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Primordial Enmity from the Void

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Primordial Enmity from the Void
Quest Type Emergency Quests
Ultra Hard Lv. 200
Quest Details
Location Mothership Shiva (Armada Battlesphere)
Single/Multi-Party Multi (4-Player)
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Ultra Hard Main Class/Subclass Lv. 100+
Time Limit 00:22:22
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Primordial Enmity from the Void is an Emergency Quest.


  • This Quest has an incapacitation limit. If the incapacitation count reaches two or higher, the Quest will automatically fail.



Mostly identical to the normal variation of the fight from Primordial Glare from the Void, with the following changes:

  • Class Level required to undertake the mission is Lv.100.
  • HP reduced to accommodate lower player count and time limit.
  • Quest Rank Points are reduced based on damage taken
  • Sodam's two initial forms have weapon weakness which are tied to each elemental form.
  • Instead of four ice pillar barricades, only one ice pillar barricade will spawn during Sodam's ice stage to guard against its ultimate attacks. The spawn position of the ice pillar every time Sodam switches into the ice stage appears to be entirely random, and can be at the North, South, East or West.
  • Sodam's phase after its combined element phase is appended with a brand new "elementless" phase where Sodam's attacks become greatly enhanced.
  • Sodam-Gomorroth fusion final phase attacks execute significantly faster.

Elementless Sodam

Elementless Sodam is the third version of the Sodam phase encountered, and grows white and black crystalline like wings. In this phase, Sodam has no weapon nor elemental weakness.

Sodam gains new attacks as well as stronger augmented versions of its ordinary attacks in this phase. Most of the attacks are avoided by constantly moving.

Eye Barrage
Scythe of Doom
Steps of Darkness
Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo
Gate of Babylon
Style Purge
  • Eye Barrage: Sodam rises into the air and raises its arms and stops just before doing a complete clap in a span of 4 seconds, heavily brightening the screen and immediately summons a large group of over 9 eyes that look like Maxwell Demons that fire immediate lasers to overwhelm each player with stacks of over 400 damage. This attack seems to attack every player, even players that are not Sodam's hate target but each player only sees their own set of lasers. While players are assaulted, Sodam completes the clap and summons a bunch of telegraphed pillars of light on the ground. This attack can be used at the start of Elementless Sodam's appearance, or even shortly afterwards, and as early as 2 minutes later, meaning that it will be seen twice by most players.
  • Scythe of Doom: Sodam rises into the air and retreats to the north to perform an ultimate move from the background. Sodam shines brightly and grows its crystalline wings even further and raises its scythe arm over a course of 3 seconds. The field shows the whole field being telegraphed although not every area will be hit. Sodam slams its scythe arm down causing traveling shockwaves that leave aurora like trails that can deal 2142 damage to those that are unable to counter or avoid the traveling shockwaves at a distance. This attack can be used at the start of Elementless Sodam's appearance or even shortly afterwards.
  • Steps of Darkness: Sodam does a slow forward strut leaving a series of four overlapping pools of darkness that deals 20 damage, drains 100 PP and staggers if stepped on. It appears that whenever Sodam's movement is stalled such as when it teleports away to do an ultimate it will also leave one of these pools of darkness, which look like safe zones of pitch black in the middle of telegraphed fields when they are not.
  • Blender Laser: Sodam summons and quickly activates a cylinder made of eyes that spins around like a blender, dealing 400 damage and causing knockup if hit. Following this attack, Sodam quickly raises its left hand causing two crystalline spears from its wings to smash at the player's last location.
  • Raised Hammer Cross Smash: Sodam skips the first parts of its 3 hit arm combo, raises both arms in 1.5 seconds and goes straight into the 3rd hit joined fists smash, causing a shockwave in an X shape that spreads from the point of impact to Sodam's sides, catching players attacking from its side off guard. This move can be done twice in succession after a short afterdelay inbetween.
  • Two Swipe Combo: Sodam extends a right arm blade and swings left followed by right. This move is sometimes followed by the Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo.
  • Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo: Sodam extends a right arm blade and swings left followed by right, then spins and swipes in a clockwise manner that can deal 600 damage. When Sodam leaps backwards after this attack it summon a series of 4 eyes that lock on to their target and fire lasers that deal 400 damage.
  • Black Hole Ruptures: Sodam does its standard black hole suction move with its outstretched right arm but then summons a series of black holes in addition that explode one after another.
  • Gate of Babylon: Sodam teleports to the north of the field, disappearing entirely and summons a series of 20 or so dark circles with triangles in the middle of them that look like the eye of providence that fire around 5 salvos of light arrows each, overwhelming the field, similar to Mithra's attack. The northern-most spot in front of Sodam is a safe spot, although one can just keep distance from the light arrows instead.
  • Style Purge: Sodam makes a loud inhaling noise or screech and telegraphs a cylinder of 6 lasers. After firing its short range chest explosion it follows up with a burst stream of the 6 lasers. These lasting lasers rotate outwards like a fan by as much as 30 degrees in an attempt to inflict even more damage to those that did not counter the chest explosion head on. Even while the lasers are rotating outwards Sodam can go into another attack, such as the Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo.
  • Homing Explosion: As with the regular Sodam phases, a ring circle will repeatedly sound and track the player's location and will explode after a period of time, inflicting bind.

Theoretical Requirements based on a Clear Video

Enemy Health Ratio Time Left at Defeat Required +-30s
Gomorroth 30% 15:40
Sodam p1/p2 30% 8:57
Sodam p3 15% 5:37
Sodam-Gomorroth 25% 0:00

Drop Table

Type Item Name Notes
Weapons 15 Rinza Series
15 Darkbanisher Ayer Series
15 Krissa Series
15 Sword Sealed J-Sword
15 Dual Blades World of Guardians
15 Twin Machineguns Black Darkness
15 Wand Arc Serpent
14 Nike Series
13 Grates Series
Units 13 Lightweaver Cras Series
13 Liberate Series
13 Lightstream Xion Series
13 Austere Series
13 Novel Series
13 Schvelle Series
Weapon Camos 13 Weapon Camo *Invade Destroy
13 Weapon Camo *Austere Lightness
13 Weapon Camo *Zeinesis Angajima
13 Weapon Camo *Qliphad Ressentiment
13 Weapon Camo *Lightstream Creaxion
13 Weapon Camo *Latonas Finato
13 Weapon Camo *Latonas Nobile
Final Battle: The Space-Time Rift Camos
13 Weapon Camo *Lightweaver Cras Tail
13 Weapon Camo *Graf Stil
13 Weapon Camo *Liberate Armory
13 Weapon Camo *Celestial Pleaxion
13 Weapon Camo *Profound Sinixion
13 Weapon Camo *Atlas Relic Ex
13 Weapon Camo *Aculd Crypt
13 Weapon Camo *Six-Bladed Fusion God Seiga
Other 15 Order Divine Eyestone Graeae
15 Order Unlocking Liberate
15 Order Circular Amphitrite Stone
14 Order Time Reversal Stone Chronos
10 Tool Excube
10 Tool Class Excube
8 Order Weapon Badge 2021 (50x)
Special Abilities Ability Power V
Ability Power VI
Ability Shoot V
Ability Shoot VI
Ability Technique V
Ability Technique VI
Ability Ability IV
Ability Ability V
Ability Mutation II
Ability Doom Break III
Ability Ex-Ares Soul
Ability Exceed Energy
Ability Shiva Glare
Ability Mitra Glare
Ability Varuna Glare
Ability Origin Glare
S-Class Special Abilities (Weapons) S Class Ability 1 S1:Strike Boost
S Class Ability 1 S1:Shoot Boost
S Class Ability 1 S1:Tech Boost
S Class Ability 1 S1:Augment Intent 2
S Class Ability 1 S1:Photon Balance 2
S Class Ability 1 S1:Lethal Intent
S Class Ability 1 S1:Red Petal Flash
S Class Ability 1 S1:Blue Ocean Flash
S Class Ability 1 S1:White Snow Flash
S Class Ability 1 S1:Green Leaf Flash
S Class Ability 1 S1:Yellow Moon Flash
S Class Ability 1 S1:Black Shadow Flash
S-Class Special Abilities (Units) S Class Ability 6 S6:Brilliant Ruin
S Class Ability 6 S6:Raising Expanse
S Class Ability 6 S6:Rainbow's Shield
S Class Ability 7 S7:S-ATK Up 2
S Class Ability 7 S7:T-ATK Up 2
S Class Ability 7 S7:Sentinel's Gift
S Class Ability 7 S7:Amended Movement
S Class Ability 7 S7:Rainbow's Skill
S Class Ability 8 S8:HP Up 2
S Class Ability 8 S8:PP Up 2


Title Name Requirement Reward
憎悪の闇に触れし者 Clear "Primordial Enmity from the Void" on Ultra Hard difficulty. Ticket 200 Star Gems
憎悪の闇を穿つ者 Clear "Primordial Enmity from the Void" on Ultra Hard difficulty with an S Rank. Ticket 100 Star Gems x3