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New Genesis: Loading Tips

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Loading Tips are tidbits containing useful information that are displayed during loading screens in PSO2: New Genesis and also when incapacitated.

Outside of loading screens, Loading Tips can also be seen from the Main Menu by selecting System, Help, then Useful Information.


Resta Signs should be replenished in the field before you run out of them.
When your HP is low, the edges of the screen will turn red. Be careful!


If you press [Step] while moving, you will perform a high-speed Photon Dash.
After jumping with [Jump], press and hold [Jump] while in the air to Photon Glide.
If your HP gets low during battle, you can restore it using a Resta Sign from your subpallete.
Resta Signs and Reverser Signs can also be purchased at city shops.

Beauty Salon

You can wear up to 12 accessories, as long as they are within the cost limit.
You can choose a position for each accessory, and even modify its' detailed position.
By using the costume toggle, you can see your character's body easier.
Layering wear can be freely combined of basewear, innerwear and outerwear.
During voice selection, you can adjust the pitch of your voice to make it higher or lower.