
Stia Troopers Battledia Quest 1
Simulation: Hidden Forest Traps Limited Time Quest
Simulation: Autumn Sun Aelio Battle
Simulation: Night Fall Aelio Battle
Simulation: Unknown Area A16

Mobile Cannon M2

Mobile Cannon M2 is the upgraded version of the regular cannon, with faster movement, better dashing and far more powerful attacks. Each Mobile Cannon M2 can be used for up to 60 seconds before automatically unequipping.

While mechanically similar to the original cannon, it has the following differences:

  1. Reverser Signs are available from Subpalette Position 2 (Resta Signs are in Subpalette Position 1).
  2. Mobile Cannon M2 will apply the Attribute Weapon damage buff of +10%/+15%
  3. Mobile Cannon M2 has a natural 30% Damage Resistance.
  4. Class Skills increasing PP Recovery do apply to Mobile Cannon M2.
  5. Rapid Fire skill power has been reduced.

Mobile Cannon M2 Skills

The following are Mobile Cannon M2's usable skills.

Icon Skill Name Palette Position Notes
NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon Rapid Fire.png
Rapid Fire Main Palette Action 1

Back Main Palette Action 1-3

Does a continous stream of damage.

Does 53 PA Power, Recovers 3PP Per Hit

NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon M2 Multi-Lock Missile.png
Multi-Lock Missile Main Palette Action 2 Can lock on to up to 10 targets at once.

Each hit does 350 PA Power, with no damage reduction for hitting the same enemy multiple times.

NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon M2 Ultra High Jump.png
Ultra High Jump Main Palette Action 3 Allows you to launch into the air. You are invincible during the jump animation.

5 second cooldown. Cooldown timer does not begin counting down until you have landed on the ground.

NGSUISkill Mobile Cannon M2 Hyper Blaster.png
Hyper Blaster Sub Palette Number 3 Available 1 time per Mobile Cannon M2 use.

A massive laser attack.

Does 10 ticks of damage (530 PA Power each), then a final blast (700 PA Power).

None Counter Barrage Step Counter Stepping through attacks recovers 100 PP and automatically fires 3 homing missiles (500 PA Power each).
NGSUISkill Special Weapon Disembark.png
Disembark Subpalette Number 0 Disembarks and ends usage of Mobile Cannon M2 early.

Quests that use Mobile Cannon M2

The folllowing quests use Mobile Cannon M2:

Quest Name Quest Type Limit per Quest
The Battle of Lake Halphiria Emergency Quest Unlimited
Simulation: The Battle of Lake Halphiria Trigger Quest

Floating Board

The Floating Board is a mobility-type Special Weapon. Rather than dealing damage, this Special Weapon is designed for fast traversal across the world. They can be summoned from Board Terminals as well as from Delivery Devices. You may also be forced to board them as a part of an activity, such as a Field Race. Tge Floating Board's speed is affected by gravity, so it will go faster downhill and slower uphill. Each Floating Board can be used for up to 60 seconds, but passing through a Dash Ring will reset the timer.

The primary way of dealing damage with a Floating Board is to directly impact enemies with a board. The damage dealt will be based on your current speed.

There are 4 speeds of the Floating Board:

  • Low Speed, indicated by a red dot on the engine.
  • Medium Speed, indicated by a blue dot on the engine.
  • High Speed, indicated by a stream of blue energy coming from the engine.
  • Dash Boosted, indicated by a red aura along with the stream of blue energy.

Those speeds have allotted PA Power numbers attached to them, with higher speeds being more powerful. Therefore, maintain high speed as much as possible to deal as much damage as possible. Floating Boards can destroy Frozen Containers on impact.

Floating Board Gimmicks

There are 2 special gimmicks with the Floating Board.

  • Orange Dash Rings: Enter a special Dash Boosted state for 5 seconds, which increases damage to maximum. Resets your remaining Floating Board time to 60 seconds.
  • Orange Jump Panel: Once you press the jump button or reach the end of the pad, you will have a boosted jump. However, be careful as you lose control over the Floating Board while you're in mid jump.

Floating Board Skills

Floating Board can use following skills:

Icon Skill Name Palette Position Notes
NGSUISkill Floating Board Photon Brake.png
Photon Brake Main Palette Action 1

Back Main Palette Action 1-3

Slows down the Floating Board, allowing for easier turns.

Will not slow you down if you are under the effects of Photon Thruster or Dash Ring, but will keep the sharp turning.

NGSUISkill Floating Board Photon Thruster.png
Photon Thruster Main Palette Action 2 Can hold up to 2 stacks

Forces the Floating Board to travel at High Speed or above for 5 seconds.

15 second cooldown. Damaging enemies with the board reduces cooldown by 2 seconds

None Body Blow Touch an enemy A melee strike dealt to enemies on contact. PA Power is dependent on Speed:
  • Low Speed = 200 PA Power
  • Medium Speed = 600 PA Power
  • High Speed = 900 PA Power
  • Dash Boosted = 1200 PA Power.
NGSUISkill Special Weapon Disembark.png
Disembark Subpalette Number 0 Disembarks and ends usage of Floating Board early.

Upon Disembark, deals damage in a small area around you (500 PA Power).

Sections and Quests using Floating Board

Here are the following sections and quests using Floating Board

Section/Quest Name Type Limit Per Quest
Southern Kvaris Exploration Section Unlimited
Western Kvaris
Central Kvaris
Bergana Ruins Combat Section
Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris Emergency Quest 6
Crocodallus Vera Subjugation Unlimited
Simulation: Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris Trigger Quest 6
Simulation: Crocodallus Vera Subjugation Unlimited
Slope Style Cocoon Quest
Helical Line
Board Training Field Races Field Race 1

Throwable Objects and Throwing Action

Icon for Throwing Action

Throwing Action is a situation similar to Special Weapons, where you are unable to use your current weapon and pallets are overriden. However, in this case, your only action you can do is Throw the item at a hostile, container or open area, dealing damage according to the type of Throwable Object. Most Objects can be held for 60 seconds, but some might be able to be held less. If not picked up after a while, they either disappear or blow up causing you to take damage.

Along with Throwing which is done from any Main Pallete position, you can still Resta Sign and Reverser Sign from Subpallete Number 1/2 and discard the throwing item from Subpallete Number 0.

Just like with Special Weapons, their base PA Power is 100, with every item having a special attack multiplier that is taken into account in the lists below.

There are 2 ways a Throwable object can appear: directly from enemy or via enviormental actions.

Throwable Objects directly from an enemy

Some enemies, willingly or due to your actions, might drop a Throwable object. Those tend to have special properties, whenever to the boss itself or for quest progression.

Here's the list of all Throwable Objects obtained directly from an enemy

Throwable Object Enemies PA Power Remarks
Bombs Crocodallus/Crocodallus Vera 2000 Appear at will during the artillery attack.

Crocodallus launches 4 bombs at the time, Crocodallus Vera launches 8.

Launching a bomb straight at the core causes a Flinch.

Accumulating 3 (for Crocodallus) or 6(for Crocodallus Vera) causes a special down.

If allowed to disappear, it explodes causing 300 PA Power worth of Damage to players near it.

Frozen Bullet Fragments ??? Appear when the boss is Special Downed via bombs, 6 at the time.

Accumulating 3 direct core hits freezes the core and causes another Special Down

upon conclusion of the previous one.

Cannonball All enemies during Advanced Trainia: Bunker Type 1 Quests. 0 Appear upon death, amount determined per enemy.

Hitting the enemy with it causes 1 damage.

Can destroy Standard and Extra targets.

Disappears upon wave conclusion, even if you hold the Cannonball.

Frozen/Molten Spears Nilus Stia/Nilus Vera 2000 Appear at will during the boss fight as opposite type, marked as mobs.

Need to be attacked with Weakness Attribute to turn to correct type and become throwable.

Accumulate Ice(For Nilus Sita) or Fire(For Nilus Vera) Attribute Downs.

Frozen/Molten Icicles 600x4
Frozen/Molten Bombs 4000 If allowed to disappear, explodes dealing 400 PA Power worth of Damage to players in the circle.

All of the other Nilus Stia/Nilus Vera throwable remarks apply as well.

Ice Spears Dark Falz Aegis ??? Appear when angry during 2nd half.

Destroying the ice releases 3 spears. Destroying the triple ice releases 9 spears.

Will dissappear if all spears are released or phase time runs out.

Throwable Objects due to enviormental actions

Sometimes, Throwable Objects can appear due to an action being taken in the enviroment during exploring a Section or Quest.

Here's the list of all Throwable Objects that appear due to enviromental actions:

Throwable Object Section/Quest apperances PA Power Remarks
Crystal Ice fragments Sections:


2000 Appears when Crystal Ice is broken by hitting it 2 times. Drops 4 fragments at the time.

Can be used to destroy Frozen Containers.

Can also appear during Cold Photon Excitation Trial.

Dissappears and reforms into a Crystal Ice after 30 seconds.

Volcanic Bombs Sections(during Heat Wave/Hellfire weathers only): 1400(Stage 1)

2500(Stage 2)

3000(Lava Pool)

Drops into the field at random during the correct weather.

Has 2 stages. Bomb goes into stage 2 after 2.5 seconds, regardless if picked up or not.

Time Limit is 12 seconds when picked up at stage 1, 9 seconds at Stage 2.

If it hits a Lava Pool, causes it to explode, dealing extra Lava Pool damage, along with Defence Down effect(+50% Damage Taken) for 30 seconds to all enemies.

Both the Bomb and Lava Pool can be used to destroy Ore Clusters and accumulate Fire Attribute Down (if Fire Weak).

If allowed to dissappear or not thrown during the allotted time, it explodes giving ??? PA Power to Players nearby or, if held, to the Player who held the Object.